Who Was the Tops on TV?

It has been an eventful week, hasn’t it?

We have had a massive and entertaining four show crossover event, boys ended up stealing the show in a couple of our favorite shows, and if you are not watching KDramas, than you do not know what you are missing.

I may have my issues with all of the CW Superhero shoes for various reasons, but I have to admit their Crisis on Earth X crossover event had me glued to my seat. IT even made me tear.

Let’s just get to the overall plot, shall we? It is Iris and Barry’s wedding. Like any wedding, something goes wrong. Usually, it is a drunk uncle cussing out someone or throwing up on the cake. That would just be too easy in the DC universe. What goes down is truly epic. The doppelgangers for Ollie and Kara, along with Harry #1, invade Earth 1, why…to kidnap Kara in order to save Earth X Kara. This Kara is suffering from sun poisoning and at any moment she may go nuclear.

This invasion does not go according to plan. They failed to factor all of the heroes on the Earth 1 and their desire to keep humanity safe, not underfoot as the Superheroes of Earth X do.

There were fun moments, like Alex and Sara hooking up after the rehearsal dinner and then kicking ass together as they went to town on the Nazis in Earth X and on Earth 1. It seems like there is no long term romance for these two, but their friendship has been solidified.

The sad moments revolved around Dr. Stein and Jefferson. We knew from the get go that Dr. Stein wanted to end his partnership with Jefferson so he could spend time with his wife, daughter, and grandchild. He even devised, with the help of the other scientists, with a way to allow Jefferson to still be a Legend. But, Jefferson was struggling with the idea of losing the only father figure he has ever had. When Stein hears what has made Jefferson struggle over the last few days it makes him understand why Jefferson has been distant. But, he ultimately proves his love for Jefferson when he gets show multiple times and is mortally wounded as he tries to protect Jefferson and everyone else. He asks  Jefferson to take a concoction that would cut their bond and end his own life. Victor Garber did a wonderful job as he said his goodbye to Jefferson and the Legends of Tomorrow.

Actually, no one really dies in these shows…since there are so many earths. I’m guessing we will see him again.

The surprising moments were much more plentiful:

  1. Barry let Original Harry go….to terrorize another day.
  2. Ollie killed his fuhrer doppelganger.
  3. Leonard Snart, well his Earth X version, is back on the Waverider and being highly sympathetic to his brother. But, he let his love, The Ray aka Russell Tovey (who will hopefully be back).
  4. Barry and Iris finally got married.
  5. After Ollie failed to get a yes out of Felicity…Ollie and Felicity got married.

Now, is the marriage of Olicity legal? Not sure, since there was no marriage certificate. But, with Ollie being a Mayor…I am sure this issue will be rectified.

This crossover event is the reason why the CW was the standout of the week. Between this and Riverdale, which played with presenting a show that hinted at potential future horror storylines with a zombie deer and the Candy Man scaring the bejeezus out of Juggie and Archie. We ended up learning a lot about the adults. The Sheriff and The Mayor are hooking up, which dispels the idea that Betty had of him…being the Black Hood. Now, while Juggie being under the thumb of a snake charmer may be the worst thing to happen to the Jones family and all those that love him. It was the story revolving around Josie, the Pussycats, Cheryl, the Mayor, and Chuck. Josie wants to evolve musically and she has her chance via Cheryl. But, that means she has to sneak behind the Pussycats. When they catch wind of her plan, they drop her like a wet towel. That leaves her in Cheryl’s line of sight. Unfortunately for Josie and Chuck, Cheryl is trying to be the only person that Josie can rely on. Cheryl is truly up to no good.

Ultimately, this was all to show that everything that was going on was a test by the Black Hood and apparently Riverdale failed. Dun, dun, dun…

Second is more of a lumping in…there were two shows that had these two young actors that stole the episode. In Mr. Robot, Elliot is ready to end it all, until the little brother of Trenton. Mohammad forces Elliot to go to the movies and then follow him to a mosque. Throughout their discussions, you learn a lot about how Elliot feels. He, like Angela, is broken. But through his discussions with Mohammad…he finds a purpose. He has to redeem Trenton and Norm. He has to help Angela. He has to undo what has been done.  He even goes to Angela to try to talk to her. That last scene made me all teary.

That little boy commanded all his scenes. Keep and eye out for him.

