Recap: Riverdale – Outbreak w/ a Hint of What’s to Come in January…

When we last left Riverdale, Betty looked like she was officially drinking the Kool-Aid, but we see that she is still the Betty that we all love, which allows her to keep the facade up, but still maintaining some semblance of sanity. Betty comes up with a plan to undermine Ethel and that is to make her think that Betty is the new Queen of the Gargoyle King. She locks up Ethel to start the withdrawal process and to make her the one person that can help her stop this scam that Hiram and Nuns have started to produce fizzle rocks. Their goal is Sister Woodhouse.
As this is happening, a massive seizure outbreak has overtaken the cheerleaders of Riverdale High, will no one do anything about it? Is it contagious. The worry over the stricken Toni, allows her to ask her petit amour to move in and she accepts the offer. Veronica realizes that something is rotten in the state of Denmark and she knows that her Father is responsible for it. This nagging feeling is heightened when Reggie tells her that her Dad has pulled Jangle off the marker and replaced it with Fizzle Rocks. She is determined to stop them. In desperation to stem the seizure outbreak, men in hazmat outfits take the infected to Riverdale General. At the meeting in the school, Veronica and Cheryl confront the board and Hiram has an answer for everything, of course.
There is a point where Veronica mentions Narcos. The thing is, this whole scenario would make sense in Narcos, but this show…it is getting tiring. Can we have some Gossip Girl storylines?
I digress.
This is just as Jughead and Archie reach their destination…Mrs. Gladys Jones and little Jellybean.
Possibly the only funny moment of the first half of this season happens when Gladys sees Archie and Jug and her first response is that she is thrilled that they are finally together romantically. The boys tell Gladys about what has happened in Riverdale and when she hears the name Penny Peabody she gets so annoyed, but she suspects (like Jug) that Hiram is the issue. Of course there are deep-seeded issues that are discussed, like Gladys abandoning her son.
Guess who popped up to take in Archie, Penny. Smh. Hiram is like a dog with a bone. Surprisingly, JB takes down Penny easily. However, it is Gladys that will get the info that spurs her son to thwart Hiram’s twisted game of Monopoly of making Riverdale his vice-ridden Kingdom.
This means that Jughead goes back to Riverdale with FP and Archie runs for the border with his Dad’s blessing and with Vegas by his side.
Betty is connecting the dots with Veronica and Cheryl. While Betty confronts the Nun, Cheryl and Veronica confront Cheryl’s gorgon-like Mother. Well, the Nun says that G&G was created by the kids in the asylum because they made the game to cope. The drugs that Hiram tests help with the patients and he is also donates quite a bit. Ethel and Betty take the keys and head to Riverdale as they lock up the Nun in the basement. But they need the Gryphon Queen to have all the patients leave the asylum and their plan works.
We also learn from the interrogation that Cheryl and Veronica conduct that Hiram’s empire would allow for prostitution and drugs to be run sans issue. However, they need help and they come in the form of the cadets.
It seems like everything is starting to fall into place for a massive battle between the kids and Hiram, but they were too late. Hiram got the town quarantined and no one can go in or get out. Hiram wins for now…

Where is the backbone Hermione?

Next – No Exit

Recap: Riverdale – The Man in Black aka Hiram Has His Claws in Everything and Everyone as Far as the Eye Can See…

