From Book to the TV: TNT is Giving Us More of The Alienist!!!!

This was possibly one of the best shows of the 2017-2018 TV season!

THR stated that the second installment of the limited series will be called “The Angel of Darkness and will reunite cast members Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning.”

If the series follows the second installment in Caleb Carr’s book series, it will start about a year after the original story. This time, a distraught wife of a Spanish diplomat begs Sara for help, so the team reunites to help find her kidnapped infant daughter. Due to the political climate of the time, Spanish-American War, there are obstacles to deal with. However, the biggest shock is who the team believes is their prime suspect.

I am not going to tell you who that is, but I do suggest that you pick up the book of the same title as the show’s second run or wait patiently for the series to air.