The other boy to make note of is Martin, Oswald’s little sidekick on Gotham. As Gotham teeters on the cusp of war, Martin is used as a pawn. But, Penguin will not allow his little protegé to go up in flames. That little boy, as he confesses to Penguin, as he is kidnapped, and as he is ushered unknowingly to his death, you just want to take care of him.

So, as Sofia teams up with Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina, they learn that Oswald do anything to keep his power and that means it’s on like Donkey Kong. It’s war!

However, they do not know one thing…there is a power growing in Gotham and Lee (with the help of Ed Nygma) is orchestrating this power surge. Will she be thrown into the war for Gotham? Also, will she lose her right hand man, now that his little friend has come back to sit on his left shoulder?

This episode was a great episode for Gotham, but it still pales Crisis on Earth X. Just sayin’

Outlander was amazing! I just saw it! You could have knocked me over with a feather when Geillis and Lord John popped up in Jamaica.

This just spells doom and it did.

Geillis has big plans for Scotland and it involves three sapphires. One of which Jamie stole from the treasure chest, Geillis learns of Jamie’s connection to the missing Sapphire, the sapphire he gave to Lord John.

Guess what…Lord John pops up. He is the bloody Governor of Jamaica. When he sees Jamie…Claire could see what we know. He loves Jamie. I mean the man is carrying around the sapphire that Jamie gave him. He was just asking for trouble and he got it when Geillis saw that sapphire…her sapphire.

Of course, this was not the worst of it. Who else popped up? Captain Leonard and he arrested Jamie.

Now, the most heartbreaking scene involved the slave trade. The way they treated those poor people, it was so hard to watch.

The most fun show to watch this week was Dirk Gently. The scattered pieces have started to come together. Dirk has solved the case (via the hidden mural that shows us that the Cardenas had two sons. One they rescued from the boat and is presently at Black Wing in a coma. They need to get him to the land that he dreamed up.) and has recruited the Rowdy four to save Todd and Amanda, but they still have to contend with the nutty Suzie….who has learned to use the pool of foresight…or whatever that thing is called. Back in the normal universe, Tina and Farah go off to find out where Hobbs is. But, the Mage popped up…this is not good.

It was nice to see Ken taking the brass ring and owning the new operation as Friedkin is still at a loss about everything. However, contending with Priest and Friedkin and the possibility of crossing paths with Bart again…what will he do???

Now, there are two shows you should seek out.

  1. Hulu’s Runaways – This show is Marvel’s first foray in the Hulu world and it is based on the west coast and revolves around a group of kids who find out their parents are involved in a Scientology-like organization. They witnessed their parents kill a teen girl. That teen girl’s death is supposed to help this flaky old entity that is locked up in a room at a sanctuary. But we learn more about the adults in the second episode and they are all screwed up and at least a third of them want out of this weird religious order. We also see these kids start to gel together and pair off into couples and bond as siblings. It is filled with a lot of head turning moments. The leader of the church getting intimate with the entity….and then there is a dinosaur.
  2. Dramafever’s Revolutionary Love – This is such a fun little Korean drama that follows Byun Hyuk,  a son from an affluent family whose fortune comes from the food industry. He is a happy-go-lucky guy that did nothing. Unfortunately, after a series of missteps his father kicks him to the curb. Who saves him from living on the streets, but his childhood friend. This friend is friends with Baek Joon. A beautiful and smart young lady that refuses to do full-time work due to what her later father went through. As she works part-time jobs to make ends meet, she decides to help Hyuk. Through mentoring him, Byun grows as a person and decides to help Joon(a) redeem her father’s good name. In doing so, he learns how corrupt his brother and father are.  There are a lot of funny, sweet, screaming at your TV moments. It is only 16 episodes and only one season. Trust me…watch this.

So much good TV, but I am looking forward to the hiatus.

Dirk Gently: Recap – The House Within a House

Synopsis: The gang’s investigation leads to a surprising discovery in the abandoned Cardenas house. Bart forms an unlikely and odd relationship with Panto. In Wendimoor, Amanda starts to understand her hidden powers.

The fun in Dirk’s escapades, this year, is that he is on a case that even for him may not make total sense, just like it does not make total sense for us.

Of course, by being this way, he may come across as weaker. But that may be because he is actually part of the big mystery. He is the person that can find the boy that will take down the Mage and save the fairy tale land of Wendimoor.

