Recap: Outlander – Common Ground

Signed, sealed and delivered, Jamie is now the proud owner of the deed to Fraser’s Ridge, which consisted of 10,000 acres of land. The local Governor gives some helpful advice, and a little dig at how similar Highlanders are to Native Americans, before Jamie heads back to Claire in town. She’s shopping for provisions with Marsali, for her and Jamie’s trip back to the ridge. But the thought of Brianna is at the forefront as Claire thinks of her only daughter when consoling Marsali, who is suffering from morning sickness and missing her own mother.

As they put the posts down for the boundary of their property, they come across the local tribe. Jamie’s non-adversarial act allows the locals to know that these Scots are not a threat. 

Back in the 20th Century, Roger (who is dressing a lot like my 8th grade religion teacher) tries to reconnect with Brianna after he reads the gift from Brianna that notes an area called Fraser’s Ridge. He reaches out to get more info and he sees the deed on the land and a letter. He calls Brianna with the news that her parents were reunited and made a home for themselves in North Carolina. This does not rekindle their relationship, if anything it seems to be the last nail in the coffin that was their relationship. 

Claire is ecstatic about settling down in her and Jamie’s new home. This is short-lived when the locals come to visit. This not going to be easy for these two and it is keeping Claire up with worry and rightly so. 

In the middle of the night, Rollo is gone and barking outside of their make shift shed, when they go out to investigate their food is gone and their horse is injured…this is bear territory.

Jamie goes to talk to John for consul about the bear and the Cherokee.  

Unfortunately for John, he gets mauled by the bear. To protect his family, Jamie goes after the bear. The bear in questions, was actually a Native American dressed as a bear. Jamie kills him in order to survive. When Jamie takes the body to the Cherokee he learns that the man/bear went mad after he was banished by his tribe. 

Yes, yes…I know that in the book…there was a real bear. The essences of the story is the same. 

The Cherokee call Jamie Bear Killer. The local healer gives info to Claire that Death is not to be feared of and it would not be her fault. 

Not ominous at all. 

For now they are happy as Claire rocks her pants and plan out the decorating for their new home. A table, a pantry, shelving, candles, and a bed. Life was so much easier back then. 

Roger, not so much. Especially after he learns from his friend that Jamie and Claire die in the 1770s from a fire. So, he decides to call Brianna again and her roommate tells him that Brianna is off travelling to Scotland to visit her Mother. 

Is she going through the stones?!?!? Well, a daughter needs her Mom, when she has a broken heart. 

Overall, great episode. 

Next: Savages – Claire’s medical expertise proves invaluable, but she begins to fear for her life when tragedy strikes her patients’ household. Jamie and Young Ian travel to a nearby town to recruit settlers for Fraser’s Ridge.

Recap: Doctor Who – Kerblam!

The Doctor gets a delivery via a Kerblam delivery bot and in the package is a Fez and a message of help me…

This, of course, puts Team Tardis on a hunt for the one looking for help at Kerblam. They land at a fulfillment center on the moon with 10,000 organic workers. Poor Graham got the shaft and is doing janitorial work, while The Doctor and Ryan are doing slips. Yaz is working in the warehouse. All the while they are under the watchful eyes of robots. 

We learn that the reason that it is mandatory that 10% of the workforce is organic in anyplace of work. This is because humanity spent the majority of their time glued to their phones when technology usurped them. Now people are missing from the stacks as the facility is suffering from power drains. 

As suspected, the robots are behind it, but who is behind the robots turning?Why has the system gone rogue. 

As a trap, the system gives Team Tardis notice that one of the workers that they have become friendly with has disappeared, Kira. She is also at the center of a romance with Charlie of janitorial services. Ryan, Yaz, and Charlie are on the hunt for her. This happens just as the Doctor learns that the Kerblam system is the one to send the Doctor notice for help. But, why?

Well, they are liquidating the missing and then the Doctor finds an army that is toting a weapon and that weapon is bubble wrap. This bubble wrap is weaponized. Who was behind this? Charlie. Why? Because he is a millennial and whats to change the world by destroying Kerblam as it is a representative of the requirement and the lessening of the need for organics. 

This episode is just an allegory of technology vs. humanity. 

Next: The Witchfinders – Arriving in 17th Century Lancashire, the TARDIS team become embroiled in a witch trial. With the arrival of King James I, the hunt for witches intensifies. However, could something more dangerous be at play? Can the Doctor, Graham, Yaz and Ryan keep the populous of Bilehurst Cragg safe from the forces surrounding the land?

Recap: Outlander – The False Bride

Roger is heading to America to go after Brianna and to attend a Scottish festival. It seems like it has been a bit of time since they have truly connected and his love for her is propelling him to make this quest. 

