Star Trek: Discovery – Will You Take My Hand?/Season Finale Recap

Synopsis: With Georgiou at the helm of the plan to end the Klingon war once and for all, the USS Discovery crew struggles to fathom and tolerate her hostile tactics. Memories of past hardships are rekindled within Burnham.

This Philippa is no bloody joke. She threatens Burnham for attempting to expose her to the team, beating the crap out of L’Rell and begrudgingly allows Tyler and requests Tilly to help in her plan to take down the Klingons.

Tyler seems in his element as he tries to get information about a shrine, but he and Burnham can no longer have any kind of romantic entanglement. She still remembers the death of her parents at the hands of Klingons and the way he is now…makes it very hard for her to be on love with him.

Yet, with Tilly (who had a hilarious moment when she got high), they do have a meeting of the minds as they discuss the plans of the Federation. Which basically is committing genocide of the Klingons in order to stop the war. Starfleet listens to reason because they know that this act goes against the principles of the Federation.

Philippa gives the bio print on the bomb to L’Rell. This will allow L’Rell to control the Klingons and hopefully make them an ally instead of an enemy.

The highlights of the episode are all at the end of the episode:

  1. Ash and Michael are allowed to have their moment of closure, and one last  kiss, before he heads off with L’Rell to be a force of good for both sides. We see L’Rell force the houses to reunite under her rule.
  2. The moment that Michael and Amanda had. Moms and Daughters. It takes times to appreciate your mother and all that they do for you.
  3. Michael and her Father, Sarek, He called her his daughter and I cried. He also gave her the good news that she was reinstated as a Commander. The rest of the team was also either promoted or given awards for their valor. Tilly was actually accepted into the Commander training program.
  4. They are picking up a new Captain in Vulcan.
  5. They are no longer using the spores until they can figure out how to use it without harming living beings and this is thanks to Stamets.
  6. Captain Pike and the USS Enterprise hailed the Discovery!!!! YES!!!

Great way to end the first season! And I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how great this show was. It tipped it’s hat to Star Trek, but took great risks with its story lines. Once I was onboard, I was hooked!

Can’t wait for season 2!

PS – Not much was divulged about the second season in After Trek, but they did mention that they are intrigued with science colliding with spirituality.


Star Trek: Discovery – The War Without, the War Within Recap

If you remember, the Discovery has jumped ahead nine months in their own proper universe. Their Federation has enemies to the left and enemies to the right…and they are all Klingons.

Sarek and Cornwell are asking the Discovery not to discuss the alternate universe, but having AU Georgiou on board complicates matters.

Also, we have Tyler walking around and it is unnerving to everyone, but kindhearted Tilly and a couple of others. However, Michael refuses to cross his path. Until Tilly talks to her and tells her to be compassionate. When she does go to speak to him, she decides to let him go.

Being at war means those on board are considered to be a tool or hindrance. Cornwell learns what drives the Klingons…to conquer.

They come up with a plan to give the Federation the upper hand, but it was crafted by AU Georgiou. Michael presents it and Cornwell goes for it, but that plan is just step one. But the Federation needs this to work in order for it to survive.

That plan is to jump to the Klingon home planet and to map the planet to conquer it. Who is heading this plan, Captain Georgiou. This is not going to go well, is it? It is clear that Saru and Michael do not trust her at all.

I have to admit something…I miss Lorca.

We have one episode left, like any show…it will have a cliffhanger that will hopefully have our jaws dropping and leaving us counting down to season 2.

Star Trek: Discovery – What’s Past is Prologue Recap

Synopsis: Lorca plans to move forward with a coup against the Emperor, propelling Burnham to make a quick decision to save not only herself, but the U.S.S. Discovery.

We now know how Lorca ended up in our universe and we can thank an ion cloud for that. His purpose now is to overthrow the Emperor. So, it becomes a game of cat and mouse between Lorca and Philippa. But, Lorca is obsessed with Michael and thinks that they can rule the universe together and make it peaceful. What he does not know is that he is being played.

The main issue that effects all of the mutiverse is that the Emperor’s ship has the capacity to destroy all of the universes due to the mycelial core. Now, the crew of the Discovery need to take out the Emperor’s ship in order to save the multiverse.

As a result of this information, Michael makes her plans with Saru. She and Philippa end up helping her take down Lorca. But. she did not want to kill him. Philippa, on the other hand, had no qualms of killing him.  In the last moments before being beamed out of the ship, she grabbed onto Philippa and was saved, against her will.

In the wake of the explosion, the Discovery figured out how to get to their universe (thanks to Stamets and Tilly, but they overshot it by nine months. What they are in now is a universe where the Klingons are winning and a third of the Federation’s ships are gone.

Now, the big question is…will they be able to turn the tides of the war.

Now, I was upset by Lorca’s death. However, no one really dies forever in a multiverse. Maybe we will see him sooner than later.


Recaps: Riverdale, Arrow, Counterpart & Star Trek: Discovery

Can you tell that I like a specific type of show?

Let’s start off with Riverdale’s the Blackboard.

