News You May Have Missed: Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer, Westworld Hint, Firefly Books, Lobo Movie, and Star Wars

Oh, it looks like Jessica’s past is haunting her and she wants her questions answered:

I know everyone is looking forward to this show’s return.

Browncoats! Rejoice! The Universe of Firefly will expand in a series of books. EW

Are you a fan of Westworld? Go to this site: Delos Destinations

You will see ALL 6 parks that they control.

Warner Bros. is developing a Lobo movie n Michael Bay may be helming it.

Lobo was born on the utopian planet of Czarnia. Unfortunately for them, the foul-mouth brawler’s idea of a perfect world is one covered in bruises and blood. He wiped out his entire civilization and made himself the last of his people. Considering his name means “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it” in his native tongue, perhaps they shouldn’t have been too surprised. Lobo took his predilection for murder and mayhem along with his rocket-fueled motorcycle and went on to become the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Lobo looks out for himself first and foremost, and is never without a plan to cash in at other people’s expense. Though he’s glad to use weapons, Lobo doesn’t really need them. His super-strength means his fists are made for bashing. Couple that with his advanced healing powers and unquenchable thirst for blood, and he’s proven to be an incredibly difficult foe to stop—unless you can trick him into entering into a deal. Mercenary or not, Lobo always keeps his word…though he’s not above getting creative in his interpretation of “true to his promise.” As an intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo’s gigs take him all over the universe, but he never lingers for long because there’s always someone or something else to apprehend, preferably as painfully as possible. DC

You know, I think these studios need to take a break from all of these superhero movies. Mind you, the comic book was funny in a subversive way.

The biggest news of the past week, well outside of showing the trailers for a slew of movies that everyone is dying to see…is



Casting News: We Know Who Sabrina’s Bestie Is & Malcom’s Legacy Continues on Arrow and More News…

Jaz Sinclair has been case as Rosalind Walker, the brash, empowered and outspoken daughter of Greendale’s minister and Sabrina’s best friend at Baxter High.

The show based on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina got a two-season, 20-episode order on Netflix.

The Untitled Sabrina Project imagines the origin and adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a dark coming-of-age story that traffics in horror, the occult and, of course, witchcraft. Tonally in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist, this adaptation finds Sabrina wrestling to reconcile her dual nature — half-witch, half-mortal — while standing against the evil forces that threaten her, her family and the daylight world humans inhabit.

The Executive Producer/Writer is Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

Arrow has cast Kyra Zagorsky to play the character of  Athena, a member of the League of Assassins who wants to maintain the legacy of Malcolm Merlyn, that sees anyone who was once associated with him as a potential threat. TVLine

This may mean trouble is ahead for Thea…

American Gods has a new showrunner in Jesse Alexander.

In Once Upon a Time news:


Digital Spy spoke to Chris Carter, the man behind The X-files, and they asked if the show could go on without Gillian Anderson?

So is this it, for good, forever?

“I don’t know. I think that certainly The X-Files has more life in it, there are more stories to tell, with Gillian or without. I’m sorry to see her go, I’ve never actually considered doing this show without her, so is this the end?

“It’s the end of something, I don’t know if it’s the beginning of something new. But certainly we will have to all put our heads together and figure out where to go from here.”

Do you think the show should continue without Gillian Anderson?

In Defense of Cloverfield Paradox – The Disconnect Between the Moviegoer and the Critic

Last night, immediately after the end of the amazing Philadelphia Eagles win over the New England Patriots, Netflix dropped Cloverfield Paradox.

In the movie, we follow a team of astronauts that are orbiting Earth during a time where oil reserves are being depleted and the planet is on the brink of war. These scientists are trying to solve the energy crisis, but when they fire the CERN-like particle accelerator in space they cause the rift that allows the monsters to  terrorize Earth AND it also propels this team of astronauts to somewhere they do not recognize.

That’s when the scary factor starts. These astronauts can’t find their Earth. Did they destroy it when the accelerator fired?

By piecing together clues, it clicks, they realize this is not their universe.

Getting home to their universe is priority #1.

Adding this stressor to people who are already at their wit’s end, due to being away from all that they know and love for such a prolonged amount of time….results in tensions being amped up to the nth level.

There is also the issue of the paradox. Schmidt explains to his team and us, that we are dealing with a quantum paradox on the ship called Cloverfield. Because our team is in this new universe…the other team was negated. While the physics of this universe tries to make sense of Cloverfield being in it, things go awry. Weird things happen. Things that do not make sense at all. That is when the freaky oh-my-wtf feeling starts for us, the viewer. Are eyes supposed to do that? Want to know how many ways you can die on a space station, this is the movie for you. All of it cringe-worthy and painful to watch.

While this is happening. the emotional core of the movie is anchored by Ava. She is someone who we empathize with…because the reason she is on the ship is heartbreaking. But, because we are in this new universe, she must struggle with the fact that the impossible is possible. What she is missing in her universe is in this new universe. What would you do if you were in her shoes? The logical side of you is screaming No! at the TV. The emotional side of you is in teary-mode for Ava (Gugu Mbatha-Raw).

Were there moments where you are scratching your head? Yes, but that is so minute that it should not impact the whole of the movie.

All we want to know is if this team will make it? You will have to watch it to see if it happens.

