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In the Instagram post for Jensen Ackles, he stated it was a costume that was for Halloween. But, I think it was for something different. Arrowverse’s Elseworlds crossover event.

Unfortunately, the Arrowverse is losing a beloved member, but not forever. Jesse L.Martin, who plays Papa Joe on The Flash, will be taking a leave of absence due to a back injury he suffered over the summer. Have you noticed that he has been sitting in all of his scenes. As someone whose back went out due to grabbing luggage from an overhead compartment…get well soon! TVGuide

And we’re off on a Game of Thrones Prequel info race. Yesterday, we learned that Naomi Watts was cast in the show. Today, we learned the title of the prequel show and that is The Long Night. The Long Night was referenced in Game of Thrones by Melisandre as it is an era where darkness fell across the world for a generation. We also learned that Josh Whitehouse has been cast in a lead role in the show, character name not available. Deadline

Terry Pratchett’s The Watch will be adapted for TV by BBC America. There are 8 watch books in the Discworld series. In the first book, we meet The Watch. The Watch is generally regarded as a bunch of incompetents, until Carrot arrives. While the existing officers are either cynical, incompetent, mildly crooked or all three, Carrot is honest, straightforward and idealistic. Additionally, he is 6’6″ tall and enormously strong. Carrot has an absolute dedication and conscientiousness that unnerve his colleagues. Carrot’s enthusiasm strikes a chord Many of Pratchett’s literary characters will also make an appearance including the City Watch Captain Sam Vimes, the last scion of nobility Lady Sybil Ramkin, the naïve but heroic Carrot, the mysterious Angua and the ingenious non-binary forensics expert Cheery alongside Pratchett’s original characterization of Death. Variety

On to some fun news, Henry Cavill decided to give his fans a head’s up about what he will look like as Geralt aka The Witcher.

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Happy renewal Day for Netflix’s Castlevania! Netflix has given the popular animated show a third season and it will be for 10 episodes. THR

We got our first look at the first season of What We Do in the Shadows, which will air on FX.

Season Two of Castlevania Will be Back in Time for Halloween

Castlevania is an American anime-esque animated series that is based on a popular 80’s video game of the same name. In it, we follow Trevor Belmont try to defend Wallachia from Dracula.

The new season will premiere on October 26th and we’ll have eight episodes to enjoy his time around.

We also learned that season 3 of the popular series has already started production.

The cast includes:

Richard Armitage (Ocean’s Eight and Berlin Station) is the Hero, Trevor Belmont. Trevor is the last member of the Belmonts, a family of monster hunters.

James Callis (Battlestar Galactic and Austenland) is Alucard (Dracula backwards), the son of Dracula and Lisa Tepes. Unlike his dear old Dad, Alucard wants to protect humanity.

Graham McTavish (Outlander and Preacher) is Dracula. The Vampire that has sworn vengeance against humanity for the death of his beloved Lisa.

Alejandra Reynoso (Winx Club) is Sypha Belnades. She is an elder’s daughter that has powerful magic and becomes Trevor’s ally. 

MV5BNTZhNGMzNzctMzhiYS00MmJiLWJmYWItMzhiYTk4Zjg0ZWIxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTAyODkwOQ@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,666,1000_AL_When we last left Wallachia, Dracula had attacked a town and killed the local Bishop. We learn why Dracula wanted to kill the Bishop and we see Trevor and Sypha work with the locals to battle Dracula. During the battle, Trevor and Sypha fall deep in to the catacombs and eventually cross paths with Alucard. Trevor and Alucard fight, but once Alucard sees that Sypha and Trevor want to help humanity fight his father, he decides to join their fight.

This is a great animated series for adults, as it is too gory for children. However, I do suggest you take some time to watch it. The first season is only four episodes long, but it is great storytelling and visually.