News You May Have Missed: Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer, Westworld Hint, Firefly Books, Lobo Movie, and Star Wars

Oh, it looks like Jessica’s past is haunting her and she wants her questions answered:

I know everyone is looking forward to this show’s return.

Browncoats! Rejoice! The Universe of Firefly will expand in a series of books. EW

Are you a fan of Westworld? Go to this site: Delos Destinations

You will see ALL 6 parks that they control.

Warner Bros. is developing a Lobo movie n Michael Bay may be helming it.

Lobo was born on the utopian planet of Czarnia. Unfortunately for them, the foul-mouth brawler’s idea of a perfect world is one covered in bruises and blood. He wiped out his entire civilization and made himself the last of his people. Considering his name means “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it” in his native tongue, perhaps they shouldn’t have been too surprised. Lobo took his predilection for murder and mayhem along with his rocket-fueled motorcycle and went on to become the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Lobo looks out for himself first and foremost, and is never without a plan to cash in at other people’s expense. Though he’s glad to use weapons, Lobo doesn’t really need them. His super-strength means his fists are made for bashing. Couple that with his advanced healing powers and unquenchable thirst for blood, and he’s proven to be an incredibly difficult foe to stop—unless you can trick him into entering into a deal. Mercenary or not, Lobo always keeps his word…though he’s not above getting creative in his interpretation of “true to his promise.” As an intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo’s gigs take him all over the universe, but he never lingers for long because there’s always someone or something else to apprehend, preferably as painfully as possible. DC

You know, I think these studios need to take a break from all of these superhero movies. Mind you, the comic book was funny in a subversive way.

The biggest news of the past week, well outside of showing the trailers for a slew of movies that everyone is dying to see…is



The Last Jedi – Why I Loved It.

So, we saw The Last Jedi Thursday night. No kids. Just die-hard fans that were willing to brave the frigid temperatures to see the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise.

I waited to post anything because everyone was going to go nuts and I get a kick out of the reviews. But, I am surprised at how many people did not like it.

It was a fun, funny, and action-filled movie. This movie was all about the internal struggle everyone feels and the decisions made because of that struggle.

Spoilers ahead. 

Rey is a lot like Harry Potter. Stay with me. She has to actively want to be a part of the light. Yet, there is a part of her that can, if allowed, suck her in to the dark side.

This can also be said for Kylo Ren. But, Kylo allows the darkness in him to overtake him. You can blame Luke for the ultimate reason to turn.

But, Luke was also struggling.

He continued to struggle until the very end, when he decided to do what had to be done.

By the end of the movie I was in tears. Not because of anything tragic in the movie. Actually, the most tragic thing about the movie was knowing that we were never going to see Carrie Fisher as Leia again.

But, there was this moment when Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker clash and what Luke says in that moment is the one thing that I think we have all been lacking. Hope….

In the very end we saw what hope means in this universe. That spark is there and this ongoing struggle between good and evil will be fought for as long as it has to be fought.

That is what that last scene with the little boy was all about…the little jedi…looking off in to the night sky. It’s hope for the future,

Now, I can tell you my…

1. Who knew BB8 was such a badass? Little bot takes down groups of guards, steals ships, and saves his friends. I need BB8 in my life.
2. Porgs. I love Porgs with big eyes and quivering lips. I love them when they become howler monkeys. I love it when Chewie shoves them. I love that they live in Han’s baby.
3. Yoda! He was there! We saw the puppet version of Yoda and he was as sassy as ever.
4. Luke’s death. That moment when he looked off in the distance just as he did when we first met him…and then he was gone.
5. Kylo and Rey’s connection. It just brings up a lot of questions and uneasiness.
6. The nod to the world we live in now, did you see it. Did you listen to the dialogue?

1. Snoak. Really? It was a surprise to see him die because they have built him up to be the next Palpatine. The Empire has no one that is a strategist, manipulator, and power hungry mad man. Kylo is a petulant child that has the force and Hux has the brains, but no power.

2. Poe Dameron. Every time he got in someone’s face, I shook my head. When he finally got it in his head about thinking about the bigger picture, I was a happy camper.

Regarding Poe and everyone else in the movie…this movie showed their growth character-wise.  It’ll be interesting to see how they close out this chapter in the Star Wars-verse. Especially, knowing that the next movie will be the last in this chapter and that some of the actors have already stated that they would no longer appear in any Star Wars-related movie after Star Wars 9. Also, all the main character from the original movies have closed out their main story arcs.  (Are they planning to do anything with Carrie in 9? I hope not.)

This movie does make me look forward to what Rian Johnson has in store for us in his untitled Star Wars trilogy.

To the naysayers out there. People, stop complaining. All we want to see is good triumph evil and it takes a while to get there. However, was it Empire? No. You can’t recreate that kind of movie magic. But, that does not mean it was not a fun movie. The original Star Wars was made for kids. Where is your inner child? Take a breath and stop taking everything so bloody seriously.

I digress.

What did you think of the movie?