News You May Have Missed…

Quite a bit has happened since the Olympics have begun…and basically sucked me in. Go Team USA!!!!

Casting News: Hannah Simone, New Girl, has been cast as the lead of the reboot of the Greatest American Hero. In it, an Indian-American woman in her thirties who loves to drink, party, and sing karaoke because she hasn’t found her purpose in life—but everything changes when she’s entrusted with a suit that gives her superpowers for the purpose of saving the world. Jessica Szohr has joined the case of Orville for season #2. AMC’s Preacher has cast a slew of characters for the third season. Betty Buckley will be playing Jesse’s “Gran’ma.”  Colin Cunningham will portray TC, a loyal enforcer to Jesse’s Gran’ma. Jeremy Childs  will also be a loyal enforcer to Gran’ma. Liz McGeever has been cast as Christina, Jesse’s Mom. Good Omens has its Harmony and Glozier, the myterious book buyers. They will be portrayed by Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Game of Thrones) and Steve Pemberton (League of Gentlemen).

Timeless will return to the small screen on NBC on March 11th. Synopsis from NBC is as follows:

From Eric Kripke (“Revolution,” “Supernatural”) and Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”), season two of this thrilling action-adventure series will pick up right where we left off with our heroes. We continue to race throughout history with our beloved team: Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), a scientist; Wyatt (Matt Lanter), a soldier; and Lucy (Abigail Spencer), a history professor, in an attempt to prevent the destruction of our world as we all know it. This season they’ll find an unlikely ally in their quest to ruin Rittenhouse, a deadly organization with plans to change history and reshape reality — even though Lucy’s family has been a part of Rittenhouse for centuries. Still making every effort not to affect the past themselves, they will visit 1692, 1917, 1941, 1981 and more.  We’ll be introduced to the likes of Marie Curie, Hedy Lamarr, William Randolph Hearst and a multitude of other influential people throughout history. 

A new teaser trailer was released for Siren, which will air on Freeform:

TV Line gave us a little head’s up about the second season of FX’s Legion, which will air on April 3rd.

David has to piece his memory back together after getting zapped by that orb, and he ends up forming an unlikely alliance to battle the nefarious Shadow King.

The Shadow King will be portrayed by Abu Nazir.

Fans of Star Trek: Discovey, Ash Tyler will be back in Season 2.

News You May Have Missed…

TCAs have led to some renewals and some changes:

  • The Gifted (FOX)
  •  The Walking Dead (AMC) – With news that Scott Gimple has moved up to oversee all of the Walking Dead franchise and that means the cornerstone of the franchise will be getting a new show runner, Angela Kang.
  • Stan Against Evil (IFC)
  • The Orville (FOX)
  • Marvel’s Runaways (Hulu)

We also received some disheartening news from the world of HBO. The prequels for the much heralded and beloved Game of Thrones will not see the light of day until possibly 2020. Screen Rant

NBC has decided to shake things up with their latest cop show. David Heyman’s In Between Lives is about a young woman who uses her special gift (talking to the dead) to help a detective and an ex-FBI agent solve crimes. Deadline

We know that Starz’ American Gods has lost Gillian Anderson, but they have also lost their show runners,  Michael Green and Bryan Fuller. At the TCAs, Chris Albrecht stated that they will continue to be involved, but at what capacity…no one is sure. Chalk up all issues to two main factors: 1. Budget and 2. Timing. Fingers-crossed that the second season will be in production sooner than later. Variety

But, Starz did give us some good news. The Continental, which is in the John Wick universe has been picked up by Starz. If you recall from the movies, The Continental is the hotel that John Wick goes to as he seeks refuge or intel and assistance in his revenge plots. So, the show will focus on this safe haven for assassins and give us more details about how this world of assassins works. They did promise that the show will match John Wink in tone and in action. This is a show to keep an eye on. THR


Outlander vs. The Walking Dead…Who won Sunday night?

I know many of you were watching the World Series until the wee hours of the night. However, I know there are those out there that had time blocked off for Outlander and the Walking Dead.