The movie is filled with a stellar multicultural cast (Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Oyelowo, Chris O’Dowd, John Ortiz, Ziyi Zhang, Elizabeth Debicki and the Alienist’s Daniel Bruhl) that helped move the story along and gave us some great moments that have me still talking about the movie. Plot wise, it may seem like we have seen this movie time and time again, but it hits its mark and leaves you with so many bloody questions that all you want to do is watch the original Cloverfield and start counting down to the 4th installment.

Now, if you are one of those people out there who were wondering how this movie connects with the two prior Cloverfield movies, were you watching the movie?

Did you not hear the explosion, see the movement in the shadows, hear Ava’s husband talk about the “things” as he is trying to figure out what is going on with her? Do things have to be so blatant for you to connect the dots?

Also, I am not sure why people think magic can strike twice. Empire Strikes Back and the Godfather 2 were anomalies. Cloverfield was amazing, but you cannot constantly compare future movies to it. That is not fair to the future Directors and the franchise as a whole. All a new director can do is make a great standalone movie. Julius Onah did that.

Cloverfield Paradox is a great movie.

Give it a shot.

I am hopping off my soapbox.

ps – Did you catch the little Easter eggs that gave a nod to Slush-o and the Star Trek Federation. Also, did you hear the voices of Simon Pegg and Greg Grunberg in the movie?

Favorite Super Bowl Trailers


I watched Cloverfield Paradox tonight and it really is worth your time. It may make you start questioning where this falls in the Cloverfield timeline, but stop thinking about that. It is horror, suspense-filled, and jaw-dropping! Believe me, when I tell you that you will not regret watching it at home, because I do not think it wist to watch as you commute.

I am counting down to the second season of Westworld! One of the best shows of last year, hands down!

One last bit and it is only if you love Deadpool, you should have followed him on Twitter as he watched the Super Bowl. Check it out here.

You had me at Paul Rudd… Mute

So, the Ant-Man and Wasp trailer came out today!

But, this tweet popped up as well:mute.png

Due to being a fan of Paul Rudd, I was intrigued. The hunt was on and I found this:

Alexander Skarsgard, you say?

I continued my search and this is what I know about it:

Release Date: February 23rd
Where: Netflix
Synopsis: A mute bartender goes up against his city’s gangsters in an effort to find out what happened to his missing partner.
Stars: Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Rudd, and Justin Theroux
Director: Duncan Jones

I’m watching it.


News You May Have Missed…

Congratulations to the man we will always know as Eric Northman, Alexander Skarsgard. He won the SAG for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series for his work in Big Little Lies. A well deserved win! And he brought up his True Blood role in his acceptance speech, which was hilarious!

Congratulations are also in order for Game of Thrones for winning a SAG for Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Comedy or Drama Series.

Congratulations are in order to The Tick, which was given a second season.

Denis Villeneuve, who directed Arrival and Blade Runner, has signed on to do Dune. I loved both Arrival and Blade Runner, but Dune is such a behemoth to take on. Writing an adaptation of this book and making it hit all the key moments, but not making you fall asleep due to long pauses…will be a huge undertaking. Good Luck!

Netflix’s Castlevania anime will be back with 8 new episodes in the summer! I liked this anime because it was short and the story was really engaging and fast-paced. I hope that continues in the second season.

We lost a lot of key characters during the past few months in the DC TV universe. Kid Flash left Center City to find his place in the world and both Victor Garber and Franz Drameh left Legends of Tomorrow. But, we learned that Keiynan Lonsdale, aka Kid Flash, has joined the Legends team as a series regular. EW

Seamus Dever, Castle, will be in Titans that will air on the DC streaming service. TVLine

One last thing…

Lucasfilm released a synopsis for Solo: A Star Wars Story….

Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in Solo: A Star Wars Story, an all-new adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian in a journey that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga’s most unlikely heroes.”

For some reason, this movie worries me. A lot has happened behind the scenes. Honestly, who they picked for Solo was not who I would have picked. The poor actor had to get an acting coach and the whole movie had to get a new director and basically totally re-shot. That just screams….prepare for the worst.

What do you think?




We have our New Sabrina the Teenage Witch and More News Bites…

We have our New Sabrina the Teenage Witch and More TV News Bites.

The latest comic book to TV show adaptation that everyone is excited for is The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which will be on Netflix. During the New York Comic Con’s Archie Comics panel, it was mentioned that the house that Archie Andrews built was on the hunt for an actress to portray the very popular character and they’ve found her! Kiernan Shipka has landed the part and we can’t wait to see her portray Sabrina!

Fox’s The Gifted has been renewed for a 2nd season.

Fans of Dirk Gently! Rejoice! The show is on Netflix…and we must rally to save this show! Quirky, fun and unique, this little gem of a show needs a third season.

The sexual scandals that have plagued Hollywood have reached FX’s Legion. Bryan Singer has been accused of sexual misconduct and as a result of that, he as requested that his name be removed from the show. Deadline

Not only will Gillian Anderson not return to the X-Files, but she is not returning to American Godz. LA Times

Also, a little advice to the American Godz/Outlander fans who are customers of Optimum. If, for some reason, a deal does not come around by the time your favorite shows come back. I suggest that you sign up with a streaming service and watch your shows during the time that is on and end your subscription after the show ended. It makes life easier and you do not have to deal with the insanity of cable.

USS Callister fans, the director of the Black Mirror episode has stated that he and the producer of the episode were talking about a potential spinoff pilot. Screenrant

Happy news….Animaniacs will be rebooted and will air on Hulu. and Flight of the Concords will be back for a special on HBO. EW

The good news ends there. HBO confirmed that Game of Thrones will be back in 2019.