That’s a lot.

Especially when he does not know what boy he is supposed to look for.

But, we may know who he is.

Luckily, he is with Amanda and Vogel in Wendimoor.

Amanda is as tough as they come. She is hell bent on finding the rest of her crew even if it kills her. Like almost getting killed by a train or talking to the universe for help just as you are about to be killed by Priest. She even attacks the men with the scissor swords with hidden powers that work in this new world. This power allows her to escape with Vogel and the guy we think might be the key to saving Wendimoor.

But she does have a soft spot and that is for her brother, Todd.

Todd and Amanda connected in a weird moment where parallel universes connected…and they reached out to one another.

That moment is enough for Todd to keep moving forward with continuously being Dirk’s cheerleader. Even if it means saving Dirk from a one-eyed purple people eating creature that chases him around the house within the Cardenas house. It also houses the weapon that killed the man in the tree.

Being lost in a house within a house that has many doors that may lead you somewhere new in space and time. Your only comfort in this disastrous scenario is a familiar voice on the phone. A phone with a very long cord that allows you to zigzag around the house as you try to avoid a purple alligator that may want to eat you.

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of and I loved it!

Yes, that is a lot to take in. But, it is so intriguing that it pulls Tina and Farah from the case of the missing book club.  They did figure out that 1. the missing book club is not missing, they are just piles of ashes. 2. They figured out that the 5th person at the latest meeting of the book club may be Suzie. But before they could question her and possibly be killed by the Mage, who asked Suzie for help…after threatening her, they decided to head back to HQ.

Just when all hope is lost and with the help of Panto, Dirk has found new vigor for the case.

However, will they be thrown off the case now that Ken and Hugo have become allies and have a new found knowledge of the “Black Book” project, which were acquired through the floppy disks.

Btw, where was Rapunzel?

TV Recap – Week of October 27th

I was away for most of the week on a business trip in Newport, RI. If you have never been, you should totally check it out. Mind you, the following pic was on the last day. But, I did get to explore this marvelous little town…from the spooky and glorious mansions to the Newport Tower, some say it is a Templar Building, some say it is a mill…who knows.

Newport RI.jpg

Back to the business at hand, TV.

Was there  a show that stood out the most?

It was a tie between Outlander and The Walking Dead. I recapped both episodes that aired on Sunday, October 22nd. To me, both shows are dealing with the pursuit of happiness. For Outlander, that happiness is in Claire and Jamie finding one another. For the Walking Dead, it is squashing those that revel in destroying others in order for them to be the king of the hill…so that all can live peacefully in a world run amok by zombies. Both, shows keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you fully invested and that is a marvel nowadays.

Second was Mr. Robot. I felt like I was watching a Stanley Kubrick movie in the latest episode. Now we know what was going on with Tyrell. Do we still understand why Tyrell is obsessed with Elliot? No. But, we know that he is willing to do anything for him. Including break his own thumb. We also see how all the pieces from last year’s episodes and this year’s fit when it comes to Tyrell’s part in everything. You really have to be a fan to get this show.

A close Third was Dirk Gently on BBC America. The loose ends are connecting. Panto has been found and even though he makes no sense, he knows who Dirk is…and he is supposed to save Fairy Tale land. This is a shock to everyone, especially Dirk.

This land is where Vogle and Amanda end up after they are being pursued by Priest, but who transported them there and why? Also, what gives with the Mage, he ships automatic weapons to this land as the two main families are head to head in a war over the supposed death of Panto and what should be done with the land.

The only upside was when Ken was given an opportunity to finally get out of the cab, but he has to convert various floppy disks from the first go around of Blackwing. Friedkin trusts Ken because he is desperate. But, will Ken actually help Friedkin when he finds out all the details of all the projects.

Poor Dirk is having a crisis, but this time around Todd is the one to give Dirk a pep talk. Does this ground Dirk, only time will tell as the little jail that he is in right now houses not only the man that is looking for Dirk so he can find the boy that will save his land, but it also house Bart…who is still looking for Ken, and the mysterious body that is in a tree, that was murdered.

Riverdale is now a town that is afraid of all things that go bump in the night. Luckily, or unluckily, for the the Police, the football team has created a militia to keep it’s residents safe. This “Red Circle” is headed by Archie…but he is being egged on by Hiram Lodge. This is not good for our little red headed guy.