I was one of you. I am going to recap The Walking Dead first because it was not the best episode and it left me scratching my head.

In The Damned, the plan involving Alexandrians, Kingdommers and Hilltoppers unfolds; As Rick continues to fight, he encounters a familiar face.

First, I tweeted that I feel like this first half of the season covers the events of the one day of the attack. This is great, because we see all aspects, decisions, and repercussions of the first day of the war.

However, by doing that you have to create a fresh story line that keeps the viewer glued to their tv.

If this 1st half of the season is going to focus on the events of the beginning of the war, than they should focus on a character per episode. Those episodes always excel and draw the viewers in. It gives us insight into whatever is moving that character.

The highlights of the episode were the moments where we saw Morgan turn off the switch and go to a very dark place. Who has taken the place of Morgan and Gabriel in their merciful ways…Jesus. This has pissed off Tara, who wants to stick to the plan. Does this not sound familiar?

“Familiarity breeds contempt and predictability breeds boredom.” – Sherry Argov.

The other highlight is the moment when Rick realizes that he may have gone too far. A man jumped at Rick and Rick retaliated and killed a man who was only trying to protect his daughter, Gracie. Now, this poor child is left an orphan and while Rick deals with the ramifications of his actions…he gets caught by Season 1’s Morales.

This is not good at all because the tides have turned and only a miracle can save our guys.

Next week: Monsters – Conflict with the Saviors leads to unintended consequences for the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Alexandria.

Whereas The Walking Dead struggled, Outlander excelled.

Twenty years have passed sine you have seen one another and even though the sex is great…that does not mean that you will continue to click.

These two have grown a lot as individuals through whatever experiences they went through in the time they spent apart. This fact, forces the two to try to figure out one another, because…they really do not know each other.

In Creme de Menthe,  Claire follows her conscience as a surgeon, even though it could put her and Jamie’s lives at risk. At the same time, Jamie attempts to evade the reach of the Crown as its representative closes in on his illegal dealings.

Claire will do whatever she has to do to save humanity, this does not work well in 1700s Edinburgh. You have to mind your business, keep your head down, and avoid dangerous situations. This kind of life is not what Claire wanted.

Her decision to save the man that attacked her puts Jamie and all his cohorts in a precarious situation and she refuses to accept what Jamie is telling her.

Eventually, due to Ian’s libido and a ne’er-do-well trying to get info on Jamie at Jamie’s place of work, all hell breaks loose. Jamie loses his print shop and he may loose Claire for various reasons, let’s see:

  • She hides Ian from his parents.
  • He lives in a brothel.
  • Is in constant danger due to his treason and smuggling of booze.
  • Always questioning her.

Oh….and she has still not found out about his first wife. That will be a kicker.

This does not bode well at all for the lovebirds, but remember…love conquers all.

Next time, First Wife – Claire returns to Lallybroch with Jamie, where she does not receive quite the reception she was expecting. Unbeknownst to her, Jamie’s made some choices in their time apart which come back to haunt them with a vengeance.

Overall, I give Outlander the win for Sunday night TV! 

TV Recap – Week of October 27th

I was away for most of the week on a business trip in Newport, RI. If you have never been, you should totally check it out. Mind you, the following pic was on the last day. But, I did get to explore this marvelous little town…from the spooky and glorious mansions to the Newport Tower, some say it is a Templar Building, some say it is a mill…who knows.

Newport RI.jpg

Back to the business at hand, TV.

Was there  a show that stood out the most?

It was a tie between Outlander and The Walking Dead. I recapped both episodes that aired on Sunday, October 22nd. To me, both shows are dealing with the pursuit of happiness. For Outlander, that happiness is in Claire and Jamie finding one another. For the Walking Dead, it is squashing those that revel in destroying others in order for them to be the king of the hill…so that all can live peacefully in a world run amok by zombies. Both, shows keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you fully invested and that is a marvel nowadays.