Jamie and Claire are still dealing with the events that transpired last week and have told Jocasta that they will be moving on and Jocasta is going to set her nephew up as best as she can as they set off to create their new lives. Ian just does not want to go back to Scotland after all that he has seen and been through and he has convinced Jamie of his decision. 

Jocasta and Claire have a talk prior to setting off and Jocasta tells her that she screwed up his future. Claire is pissed about this. However, Jocasta knows what Jamie is capable of. This conversation is revisited by Claire when she and Jaime are taking a break due to a storm. She tells him of the pursuit of happiness and he says he does what he does for those he loves and that is all that matters. 

When a clap of thunder scares their mule, Claire goes after it. She forgets that they are in Native American territory. Then the mule returns and there is no Claire, Jamie starts to worry. We see that her horse was frightened and she fell and knocked herself out as she hit the ground. She comes to and manages to find cover, but she becomes frightened when she sees a local /ghost approach her. He wears the stone that she found by a skull. His skull. 

When morning breaks, Claire cannot find her shoes and as she searches, she sees that she has been visited by someone who may have stolen her shoes. She goes off and finds her Jamie and her missing shoes??? Did the Ghost lead them to one another? When Claire cleans the skull, she sees that the Native American had a silver filling. They realize that that Native American is a time traveler, but who is he? 

Due to a patch of strawberries, the Frasers have found their patch of green to call home aka Fraser’s Ridge and it is a beautiful piece of land.

Brianna picks up Roger and the romantic tête-à-tête begins as they are on a hunt for Claire and Jamie. When at a Scottish festival in North Carolina. She is reveling in learning this and that about her culture as they spin further into love. Then she throws herself at him and he proposes to her. She tells him that she is not ready and tat is crushing him. She tells him that she wants him. He does not want to bed her if she does not want to wed him. Well…they have it out and he leaves in a huff as he has been rebuked by the one woman he loves. At a clan burning of the stag event, they end their romance. 

Next: Common Ground – Having been led by providence to Fraser’s Ridge, Jamie, Claire and Young Ian begin to build a home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the 20th Century, Roger tries to reconnect with Brianna.

Recap: Doctor Who – The Tsuranga Conundrum – aka The Pting Disaster

Pting.pngLet me preface that I liked quite a few bits of the episode, but it seemed a bit familiar.

In the 5th episode, titled “The Tsuranga Conundrum,” we find Team Tardis without their Tardis as they are injured in a sonic mine explosion and taken by a medical ship named the Tsuranga to a base. However, things go awry when a voracious Pting starts to chow down on the very ship that Team Tardis are on. As the ship hurls itself towards an asteroid belt of some sort, the group must resolve the Pting issue, while a man is going into labor and questioning his ability to be a good father to his unborn son.

The latter story gives us a way to learn more about Ryan as he speaks about his father, who abandoned him after his mother passed away. Ryan stated that because he looked so much like his mother, his father could not handle it. This also allowed Ryan to connect with Yaz a bit more, as well as with Graham.

However, as we are officially at the halfway mark, I am starting to wonder which of the three companions will make it to the next season.

Now, as the Doctor gets educational about the power source of the ship, that is when the episode starts to remind you of other episodes where Team Tardis is stranded on a ship and have to work together to get everyone somewhere safe.

Since this is the first season for everyone, writers, crew, and actors…it is expected to look back at prior seasons to borrow from episodes that were fan favorites. But, I think as we head to the last half of the season, this Doctor needs to find one storyline that may string the fans along on a journey that finishes the season off and leads us into another season.

Coming up: Demons of the Punjab – India, 1947. The Doctor and her friends arrive in the Punjab, as the country is being torn apart. While Yaz attempts to discover her grandmother’s hidden history, the Doctor discovers demons haunting the land. Who are they and what do they want?

Recap: Tell Me a Story – Hope

This show, which airs on CBS All Access, is supposed to be a re-imagining of classic fairy tales set in modern day NYC. This is not Once Upon a Time or even Fables, this is much more of a thriller. That’s where it lost me.