Veronica wants in on her Dad’s business because Hermione keeps trying to protect her daughter in her own special way, however that way comes across as mocking. This just makes Veronica want to one up her Mom. However, Hermione is trying to keep her head on her body, as well as her daughter’s.

Betty is at a loss on many fronts. Her best friend is cruising the part for quickies and her beau is in the worst high school known to man. We learn a lot about Kevin as he speaks to Moose, yes Moose and Midge survived the shooting. Kevin was the unattractive kid as he grew up and still feels like that. He is also the only kid in school that is out and proud of it. But, these factors make him feel very alone and place him in dangerous situations. When Betty tries to intervene, it just drives a wedge between the two and this friendship just falls apart. Partly this is Cheryl’s fault as she informs Betty about Kevin’s dark deeds.

Betty also feels a bit off about Jug’s friendship with his new friend, Toni Topaz…a Serpent. However, Toni is his only ally in a school rife with drugs and violence. But, he has also found a purpose in the school, starting up the Red and Black. But, this school newspaper may end up putting Jughead where the Serpents want him, in the fold.

The biggest news to hit this town is that the Black Hood sent a note to Alice Cooper that he wants printed in the paper and it will be.

Have you figured out who the perpetrator is? I have and it is all in the eyes.

In Superhero TV, the shows were okay.

While Penguin and Sophia’s burgeoning friendship continues to flourish in it’s own special way and the Riddler finds a way to save his brain via Lee helping him, the rest of the PYG episode was lackluster. It really should have just focused on the PYG, as it has the potential to be a truly horrific episode. Man kills all the cops on the take and then places the faces of pigs on their bodies…as he prances around with the face a pig on his own head. So much wasted potential for Gotham. Learn to use standalone episodes focused on one character!

For the CW, there were highlights in all of the episodes. But, my favorite was the Flash. Why, well we got our Harry back. In order to do so, we lost Wally…who feels like he has to find his own path in a new city. The episode, was once again a fun one. Lady luck distributes more and more bad luck as she keeps winning. That bad luck extends to Barry and Iris and to Joe and Cecilia. It works out in the end and we now know that we are looking for 10 new metas and they are all being used by one guy. You know who figured all that out, Harry! Also, Joe is going to be a Dad again and his face was priceless as he learned the news.

Olicity fans rejoice! These two are back together in full force after Felicity helped William conquer quadratic equations. William genuinely likes Olicity, but will he be okay when she pops up more and more. This is also happening because John is the Green Arrow. However, he struggles a lot to be the leader of this group. Once he put faith in his team and his leadership skills all was well… except when we learned he was using performance enhancing drugs to help him from getting the shakes. This will go down badly, if not from this…maybe from the FBI. The FBI has an eye on John now.

What did you guys think of last week’s shows? Did you love it or hate it? Was there a show that you think I should watch?

I will recap Stranger Things this week. Keep an eye out for it.



Dirk Gently: Fans of Wet Circles Recap

Synopsis: Dirk finds himself in the trunk of the car that Todd and Farah are investigating, and befriends the local sheriff. Meanwhile, Mr. Priest arrives at Blackwing, and Amanda tries to trigger a vision.

They found Dirk!


He was in the trunk of the car that fell out of the tree.

Yes. I  know what you are thinking,  “Out of a tree?” Yes, and what was even weirder was that the owner of the new car from 1968 was still in the drivers seat. She just looked like an extra from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Of course, just as they found Dirk, Officer Sherlock Hobbs shows up and he feels like he hit the jackpot because he has two FBI fugitives, the body of a missing person, and Dirk. Dirk feels like Sherlock is the one person that gets him wholeheartedly.

With Farah, Todd, Dirk, Sherlock, and Sherlock’s deputy (Tina), we find out who the boy is that Dirk has to find. It is the child of the woman who disappeared in 1968. By the way, her husband’s body is in a tree. What’s with these trees.