Our fearsome foursome is split into threes. Fearful that he will be caught, Archie hits the road and ends up at a farm just outside of Riverdale. Betty finds herself up against a formidable foe from her past and Veronica makes a risky business decision.
Archie and Jug end up on a farm that eerily reminds me of Hershel’s farm from The Walking Dead. This farm and it’s inhabitants, Laurie Lake and her younger gun-totting sister, Gracie, lure Archie in, while Jug listens to his gut and wants to skedaddle asap. Of course, Archie decides to start helping out on the farm because why not?!? The farm is located just outside of Riverdale near a town called Athens. We come to find out that the town of Athens is void of any men and is essentially deserted. While he decides to take a few pics of the ghost town, he sees some familiar symbols all over the buildings. This older woman states that the town went downhill after the drug-laced fizzle rocks appeared in town as the symbols appeared. He also sees that the locals are playing Gryphons and Gargoyles and they tip him off that all the men are off building a prison and a facility to make drug-laced fizzle rocks. Hiram has his claws in Athens. Therefore, Archie is not safe at all.
This episode clearly shows how easily Archie is swayed. For some reason, he keeps making these decisions that always lead him down a path of potential death. It was surprising to see that he did not fall for Laurie, but the pull of Veronica and the turmoil that Hiram caused has him fully tethered to Riverdale, emotionally. Of course, this does not mean he does not suffer. He should have listened to his Jiminy Cricket, Jughead.
When Jug returns to the farm, he sees that Hiram is at the farm and he rushes toward the barn where he sees that his ole pal has been tied up and awaiting his slaughter. Luckily for Archie, his friend rescues him and they live to see another day.

From all of this, only one thing can be surmised…Hiram uses Gryphons and Gargoyles as a way to push his fizzle rocks, which may look like candy, but they are the new jingle Jangle…but he is not the Gargoyle King. Who is that? Last week, in one of the images you could see that the Gargoyle King had a face and that face may be someone we are familiar with…Claudius? This makes sense as Clifford was well entrenched in the local drug trade in season 1.

Now, Jug and Arch are heading to Jug’s Mom and Jellybean.
When we turn to Veronica, she has made the move to move out after she learns that Minetta has disappeared. So, she moves into her speakeasy. She realizes that she needs move income, so she works with Elio to turn the speakeasy into a casino one night a week. Hiram is delusional in a way to make it look like he is innocent and that all he cares about is his family. This puts a strain on Veronica as she no longer has the safety net of her parents home. She is out in the wild on her own and therefore a sitting duck. Elio of course is setting his sights on Veronica, Pops, and Le Bonne Nuit. But, she knew what he was up to due to her Dad was tipping her off. She scammed the scammer with his help. This help makes her think that maybe her Dad is not as bad as she first thought. However, that changes when Pop tells her they found, what they believe, is the body of Minetta. Unfortunately, there is no way to id the body due to it missing its head and hands.
Now it is Betty’s turn. She is taking an ink blot test and every singe one reminds her of one of her cases. Wait, is this the medical facility that was used by FX’s Legion. Well, the nuns give the kids fizzle rocks when they behave. Then, Ethel moves into her room and she believes she is the Queen Bee of the place. Nothing deters Betty from investigating. Especially when she sees Claudius Blossom?!?!? and Hiram meeting there. This bit of info drives her to learn the truth. Unfortunately for Betty,  Ethel is not only delusional (She has a Gargoyle King Mood Board WTF?!) …she is also relentless as she thwarts every attempt of Betty getting to the truth and out of dodge. This also includes faking a seizure, which allows her to be taken to the infirmary. There she learns that Hiram is testing the Fizzle Rocks on the kids. Unwillingly, she gets her shot to meet the Gargoyle King and it fades to black and we hear a scream. Then we see drugged out Betty take the ink blot test again and she is truthful.
IMG_2277 (2)
She has taken the Kool-Aid and it is all down hill for her and the rest of the kids of Riverdale…or so we think.
Also, what’s with these nuns?!?!?
Next: Outbreak – Jughead and Archie head to Toledo to visit Jughead’s mother and sister; Betty inches closer to uncovering the truth about Gryphons and Gargoyles; Veronica and Cheryl take on Hiram after more students fall victim to seizures.

Recap: Riverdale – Manhunter aka Where Archie Goes Death Follows…

That ending was a whopper…I would have used  that as the Fall finale. So many things happened and only one of them was good.