We meet Four groups of characters and there stories are intertwined:

  1. Kayla, her Dad (Tim) and her paternal Grandmother (Colleen) – After the death of her Mother, Kayla moves from California to NYC with her Dad, who gets a job at a restaurant at the hotel that his friend, Jordan, owns. They live at her Grandmother, who is trying to reconcile and formulate a new relationship with her granddaughter. As expected she feels out of sorts in a new city. But, she meets Ethan and Laney, and the latter likes to walk on the wild side. Convincing Kayla to get her fake id and sneaking out to go to the Rapture, the club of the moment. They do molly thanks to Eddie and she captures the eye of a tall blond named Nick. His apartment is very sterile, but she schtups him anyways. She eventually goes home because she does not want to be caught by her Dad, but she does caught. When she goes to school the next day, after a quick chat with Colleen, she ends up finding out that her new teacher is the man she bedded the night before.
  2. Jordan and Beth – He wants to marry Beth and have a baby with her, but she balks due to the state of the world. It’s scary and she is beside herself about putting an innocent child in harms way. But, fearing losing Jordan…she pops the question and he says yes. Just as they were about to buy wedding bands, three men barrel their way in, wearing pigs masks so they can escape during a social activism march. Heists never go well. Predictably, in the frenzy of it all,  Beth is shot and killed, leaving Jordan distraught as he holds his dying fiancee.
  3. Gabe and Hannah – Gabe is a dancer at Rapture and he tags along with his roommate to meet up with a guy at Jordan’s hotel. The man in question is named Dan and he has catered with coke and whiskey, after a few moments of passion, Gabe’s bff attempts to steal from Dan, but Dan catches him and all hell breaks loose. In trying to save his friend, Gabe pushes Dan and Dan falls and hits his head on the corner of the table. He dies, of course, and Gabe’s bff leaves him to deal with the mess. In desperation, Gabe calls Hannah, who is ex-military and presently working at a gym as a trainer. When she shows up, she regrets it. However, she does help him by advising him to wipe down everything and then they head out into the night hoping that they do not get caught.
  4. Mitch and Eddie –  Mitch a ne’er-do-well and Eddie works as a drug pushing bartender at the Rapture. Mitch gets Eddie a job to do a jewelry heist that goes horribly wrong.

Where are the fairy tales? Well, there are these hints of who is who.

  1. Mitch and Eddie wear pig masks and they are two of the three pigs that end up doing the jewelry heist.
  2. Kayla has a wolf tattoo that is her spirit animal, her grandma tried to give her a red hooded rain slicker and her friend Laney was described as, “She bites.”

That is all I caught.

While Kayla’s story may have caught my attention. The other stories were not as intriguing, if anything…they came across as predictable. Now, if they just focused on Kayla for episode one and then slowly brought in the rest of the characters as the episodes progressed to fully-realize this universe over the first season..then I possibly would have been much more excited by this show. Or if the characters revolved around one focal point, like the Rapture…then maybe. I am not sure, but it definitely is missing the hook, line, and sinker moment. Beth’s death does not have the same emotional pull as the moment as Henry and Emma watch the clock tower in Once Upon a Time. Nor does it have the ‘I cannot believe that just happened’ feeling like the first episode of Scandal.

Also, if this is placed in NYC, use the city. In a couple of scenes it looked like NYC, in other scenes it reminded me of Canada. Is it being filmed in Canada?

The most fascinating bit of the show so far is that so many of the actors in the first episode have been in other very popular sci-fi/fantasy shows:

  • Paul Wesley – The Vampire Diaries
  • Michael Raymond-James – True Blood
  • Danielle Campbell – The Originals
  • Dania Ramirez – Once Upon a Time
  • James Wolk – Zoo

Kim Cattrall and Bill Magnussen were in fantastical movies. Big Trouble in Little China and Into the Woods, respectively.

Is that not odd?

Let’s see what episode 2 holds. Hopefully, it will save this show.


Photo by Enrico Mantegazza on Unsplash

Recap: Doctor Who – Arachnids in the U.K.

BBCA Synopsis: The Doctor, Yaz, Graham and Ryan find their way back to Yorkshire and Yaz’s family only to find something is stirring amidst the eight-legged arachnid population of Sheffield.
I may have been one of the few people who was not terrified of the supposed big bad of the episode, the arachnids. Nor was I not surprised that the showrunner decided to take a left after last week’s stellar episode, Rosa.
That does not mean it was not a great episode. IT did cover a couple of interesting hot topics that are constantly in the news today:
  • The current U.S. President
  • All creatures great and small and the environment
The episode did not start nor did it end on a note about either of these two things.
No. The episode began with the Doctor getting her friends back to their time. Actually, they arrived an hour after they left.
You can tell from the get-go that coming home may have been a great goal, but this may not be something that the companions want  anymore. However, once their is a mystery for the Doctor to want to throw herself into, the group rallies.
After breaking in to an apartment for a scientist that is looking for a colleague, they see that person and her apartment cocooned by spiderwebs. The spider who did, is the size of a large coconut crab. They are not pretty.
Yet, this spider and all the others that we are not aliens or evil. They are poor victims of Jack Robertson’s greed. This coward, who loved to hide behind bodyguards and being famous, built his hotel on a coal mine that is also a landfill for toxic waste. As a result of this, the spiders that were used in an experiment just grew bigger and bigger. Eventually, the Doctor and er friends corral the spiders at Robertson’s hotel and when they learn that the queen of these spiders is dying, Robertson does the unthinkable and shoots her. this moment enraged the Doctor and me. The Doctor is right, all living organisms deserve to be treated with dignity.
The funny thing is that the character of Robertson is how Europeans, maybe even the rest of the world, see us. How they perceive us is terrifying. We’re not all power hungry and only looking out for ourselves. Ultimately, the tragedy of this episode is that this man gets to walk away and not get punished for any of his actions.
He is possibly the worst villain that Doctor Who has ever had to deal with.