As Jughead says ever so eloquently, our Archie is going down a dark path…that he was coerced into by the FBI. When he asked the FBI if what they were doing was okay…I believe asking a minor to get intel that would help take down a power hungry businessman is so not right on many levels.

But, this is Riverdale. So, FBI goes up to Archie and asks him to help them take down Hiram. In exchange, his Dad and Veronica would be protected. But, something seems wrong. Do they not have to take him “downtown” to fill him in on everything? Is there not official paperwork? This story line just rubs me the wrong way. However, seeing Veronica keep secrets from Archie and vice versa clearly screams trouble for this couple. And if you think that Archie fessing up about his kiss with Betty was oh so noble, it was a ploy to cover up his work with the FBI.

While Veronica is keeping her secrets close to her chest, she was doing her parents bidding by welcoming Serpents to the hallowed Halls of Riverale High. However, not is going well for the Serpents, it seems like profiling is the name of the game at Principal Weatherbee’s school, even if it being forced by Reggie and Cheryl. Juggie fully comprehends what is going on and under FP’s advisement, has him and his fellow Serpents hiding in the tall grass and waiting to strike. I like this story line because it shows that Juggie has found his place and just because someone comes from the wrong side of the tracks does not mean that they are not to be trusted. Just like…

…Alice Cooper. Alice has had it rough. Her eldest, Polly, has basically become a Scientologist and shunned her family. The final straw was when she popped up and told Betty that she had given birth to her twins, Juniper and Dagwood (?!?). Feeling for her Mother, Betty finds her long-lost older brother, Chic. Chic has not had an easy life. The only reason he is in the Cooper household, at this moment, is that Betty rescued him (not so sure about that) from a brutal beat down at his hostel. But, Chic is not all that he appears, there is something dark in him. Is it his resentment towards Alice and Hal for giving him us as a baby or is it even something more sinister…

There was a moment when Archie asked the Fed if he and Betty caught the real Black Hood…I think not.

Next up: The Wrestler – In an attempt to get closer to Hiram, Archie tries out for the Riverdale wrestling team; Betty unearths some dark secrets about Chic; Veronica and Josie clash.

Arrow. You know, I still do not get what the deal is with Cayden James. I know that technology based crime is a big deal, but this whole wiping out the internet plot seems like something that everyone should be involved in….not just the people in Ollie’s neck of the woods?

Just the mere fact that they have another World’s Laurel Lance, screams like they need to bring in help from Legend’s of Tomorrow. That is beside’s the point and before I go off another tangent…what is interesting to see is how Oliver’s decision have affected his world. He has spied on half of his team and they have decided to branch off and do their own thing. Is this a bad thing? Well, in the Marvelverse…1,2,3….how many heroes are in the state of New York alone? In theory, this should not be seen as a bad thing. That does not mean that the old adage of, “A House Divided Shall Not Stand,” should escape your brain totally. There will be more fall out…we just do not know to what extent that will be. Especially when there are kids at stake.

Next up: We Fall – William gets caught in the cross hairs as Oliver attempts to stop Cayden James with just the original Team Arrow.

Counterpoint is from Starz. It is basically an espionage tale with a classic sci-fi tilt. The first episode was very intriguing. We meet this schlep of a guy who is just not happy with his 9-5 job, at a quasi-government agency, and due to his love of his life being in a coma after being in an accident. Then something interesting happens at his place of work, he meets his “other”. His doppelganger from another dimension. To a point, they’ve lived the same life. Yet, something happening to Howard in the other universe to become the complete opposite of our Howard. This comes about as these two Howards meet to not only capture an assassin, but to save our Howard’s wife. Now, why this assassin is targeting Howard’s wife does not make sense…until we see Other Howard go to his world and we meet his Emily and she is in the same line of work as Other Howard. This is interesting because Other Howard told our Howard that his Emily died from cancer. Why did he lie?

The other intriguing parts of this show is why is there a quasi-government agency keeping tabs on one another and not just trying to wall off the other universe? Also, what is up with this assassin?

So many questions and we only have nine more episode left.

And the best for last…Star Trek: Discovery.

What a twist and why do I keep tweeting DeLorca instead of Lorca. No se.

That is besides the point. We have been given the best plot twist so far this season of any show.

Now, we all knew something was up with Lorca. There was just something off. His intentions were never clear and even the people he knew really well thought something was off with him. We originally thought it was the accident he was in, but were so wrong.

And now we know why. Our Lorca is not really our Lorca. This Lorca is this alternate universe’s Lorca. The Lorca that betrayed Philippa and apparently romanced quite a few women…including Michael.

I know, I know…wth!!!!

Now that he is on his target, what will Lorca do? What does this mean for our discovery crew, for Michael, for the people in this universe that were hunting down Lorca…we just  have to wait and see.

While this was all going down on the Charon, the Discovery got it’s Stamets back. While I know, the story line was given a bit of romance to push Stamets out of his coma. Some people on Twitter did not like this, however love propels people to do extraordinary things…even come out of a coma. Now, Stamets and Tilly have to figure out how to fix the spore issue.