  1. Archie is exonerated. Veronica’s snooping paid off, she found a video on her Mom’s computer (the file on the desktop had the image of the brand that is on Archie?) and sent it off and she got the judge to lift the charges against Archie. This is possibly the only time that I have ever felt bad for Hermione. Her daughter and her husband are butting heads 24/7 and they do not care if they drag her or each other down. Anywho, Veronica’s hopes of going back to normalcy with Archie in Riverdale was to no avail. The great part about Archie being exonerated is that we get rid of Sheriff Minetta.
  2. butch-and-sundance.jpgArchie and Jughead have hit the road to keep Archie and all those he loves safe and mainly because of Hiram. This is prompted after Archie finds a bunch of kids dead in a mine and then learning about Joaquin. After Archie gets through to Veronica via her cell and tells her goodbye. He has left her behind and it seems like the fearsome foursome will not be together as group for the foreseeable future.  Why?
  3. Betty has been sent to the Sisters of  Quiet Mercy, god help her. Why? Well, the Gargoyle King showed up in her house and that terrified Alice. The funny bit was that FP showed up right after the Gargoyle King was found in the living room. (Did you see the person walk outside the window before the Gargoyle King popped up in Alice’s house? Raising an eyebrow to all of it. Also, in my pic, the GK has a face?). During her art class at the home for troubled youth, she sees that everyone is painting pictures of the Gargoyle King. What kind of lunacy has overtaken this town?hereagk

  4. Joaquin (who was carrying one of the masks of the minion of the Gargoyle King, which reminded me of the Death Eaters from the Harry Potter books) is dead. He died after he told Jughead about the symbol that is branded on Archie, that the Warden was forced into using Archie, and the man in the suit, which had Juggie go straight to Hiram, who rebuffed him and told him to look at everyone else…even his own Father. Shortly thereafter, Joaquin was found dead with the mark of sacrifice on his forehead. An ominous sign to all those that try to stop the Gargoyle King.
  5. Josie suffered a seizure. She is the third person to have suffered this.
  6. The most interesting scene, that Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes would have enjoyed, started with Betty inviting all the families to Veronica’s speakeasy under the guise of the Gargoyle King summoning them there. Why are the so easily manipulated? She interrogates them and it gets interesting when the parents start to point fingers at one another. The main question is did Daryl Doiley kill Featherhead in the bathroom with cyanide or did Penelope Blossom kill him with cyanide? Daryl was later found dead in his car, but Betty learns that Daryl did not kill himself…he was poisoned with Oleander, which is a flower.pen

It seems like everyone has a piece of the puzzle that is the Gargoyle King as most of them have done something underhanded or devious under the pretense of protecting the group as a whole.

One happy moment:


Next week: The Man in Black – Fearful that he will be caught, Archie hits the road and ends up at a farm outside Riverdale; Betty finds herself up against a formidable foe from her past; Veronica makes a risky business decision that could cost her everything.

Recap: Riverdale – The Midnight Club

The Mayor of Riverdale, Hermione Lodge, has banned the game pf Gryphons and Gargoyles (G&G) because she has connected the recent suicides to the game. This just makes the kids want to play the game ever more, but then Dr. Curdle calls Betty to tell her that the suicide of Dilton Doyle seemed familiar and Alice tells Betty about what happened back in the 90s to her and her friends.

For various reasons, Alice, Penelope, FP, Fred, Sierra, and Hermione end up in Saturday detention a la The Breakfast Club with Anthony Michael Hall as the Principal.

We learn their secrets:

  • Penelope is adopted and is being groomed to be her brother’s life partner.
  • Alice refused to talk about her pregnancy but told everyone that FP lived in a double wide.
  • FP was beaten by his Dad, but he had aspirations to go to college.
  • Fred wanted to stay in Riverdale forever and eventually become mayor.
  • Sierra was dating Tommy, but they were keeping it quiet because their parents did not approve.
  • Hermione was dating Hiram because he was a self-starter.

After a few Saturday detentions, the kids come across the G&G game, when Hermione breaks into a teachers desk.

In that moment, these strangers eventually became friends and none of them could have guessed that their lives were about to change forever.

They start to play and  they pick the following characters:

  • Penelope is the Game Master
  • Alice is a sorceress
  • Hermione is a thief
  • Sierra is a Siren
  • FP is a Deadeye
  • Fred is a Radiant Knight

And so the quest begins at Eldervair. They soon get wrapped up in the game and they decided to go off-board with the game.