Second was Mr. Robot. I felt like I was watching a Stanley Kubrick movie in the latest episode. Now we know what was going on with Tyrell. Do we still understand why Tyrell is obsessed with Elliot? No. But, we know that he is willing to do anything for him. Including break his own thumb. We also see how all the pieces from last year’s episodes and this year’s fit when it comes to Tyrell’s part in everything. You really have to be a fan to get this show.

A close Third was Dirk Gently on BBC America. The loose ends are connecting. Panto has been found and even though he makes no sense, he knows who Dirk is…and he is supposed to save Fairy Tale land. This is a shock to everyone, especially Dirk.

This land is where Vogle and Amanda end up after they are being pursued by Priest, but who transported them there and why? Also, what gives with the Mage, he ships automatic weapons to this land as the two main families are head to head in a war over the supposed death of Panto and what should be done with the land.

The only upside was when Ken was given an opportunity to finally get out of the cab, but he has to convert various floppy disks from the first go around of Blackwing. Friedkin trusts Ken because he is desperate. But, will Ken actually help Friedkin when he finds out all the details of all the projects.

Poor Dirk is having a crisis, but this time around Todd is the one to give Dirk a pep talk. Does this ground Dirk, only time will tell as the little jail that he is in right now houses not only the man that is looking for Dirk so he can find the boy that will save his land, but it also house Bart…who is still looking for Ken, and the mysterious body that is in a tree, that was murdered.

Riverdale is now a town that is afraid of all things that go bump in the night. Luckily, or unluckily, for the the Police, the football team has created a militia to keep it’s residents safe. This “Red Circle” is headed by Archie…but he is being egged on by Hiram Lodge. This is not good for our little red headed guy.

Veronica wants in on her Dad’s business because Hermione keeps trying to protect her daughter in her own special way, however that way comes across as mocking. This just makes Veronica want to one up her Mom. However, Hermione is trying to keep her head on her body, as well as her daughter’s.

Betty is at a loss on many fronts. Her best friend is cruising the part for quickies and her beau is in the worst high school known to man. We learn a lot about Kevin as he speaks to Moose, yes Moose and Midge survived the shooting. Kevin was the unattractive kid as he grew up and still feels like that. He is also the only kid in school that is out and proud of it. But, these factors make him feel very alone and place him in dangerous situations. When Betty tries to intervene, it just drives a wedge between the two and this friendship just falls apart. Partly this is Cheryl’s fault as she informs Betty about Kevin’s dark deeds.

Betty also feels a bit off about Jug’s friendship with his new friend, Toni Topaz…a Serpent. However, Toni is his only ally in a school rife with drugs and violence. But, he has also found a purpose in the school, starting up the Red and Black. But, this school newspaper may end up putting Jughead where the Serpents want him, in the fold.

The biggest news to hit this town is that the Black Hood sent a note to Alice Cooper that he wants printed in the paper and it will be.

Have you figured out who the perpetrator is? I have and it is all in the eyes.

In Superhero TV, the shows were okay.

While Penguin and Sophia’s burgeoning friendship continues to flourish in it’s own special way and the Riddler finds a way to save his brain via Lee helping him, the rest of the PYG episode was lackluster. It really should have just focused on the PYG, as it has the potential to be a truly horrific episode. Man kills all the cops on the take and then places the faces of pigs on their bodies…as he prances around with the face a pig on his own head. So much wasted potential for Gotham. Learn to use standalone episodes focused on one character!

For the CW, there were highlights in all of the episodes. But, my favorite was the Flash. Why, well we got our Harry back. In order to do so, we lost Wally…who feels like he has to find his own path in a new city. The episode, was once again a fun one. Lady luck distributes more and more bad luck as she keeps winning. That bad luck extends to Barry and Iris and to Joe and Cecilia. It works out in the end and we now know that we are looking for 10 new metas and they are all being used by one guy. You know who figured all that out, Harry! Also, Joe is going to be a Dad again and his face was priceless as he learned the news.