Ash Tyler is not doing well at all. Out of compassion, Saru turns to their captive for help. She refuses at first, but when she see how destroyed Ash is, she gives in. We will have to wait and see if we our Ash back and if there are any repercussions from 1. the fall out of being a Klingon victim and 2. the death of Culber.

We only have three episodes left for this surprisingly edge of your seat and fun show.

One last thing, I loved the last episode of X-Files. It had a lot of the fun and will they, won’t they moments that made me fall in love with the original show. The only issue was that the plot was weak.

Oh! Keep an eye out for The Alienist!




Geek TV for the Week of January 15

This is the week where a lot of our shows are back to put us on the edge of our seats once again.


I suggest you set up your DVRs for Wednesday, as it is chock full of great TV. Luckily, we have the weekend to catch up!

Personally, I am looking forward to the season finale of The Gifted, the return of Riverdale, episode 12 of ST:Discovery, and episode two of The Magicians!

What are you looking forward to?


Recap of Star Trek: Discovery’s The Wolf Inside

I was right…Michael’s first love a.k.a. Ash Tyler is Voq.

This comes about as Michael tries to keep some semblance of a federation together in this alternate universe under the guise of destroying the resistance, which consists of Vulcans, Tellarites, Andorians, and Klingons. However, this all backfires when the leader of the resistance (this universe’s Voq) talks of what motivates them.

That is when Ash’s true self started to come out and that meant that Michael’s life was in danger. My one issue with moments like this is that the length of the monologue sequence makes the outcome predictable. Ash was given the opportunity to attack and what followed afterwards was not a mind-blowing moment. But that moment when Michael asks for a tether from Ash, it was heart breaking. First loves are tough.

The two moments that really got me were:

  1. Finding out the Emperor is Michael’s mentor Philippa Georgiou and in this universe, Philippa is not a fan of Michael.
  2. Stamets died when Captain Tilly tried to help him get better, but he is back and in some kind of coma where the two versions of him have met. This should be interesting.

Now, even though information has been sent to Discovery to help them try to get back to their universe, everyone will continue to be in this universe for the foreseeable future and thanks to Lorca for confirming that for us. How is this man holding on? He in continuously being tormented, but he still gives sound advice to Michael.


What will be interesting to see is how they will close out this story line.

Star Trek: Discovery – Recap of Despite Yourself

Synopsis: While in unfamiliar territory, the U.S.S. Discovery crew is forced to get creative in their next efforts to survive opposing and unprecedented forces and return home.

Just because the trope of having accidentally jumped into an alternate universe has been used by Star Trek time and time again does not mean that this does not give the Freshman show a shot at some worthwhile storytelling.

Unlike a lot of people out there, I did not latch on to this show from the get-go. I refused to watch it because it was part of a subscription service, but I gave in over the holidays and I was hooked.

The first two episodes did not do it for me. That changed when Michael Burnham, a human that was raised by a Vulcan and his Human wife a.k.a. as Spock’s parents, stepped on to the U.S.S. Discovery and we met Captain Lorca. Lorca is a much darker Captain than we’ve grown up with. This guy has a lot of ulterior motives and it seems that they all stem from the loss he suffered on his last ship.

Lorca’s job is to find a new way of traveling from point A to point B. It is much faster than warp drive, the only problem that it is impossible to stabilize. Until, Michael figures out a way to do it. But, it comes at a price. At first they use and abuse this poor animal to help and it almost killed it. So, Stamets decides to take it’s place…but like before it almost kills him. In the last jump, he ends up transporting the ship to an alternate universe.

A universe where an Empire rules. An empire that is eerily similar to the Klingons.

They never say it outright…

Lorca thinks they can figure out a way to get back home. Easier said than done. They have to navigate the dangerous waters of this universe.

In this universe, Lorca is fugitive, Tilly is a Captain, and Michael is a presumed dead Captain. Everyone has to take on these roles in order to survive. But, surviving this universe is not the only issue plaguing this ship.

Tyler was saved from a Klingon ship, where he was tortured and basically used as a sex toy…but there is more than meets the eye. Tyler is not only suffering from PTSD, but some kind of mind and body alteration…this leads me to believe that Tyler is really a Klingon that was cast out into space. Being given someone else’s memories (like in an episode of a soap opera) and then made to look like someone else entirely will most definitely screw with his brain and therefore make him the most dangerous person on the ship as his devotion to Michael and then his mind trying to wrap its head around whatever is going on is more than he can handle.

Even though Culber tries to keep Tyler on the ship (Tyler kills him in a mouth-dropping moment) Tyler goes off on a mission in this new universe. The mission is to help Michael and Lorca, but the flags are being thrown all over the field.

  1. Michael is being closely followed by her new crew;
  2. Lorca is being tortured in holding;
  3. Tyler is a bomb just waiting to go off.

There is a lot at stake for this crew and I cannot wait to see how this story line plays itself out.

Now, back to my initial comment about the alternate universe plot device. It will be fun to see these characters try to get to their universe. I got a kick out of Tilly being a tough captain and Captain Lorca using his accent.