Penelope pairs FP and Hermione together and Fred and Alice together. Eventually, they played the game all the time, but late at night and in the school…hence calling themselves the Midnight Club. They group got larger as they came across a smaller group that consisted of Hiram, Tommy, and more who were also playing the game late at night in the halls of Riverdale High.

Can I just say, this episode is based in the 90s…but they keep playing 80s music.

This group of kids were invited to an ascension party, but they did not know who was orchestrating the event.

Side note: Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos kid looks just like his Dad.

Eventually their is a musical moment, where the funniest bit was Penelope getting all into the music.


That night, Alice leaves, but the next day she learns that Principal Feathestone is missing and Fred’s Dad died.

They do find the body of the missing Principal in the broom closet under the stairs and he had blue on his lips. The group turns on Alice as she was the only one that was sober that night and was the last to see the Principal. However, they decide to destroy the game and keep the events a secret.

The group changed afterwards:

  • Fred gave up music and went into construction
  • FP joined the Southside Serpents
  • Penelope grew closer to Clifford
  • Hermione and Hiram became a couple
  • Sierra and Tommy broke up
  • Alice gave up her old ways and started to court Hal.

The kids of the Midnight club became strangers again.

Alice tells her daughter that someone in the group is responsible for what happened and she begs Betty to not play the game. But, she is still on the case and when she goes to talk to Juggie, she sees that he has gone down the rabbit hole and his goal is to defeat the Gargoyle King.

Not good at all.

In the next episode, The Great Escape – Veronica devises a dangerous plan to break Archie out of juvie; When Jughead has taken the investigation into Griffins and Gargoyles a step too far, Betty finds herself in a race against the clock to save him.






Recap – Riverdale: As Above, So Below

So, the juvenile detention center is a front for an underground fighting ring.

That sounds about right.

When Archie sees a fellow Serpent (Joaquin) suffer for Archie not wanting to succumb to the threats of the Warden, Archie agrees to step in to the ring. We learn the rules about the illegal fighting ring, but he has his first fighting match and he wins. However, he ended it too quickly. He needed to make a show of it. He follows suit and gets an idea of why his life has spiraled into the crapper and that is…Hiram Lodge. Mad Dog gives him a glimmer of hope and all the fighters are jumping on the bandwagon, but is this hope something attainable.

With Archie ensconced in jail, Hiram is using reverse psychology to mold his daughter in to what he wants her to be. Yet, Archie’s love, Veronica does not see this. What she sees is every person in power trying to shake her down and she believes her Dad is making this happen. So, she does what any 16-year-old does, she finds the location of her Dad’s drug making business and takes pictures and bribes her father. This all coincides with the opening of her speakeasy. She has wrangled Josie, Reggie, Kevin and the popular power couple of Cheryl and Toni in hopes of making her side business a success. Even Hiram shows up, with her portrait in tow, to wish her luck and that is when you see it in her his eye…and then in her own eyes.

While Alice and FP are hooking up, Riverdale has become a safe haven again, but teen lovebirds, Jughead and Betty are still on the hunt for what pushed Ben Button and Dilton Doyle to willingly and happily commit suicide. They must also contend with the Evernevers, as they have lured Ethel into their web. However, because of this, Juggie and Betty have connected the game of Gryphons and Gargoyles to the Evernevers, are they correct? Nope.

While Jughead went on Ethel duty and started his quest to learn more of what drove Dilton and Doyle to do what they did, he ended up having to take Ethel to the ER after they both ingested chalices of liquid. Ethel is clearly totally drinking the kool-aid and while Jughead’s intentions are to investigate, he may have caused a bigger issue as Ethel has become smitten with Jug and also left a copy of the manuals for the game in every student’s locker. She believes that by doing this, she will end her game. Now, the problem is…this game is apparently evil. So evil, that it has some parents on edge. Why, we’re still not totally sure. But, we do know that Alice and all of the Farm know it. When FP learns that his son has the blue lips and the manual for the game, he tosses said manual into a fire. But, the engine has left the building and we’re all a part of this insane ride. Where it leads us, who knows…it’s possibly the most entertaining plot line of the season.