Olicity fans rejoice! These two are back together in full force after Felicity helped William conquer quadratic equations. William genuinely likes Olicity, but will he be okay when she pops up more and more. This is also happening because John is the Green Arrow. However, he struggles a lot to be the leader of this group. Once he put faith in his team and his leadership skills all was well… except when we learned he was using performance enhancing drugs to help him from getting the shakes. This will go down badly, if not from this…maybe from the FBI. The FBI has an eye on John now.

What did you guys think of last week’s shows? Did you love it or hate it? Was there a show that you think I should watch?

I will recap Stranger Things this week. Keep an eye out for it.



The Walking Dead: Mercy Recap

Synopsis: Rick and his group, along with the Kingdom and Hilltop, band together to bring the fight to Negan and the Saviors.

Can you believe we reached 100 episodes. We survived 100 nights of pacing, screaming at our TVs, throwing ourselves on our sofas as we grieved the beloved characters (Still missing Glenn!) we lost and countless weeks of trying to figure out what was happening with our friends, family and coworkers.

It seems like we are not getting a break. Not even a moment to just take a breath. Nope. That is not how Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman run this ship.

We are witnessing a war.


The war has been carefully planned by Rick, Ezekiel, and everyone else that has a reason for wanting to kill Negan.

The goal, ultimately, is to live a life where no one is afraid. This is evident in the old man Rick sequence. We see him and his family living happily in a peaceful society.

TWD Mercy

But we also see footage of a bedraggled Rick as he utters, “My mercy prevails over my wrath.” What does that mean? Well, it does not bode well. Does it?

Initially, the plan to take down Negan goes off without a hitch. Mind you, I am not quite sure why they just did not get one shot in while Negan and Rick exchanged their little dialogue.

Just take him out!

What we see is Rick and everyone else kind of funnel Negan and his people into hiding out in a trailer. How? Bombs, Walkers, and Bullets.

How many bullets did they waste? I know it was to direct the Walkers to Negan’s hideout, but still.

So, it works. However, there is a problem. Of course, there is a problem. Gabriel tries to be the better man, as a man of God should be, and he attempts to save Gregory.

After constantly telling Rick that this situation that they are in is not about him, he decides to try to save this guy that could care less about his own people at the Hilltop. Makes no sense.

Of course, Gregory takes this act of mercy as a way to escape and leave Gabriel behind to fend for himself against the walkers that have swarmed Negan’s hideout. So, he does what anyone else would do. He goes into the one place that is not locked. The very trailer that Negan is hiding in.

Negan: I hope you’ve got your shitting pants on.

Father Gabriel:

Negan: Your shitting pants. Because you’re going to shit your pants knowing you’re stuck in here with me. That’s why I said I hope you have your shitting pants on. Because I’m here. So you should be shitting your pants right now.

Gabriel, you did this to yourself.

If you survive and you turn on your friends or are used as leverage by Negan, I will once again stop watching this show. They need to stop doing this every season. Just kill Gabriel and let’s get on with the war.

The highlight of the episode were the women. We see them all calm and cool as they lead and assist to get this plan going.

From Tara and Carole keeping tabs on the Walkers that they, Daryl, and Morgan funneled to Negan’s to Maggie saying she was going to fight well into her second trimester, and finally Michonne knowing that it was best to stay behind and take care of those left behind.

These ladies are a force to be reckoned with and I cannot wait to see what they will do in this season.

Next: The Damned – The plan involving Alexandrians, Kingdommers and Hilltoppers unfolds; As Rick continues to fight, he encounters a familiar face.



Mark Your Calendar for Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Premieres

This is a big week of TV for fans that love Sci-fi and Fantasy. All your favorites will be returning this week so mark your calendars.

Supergirl CW
Lucifer FOX

The Flash CW
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow CW

Riverdale CW
Mr. Robot USA
The Shannara Chronicles Spike

Supernatural CW
Arrow CW

Lore Amazon

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency BBC America

Rest of October:

The Walking Dead AMC

Stranger Things Netflix