Caity Lotz Gives Us a Hint About the New Season of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow

Not a lot has been divulged about the upcoming season of Legends of Tomorrow, but we continue to be fed hints…

LoT Hint.png

Between that poster from the X-Files and the trailer from San Diego Comic Con:

The theme of teamwork when confronting danger and the absurd will continue to be the foundation of the show. But, with the addition of magical creatures and Constantine, It seems like this show will up the ante of being the fun show on The CW.

For Supernatural Fans…Mourning Wayward Sisters

If you are one of the people who were praying that Wayward Sisters was going to happen and then were crestfallen when that did not come to pass…this is for you:


I think the problem here is that the fans wanted to see this group together, not show up separately on Supernatural and have their story lines neatly tied up.

Honestly, having a show that focuses on all the strong female characters in the Supernatural universe would have been amazing. Especially, in this present climate.

With that said, their schedule is full and to relegate it to an obscure time slot would do the show a disservice.