There was a little info on the Farm and the Evernevers. The farm is trying to create a school club, but it is failing miserably. Except for Ethel. Evelyn has become a tether of sorts to keep Ethel’s health in line. When Betty sees this, she goes to a meeting at the club and she speaks to Evelyn. This leads to a Farmies meeting at Alice’s. Yea, Betty is not happy about this whole scenario. Honestly, it is not the best plot point. All I can think of is Jonestown and in all honesty…why go down the cult route.

The biggest question is…what did Reggie do with all of the jingle jangle?

IMG_1525 (1)

Nextweek: The Midnight Club – When Betty confronts Alice about Gryphons and Gargoyles, Alice has no choice but to come clean about how she, along with the other parents, played the game in the early 90’s, how a shocking mystery has been plaguing them all ever since.

Recap: Riverdale – Labor Day


What is most surprising about this episode is that these kids were just becoming Juniors in High School. Was the courtroom somewhere in the deep south in the 1950s?  Because there is no A/C anywhere. Also, who would allow Archie’s own mother to be his defense attorney?

Welcome to Riverdale… and it is the weekend before Archie finds out if he will be convicted of murder. This little reprieve allows Archie to have one last perfect summer weekend with his love and his two best friends, but not before we get an update about what is going on in each household.

Veronica and Hiram are still butting heads, this time over the fate of Archie. She is even willing to go after jurors to throw her father under the bus in order to save Archie. However, Hermione confessed that she is no puppet to Hiram, just a prisoner. She will never leave Veronica alone in this world.

Alice is drinking the Kool-Aid that the Farm is doling out and she is driving Betty nuts with her attempts to bring her into the fold. However, we find out that Betty has been illegally forging a prescription for adderall and lying about seeing a therapist.

Fred is at a loss over Archie possibly being convicted. He and Mary blame themselves over everything that has happened.  Yet, no matter what anyone says…Archie feels all alone in this because he feels guilty for leaving Cassidy with Andre. So, he spends the weekend prepping everyone for their new roles while he is away. Betty is to look after Fred, Reg is to look after the football team, etc…

Jughead is the King of the Serpents and thanks to Hotdog and Cheryl wanting to be Katniss Everdeen, a new war is brewing. The crown is heavy on his head, but he is committed to keeping his friends, family, and those that rely on him safe. Even if he is no longer a southsider.

The deliberations are heavy on everyone’s minds as the weekend comes to a close, but when the jury comes back in a deadlock of six to six, Archie agrees to take a plea deal that he believes would save everyone from another long and arduous trial. What he leaves behind are loved ones that are shocked and heartbroken over his decision.

But, the sexy Dads of Riverdale are working together to get back at Hiram and to get Archie out of jail. Veronica learns from Hiram that this whole thing is punishment for her turning her back on blood. This is when Veronica draws the line in the sand and declares that she is no longer his daughter. We then see Archie leaving the town with Pep as he heads to the hoosegow.

Now, this is when it gets really weird. Dilton Doyle is acting all kinds of weird, weirder than usual. Why? The Gargoyle King. He leaves behind this map for Jug and when Jug follows the map, he finds Dilton and Ben kneeling in front of a something that looks like a horned creature made out of bones. Ben and Dilton have ingested something that has them out and Jug is at a loss as he tries to help them. Think Slenderman meets D&D.

The weirdness level goes up a notch when Betty wakes up in the middle of the night and hears a noise in the yard and that is when she finds Alice and Polly in a ceremony where they hold the twins over a fire and let them go…the twins float in the air and this…well this is too much for Betty’s brain to handle, so she drops and convulses.

It is what happens in the last moments that grabbed me. While, the soap opera-like story arcs are entertaining…how much can these kids go through when they are just turning 16 and starting the whole process of preparing for SATs and thinking about what colleges they want to go to and what it will take to get into those colleges. Is there a Riverdale College?

The other cool thing about the episode is the nods to the comics, like Hot Dog, we saw the jalopy, and we heard the name of Edgar Evernever and with him…we will see Evelyn.