In regards to the rest of the episode, it really was a family oriented episode.

  1. We get to see the dynamic of Yaz and her family, after she invites the Doctor to tea and Ryan tags along. She loves them to death, but they drive her batty.
  2. Graham is missing Grace something fierce.
  3. Ryan has become very attached to Yaz, but maybe not as much as Yaz has become attached to the Doctor. Even her Mom questioned if they were seeing one another.

By the end of the episode, it was plain as day. Graham, Ryan, and Yaz no longer belong to this world. They belong to the Doctor and she belongs to them. So, they created a new little family or as she calls them, Team Tardis.

This was a great episode and I cannot wait to see what comes next for Team Tardis.

The Tsuranga Conundrum – The gang must band together with a group of strangers to survive against one of the universe’s most deadly and unusual creatures


Recap – Riverdale: As Above, So Below

So, the juvenile detention center is a front for an underground fighting ring.

That sounds about right.

When Archie sees a fellow Serpent (Joaquin) suffer for Archie not wanting to succumb to the threats of the Warden, Archie agrees to step in to the ring. We learn the rules about the illegal fighting ring, but he has his first fighting match and he wins. However, he ended it too quickly. He needed to make a show of it. He follows suit and gets an idea of why his life has spiraled into the crapper and that is…Hiram Lodge. Mad Dog gives him a glimmer of hope and all the fighters are jumping on the bandwagon, but is this hope something attainable.

With Archie ensconced in jail, Hiram is using reverse psychology to mold his daughter in to what he wants her to be. Yet, Archie’s love, Veronica does not see this. What she sees is every person in power trying to shake her down and she believes her Dad is making this happen. So, she does what any 16-year-old does, she finds the location of her Dad’s drug making business and takes pictures and bribes her father. This all coincides with the opening of her speakeasy. She has wrangled Josie, Reggie, Kevin and the popular power couple of Cheryl and Toni in hopes of making her side business a success. Even Hiram shows up, with her portrait in tow, to wish her luck and that is when you see it in her his eye…and then in her own eyes.

While Alice and FP are hooking up, Riverdale has become a safe haven again, but teen lovebirds, Jughead and Betty are still on the hunt for what pushed Ben Button and Dilton Doyle to willingly and happily commit suicide. They must also contend with the Evernevers, as they have lured Ethel into their web. However, because of this, Juggie and Betty have connected the game of Gryphons and Gargoyles to the Evernevers, are they correct? Nope.

While Jughead went on Ethel duty and started his quest to learn more of what drove Dilton and Doyle to do what they did, he ended up having to take Ethel to the ER after they both ingested chalices of liquid. Ethel is clearly totally drinking the kool-aid and while Jughead’s intentions are to investigate, he may have caused a bigger issue as Ethel has become smitten with Jug and also left a copy of the manuals for the game in every student’s locker. She believes that by doing this, she will end her game. Now, the problem is…this game is apparently evil. So evil, that it has some parents on edge. Why, we’re still not totally sure. But, we do know that Alice and all of the Farm know it. When FP learns that his son has the blue lips and the manual for the game, he tosses said manual into a fire. But, the engine has left the building and we’re all a part of this insane ride. Where it leads us, who knows…it’s possibly the most entertaining plot line of the season.

There was a little info on the Farm and the Evernevers. The farm is trying to create a school club, but it is failing miserably. Except for Ethel. Evelyn has become a tether of sorts to keep Ethel’s health in line. When Betty sees this, she goes to a meeting at the club and she speaks to Evelyn. This leads to a Farmies meeting at Alice’s. Yea, Betty is not happy about this whole scenario. Honestly, it is not the best plot point. All I can think of is Jonestown and in all honesty…why go down the cult route.

The biggest question is…what did Reggie do with all of the jingle jangle?

IMG_1525 (1)

Nextweek: The Midnight Club – When Betty confronts Alice about Gryphons and Gargoyles, Alice has no choice but to come clean about how she, along with the other parents, played the game in the early 90’s, how a shocking mystery has been plaguing them all ever since.