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In Memoriam: Stan Lee was a man who believed that if you were able to entertain people, than you were doing a good thing. He excelled at entertaining. He helped make comic books fun, with characters like Spider-Man. He helped evolve the comic book industry and helped evolve the entertainment industry overall. His smiling countenance and New York accent will be missed every time we see a new Marvel movie.

Excelsior! Stan Lee Excelsior! You will be dearly missed.

Syfy Wire listed Stan Lee’s 10 greatest creations.

Deadline created a montage of all of Stan Lee’s cameos.

On a brighter note, we learned that we will be getting a Christmas episode of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which is on Netflix.

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As we approach the holidays, The CW will be closing up shop for some of their shows, that means we will have to wait a bit to see the second half of the season for some of our favorite shows. Here are the dates to mark on your calendar:

01.15.19 – The Flash returns and Roswell, NM will premiere

01.16.19 – Riverdale returns

01.17.2019 – Supernatural returns

01.20.2019 – Supergirl and Charmed return

01.21.2019- Arrow and Black Lightning return

01.24.2019 – Legacies return

In regards to In the Dark, this show will slip into the Legacies slot, once Legacies ends its 16 episode run. No word yet for iZombie and The 100. EW

In Production:

The Library of the Dead will be adapted for TV. Read the following synopsis for the first book in the series by Glenn Cooper. Assigned to the high-profile “Doomsday” serial killer case, FBI agent Will Piper is hitting dead-end after dead end. The victims seem to have nothing in common: age, background, or even the way they die. All that connects them is a postcard each received in the mail announcing his or her date of death—all sent from Las Vegas, where a brilliant computer scientist leads a double life. Just when agent Piper finds a credible lead, he’s removed from the case. Continuing the investigation on his own, he must outwit a ruthless team of covert operatives from Area 51 protecting the government’s greatest secret. From a medieval monastery to a cutting-edge government laboratory, Library of the Dead delivers a richly detailed, thought-provoking exploration of fate, predestination, and the choices we make in life. Variety

Casting News: 

Hannah James has been cast as Nia Nal, older sister to Maeve and Scandalalum on Supergirl. Kate Burton will play Isabel, mother to Nia. Deadline

Kevin Durand has been cast to play Jason Woodrue, a brilliant but abrasive scientist who is also known as the super-villain called Floronic Man in DC’s Swamp Thing. Syfy

Movie News: 

I never gush over kids movies, but the following trailer made me want to get a Pikachu:

Recap: Supernatural – Gods and Monsters

Is it wrong that I kind of like Dean as Michael?

Michael is looking for the perfect formula to make something? What that is, well we’ll learn what it is by the end of the episode.

How he tests his formula is by using people as guinea pigs and penned up in a desacralized Church. Sam, Bobby and Mary find a clue in the news and go to investigate and learn about the victims from the medical examiner.

Castiel decides to stay behind to allow them to get to Michael/Dean and to also babysit Nick and Jack. While talking to Nick, who has bits and pieces of memories of what he did when he was inhabited by Lucifer, he learns about why he allowed Lucifer to possess him. That pain was the death of her wife and child. So he relived that pain in that moment. He is just a broken mess, but now he has a purpose and that is to find the man who killed his family and that led to a very interesting moment between Castiel and Nick. When Cas was close, Nick snapped his fingers at Cas. It was eerily similar to Lucifer. So, even though Lucifer is gone, he has left enough of an impression that he has left a long-lasting imprint on him.

When he learns of how Castiel got his body, Nick compared Castiel to Lucifer and you see the regret in Cas’ face. When Nick goes to see his neighbor, he interrogated him in the fashion of how his family died, via bludgeoning by hammer.

The trio learn from the M.E. that the victims were vampires. What is the concoction that Michael is creating and why use the vampires? But there was a clue via surveillance cameras. Oh technology!

Have you noticed that Jack looks like Castiel in an odd way? Is it just me?