There are three other plotlines of note:

  1. Due to the fact that Friedkin is entirely inept at his job and with Dirk missing, Friedkin calls for possibly the scariest person in Blackwing, Mr. Priest (Alan Tudyk!!!) What this means for Friedkin and his position will be interesting to see. This may  mean that there are dark times for any of the Blackwing subjects that are still out and about.
  2. That includes Amanda and Vogel. These two are looking for the Rowdy 3, but the they are in deep freeze at Blackwing. The only way they can get clues of where their brethren are, Amanda has to force herself to have a pararibulitis episode to incite a vision. This does not bode well for Amanda.
  3. Suzie has embraced the power that her wand gives her. Not only has she fixed her hip/leg, given herself abs, and given herself a ton of one dollar bills, she has made her husband become a mute zombie-like gopher that she orders to kill their dog (red flags all over the field). Yes, if you think the Mage (Who we see again in this episode!) is scary…we may have to worry a lot about this little lady.

I am not going into all the crazy and fun details of the episode and that is only because I think you should be watching this totally different, but incredibly fun sci-fi/fantasy show.

Remember, everything is connected!

Next – Two Broken Fingers – While investigating the 40-year-old case of the two dead bodies, Dirk and the gang are surprisingly joined by Bart, who relays that she was assaulted and spins the case in a new direction — an investigation into Suzie Boreton. Elsewhere, Amanda attempts to follow the clues from her visions, unaware that Blackwing is closing in.

News You May Have Missed…

Via Watchers of the Wall – Marc Rissmann has been cast as Harry Strickland in the final season of Game of Thrones.

Via Deadline: Ryan Potter has been cast as Garfield “Gar” Logan in Titans, which will air in 2018 on the new DC Universe digital service.

Via Variety – The CW is developing a show called Project 13 that focuses on Traci Thirteen, a forensic scientist and believer in the paranormal who discovers her own hidden extra-sensory abilities when she joins her estranged, skeptic father to investigate mysterious cases of the paranormal and unexplained phenomena.

Via Deadline – Owen Teague will be playing Sam Lesser in the Hulu pilot Locke & Key.

Via TV Insider – Maria Doyle Kennedy has been cast to play Jocasta Cameron, Jamie’s aunt. Ed Speleers will be playing Stephen Bonnet, an Irish smuggler/pirate.

Via THR: Scott Haze joins Tom Hardy in VENOM and many think he will be playing Carnage, do you think he fits the bill?

Finally, from Digital Spy, we learned of the new companions for the 13th Doctor a.k.a. Jodie Whittaker.


Remember, there will be a Christmas episode with #12, but we will get to see the new season with #13 in 2018.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Season Premiere Recap

Synopsis: Todd and Farah are on the run from the law, heading to small town Bergsberg, Montana in search of Dirk.

There is just something erratically fun about this show that keeps you glued to the screen.

From a fairy tale land when heroes are wielding scissor swords and with a kiss and a wish, the heroes bid each other farewell as one goes off for their savior…Dirk Gently.

That doesn’t make sense, does it?

That is part of the fun.

Dirk is being held against his will by the toy squeezing Friedkin. Friedkin is trying to make Magic happen and that magic is proof that Dirk, and others like him, have special abilities.

Unfortunately, it is not happening. This is frustrating as hell for both Friedkin and for Dirk.

Dirk is worried about his friends.

Luckily for him, Todd is looking for him. Todd is looking for him to right all his wrongs against Dirk, against Farah, and against his sister…Amanda.

Amanda is on the hunt for the rest of the Rowdy three, but at the moment it is just her and Vogel. The rest of the crew is being held by Black Wing.

he fun happens when we  meet Suzie. Suzie is this nondescript  Mom, housewife, and secretary. Her life basically is way below par. No one, not ever her husband or son, respects her or values her.

Her life takes a turn when a charismatic mustached Brit walks in the door and kills her boss. But this man, is not just any ordinary man. This man is “The Mage.” As is name alludes to…he is not of this universe. His henchmen wield wands and carry spell books.

These henchmen came in to clean up the mess created by the Mage and that included offing Suzie. Luckily for Suzie, this was all happening as Bart crossed her path. But, unbeknownst to even Suzie is that Bart met her match in Suzie. Why? Well, Suzie has the voice and ability of a magical person.

Who the hell is she?

What is going on?

We will find out…


Mark Your Calendar for Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Premieres

This is a big week of TV for fans that love Sci-fi and Fantasy. All your favorites will be returning this week so mark your calendars.

Supergirl CW
Lucifer FOX

The Flash CW
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow CW

Riverdale CW
Mr. Robot USA
The Shannara Chronicles Spike

Supernatural CW
Arrow CW

Lore Amazon

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency BBC America

Rest of October:

The Walking Dead AMC

Stranger Things Netflix