Jack is lost without his Grace and also lost when it comes to Nick. He also finds out the unfortunate bit of news that it may take anywhere between a month to a century to regain his grace. Castiel gives him a little pep talk, but does it really sink in? So he decides to go meet his grandparents. When he hugged his abuelita, it was very sweet. He ends up having a talk with Castiel, after he went to see his family, and he made it known that no matter what, Michael had to be dealt with. Even if that means sacrificing Dean.

How can you not like Michael/Dean in a tux? And this is the moment that we see Dean fight Michael, but Michael owns Dean. So, it is clearly evident that this is going to take a long time. Michael goes somewhere to pick up a Werewolf and asks her to summon her master. In their conversation, we learn Michael hates humans and he tells the Were Master that God is on permanent vacation. So he kind of tries to broker a deal with this Were.

This cannot be good.

When the trio go to the church, that the vamp told them to go to, it ended up being a trap and what we learn is that Michael created Super-Weres that are not affected by silver, but they do die when you cut their heads off.

By the end of the episode, we see that Michael has left Dean’s body. But he is still in those Peaky Blinders clothes. Who did Michael jump into now? Nick? Someone else? Or is this all a ruse?




For Supernatural Fans…Mourning Wayward Sisters

If you are one of the people who were praying that Wayward Sisters was going to happen and then were crestfallen when that did not come to pass…this is for you:


I think the problem here is that the fans wanted to see this group together, not show up separately on Supernatural and have their story lines neatly tied up.

Honestly, having a show that focuses on all the strong female characters in the Supernatural universe would have been amazing. Especially, in this present climate.

With that said, their schedule is full and to relegate it to an obscure time slot would do the show a disservice.

Latest TCAs News: The CW, Showtime, Hulu, and More…

If you are a gamer, the biggest news came from Showtime with the announcement of the Halo series finally happening. The best part is that the Master Chief will be the lead character in the series. What will be interesting to see if this cable network will actually achieve HBO level of success with this series, as in Game of Thrones, True Blood, and Westworld. (Deadline)

The other gaming to TV media news revolves around Netflix’s The Witcher series. Henry Cavill recently stated that he would love to portray Geralt as it is an amazing role. Geralt is a monster hunter who develops supernatural abilities at a young age to battle deadly beasts. The books have been adapted into a popular video game franchise and movie. (IGN)

In the book to the small screen world, Slaughterhouse-Five is going to be adapted for Epix. Slaughterhouse-Five is a sci-fi anti-war novel, where we follow Billy Pilgrim through his experiences during World War 2. (Variety)

Hulu has landed the Vampire Chronicles which are by Anne Rice and revolves around the Vampire Lestat.


Now to movies:

The Birds of Prey will battle Black Mask in the upcoming movie. (Movieweb)

Supergirl is coming to the silver screen near you. (Variety)

Other Tidbits:

  1. Even though we know, thanks to the TCAs, that there may never a spin-off of Supernatural, we will see Bobby and Mary’s relationship be explored and we will see how it will impact Dean and Sam.
  2. Iddo Goldberg joins Jennifer Connelly in Snowpiercer, which will air on Neflix.
  3. Black Lightning will not crossover into the Arrowverse…and it is a no-go for Batman to appear…
  4. ….but, we now know that Ruby Rose will be playing Batwoman. She Kate Kane will be the first Lesbian Superhero on TV.
  5. Not only will Bughead be solid, but Archie and Veronica will prove to be resilient as they face the verdict of this trial in the first episode of the upcoming season of the CW’s Riverdale. We may also see Josie and Kevin become siblings.
  6. Fans of Netflix’s Lucifer, the show will return in 2019 and the season may be split into two seasons.
  7. Casting for The Man in the High Castle is ramping up casting. Cle Bennet and Rich Ting are set as recurring characters and Frances Turner has joined the Amazon show.
  8. The Charmed reboot will focus on Brujeria.