And the Nominees Are…And More…

Well, it seems like everyone has started to toss their hats into the “Why Exactly Did Netflix Cancel Daredevil?” ring. The show was a fan favorite and doing quite well numbers-wise. Again it is all about to powerhouse who are about to go head-to-head in the streaming wars. Who else has written about this? TV Guide, Deadline, etc..

On the upside, we finally got a teaser for the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones:


The other happy news is that American Gods has a premiere date for the second season, and that is Sunday, March 10 at 8/7c.

Image-1Gotham is just around the corner and this may be the best promo for a TV show in a very long time, click on the link:

Here is the latest trailer for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:

For fans of Asian quirky dramas and Asian Pop music, Netflix has nabbed “Demon’s Path,” from Malaysia’s Astro group. The show will start airing on Dec. 22.

The series follows a forensic pathologist who has the ability to see the last 10-seconds of life of the dead. Working together with a friendly exorcist and a policeman, they solve homicide cases. But as their investigations proceed, they become the target of a murderer. Variety

As it is the middle of December, that means one thing…awards season is just around the corner. Today, we got to see who was nominated for the Golden Globes awards. Here are the ones that we consider important (I highlighted the ones I am rooting for):

Television Nominees: 

TV Drama
The Americans
Bodyguard – Because he was on GoT
Killing Eve

Performance by an Actor in a TV Drama
Jason Bateman, Ozark
Stephan James, Homecoming
Richard Madden, Bodyguard
Billy Porter, Pose
Matthew Rhys, The Americans

Performance by an Actress in a TV Drama
Caitriona Balfe, Outlander
Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid’s Tale
Sandra Oh, Killing Eve
Julia Roberts, Homecoming
Keri Russell, The Americans

Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
The Alienist
The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
Escape at Dannemora
Sharp Objects
A Very English Scandal

Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Antonio Banderas, Genius: Picasso
Daniel Bruhl, The Alienist
Darren Criss, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Melrose
Hugh Grant, A Very English Scandal

Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Alex Bornstein, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Patricia Clarkson, Sharp Objects
Penelope Cruz, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: ACS
Thandie Newton, Westworld
Yvonne Strahovski, The Handmaid’s Tale

Film Nominees:

Black Panther
Bohemian Rhapsody
If Beale Streat Could Talk
A Star Is Born

Comedy or Musical
Crazy Rich Asians
The Favourite
Green Book
Mary Poppins Returns – Because Mary Poppins is a Time Lord.

Performance by an Actress in a Musical or Comedy
Emily Blunt, Mary Poppins Returns
Olivia Colman, The Favourite
Elsie Fisher, Eighth Grade
Charlize Theron, Tully
Constance Wu, Crazy Rich Asians

Animated Film
Incredibles 2
Isle of Dogs
Ralph Breaks the Internet
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Original Score
Marco Beltrami, A Quiet Place
Alexandre Desplat, Isle of Dogs
Ludwig Göransson, Black Panther
Justin Hurwitz, First Man
Marc Shaiman, Mary Poppins Returns

Original Song
“All the Stars,” Black Panther
“Revelation,” Boy Erased
“Girl in the Movies,” Dumplin’
“Shallow,” A Star Is Born
“Requiem for a Private War,” A Private War

Who are you hoping will win?

Recap – Daredevil Season 3 a.k.a. Hell’s Kitchen Takes Care of Its Own…

Hell’s Kitchen Takes Care of Its Own…

Matt miraculously survived having a building fall on him and as he lay broken, a taxi driver goes to him and Matt utters Clinton Church and that is where we find him in the first episode. Our once good Catholic boy is convalescing at the church he grew up in. It was not easy for him. Sister Maggie, who is feared by the children that reside and run through the halls of the orphanage, is motherly (in a tough way) towards Matt as she helps heal his physical and spiritual wounds. Down on himself, it looks like Matt has given up on life. However, things change due to the miraculous neti pot. This pot allows him to regain hearing in one of his ears and that is how Matt returns from the dead…almost. Sister Maggie is in his corner and even though it is painful to watch, he is trying to re-figure out his world and, in those moments,  he seems like a little boy who is lost. Especially, when he is sitting on his bed and talking to Sister Maggie. There are a lot of symbolic moments for Matt as he tries to reconnect with his faith. As a Catholic, I get it.

When he decides to create a new costume to patrol the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, we see that Matt still wants to die.

For those that Matt left behind:

Karen is still in denial that Matt is truly gone. She is even paying his bills and rent.

Foggy has embraced Matt’s death and has moved on…or so we think.

The story switches to someone new, Agent Nadeem. He’s a Fed that has taken a financial hit due to taking care of his family. Especially a family member who is suffering from an illness  that forced him to help financially with all of her medical bills. But, now he is paying the price for his generosity. In desperation, he goes to his boss to get a raise. However, his credit score is screwing him over. His luck changes when he gets on the Fisk case. With Fisk worried about the love of his life, he tells Nadim he wants to cop a deal.

In episode 2, Nadeem uses the information he got from Fisk to conduct a raid on the Albanians and he even nabbed the famed Mother Teresa. This is great for his career, but for Fisk it is proving to be detrimental to his health in the hoosegow.

While this is happening, Matt continues to show that he has given up on his faith and is still dealing with his anger about everything that has happened to him and all those that he cares about. He feels like God was never there for him, even as a child. But as a child, he was given a bit of advice and that is to hear God, he must listen carefully, because God speaks in whispers.

That put him on the path that led him to become the Daredevil.

For Nadeem, in order to get what he wants, which is a promotion and a pay increase, he needs to get the 24/7 Fisk detail. He gets it. Yet, being involved with Fisk is not something you want, especially if you want to stay alive. This is evident when during the prisoner move to a safe house, everyone is attacked by the Albanians. Luckily, for Fisk, Agent Poindexter is there to put a kibosh on the attack as he is an excellent marksman.

Karen interviews an heiress, whose Father was attacked. During the interview, the Heiress explains how she and her father were leaving dinner and he was being kidnapped, but someone with a mask stopped it from happening. This little detail lights a spark in Karen because she knows that this masked person is Matt.  Matt gets the perpetrators, who tried to kidnap the elderly gentleman, arrested for another crime and advises the Heiress to head to the precinct to id them.

Foggy’s father is getting too old to run the butcher shop and his brother cannot run it alone. So, his Mom asks him to help. Foggy is considering it because without Matt he does not know what his path is.

In the third episode, Fisk makes it to the safe house, but all he can think about is Vanessa. Unfortunately, Vanessa is missing.

Everyone is affected by Fisk being out of prison.

Karen, who was at her Editor’s for dinner, and to be set-up with his son, leaves to work on the case because she knows him so well. The editor doubts this, but there is no way to stop her. She has also figured out that the hotel Fisk is staying in is connected to Fisk’s attorneys. This is why the Heiress’s father was attacked. He wanted to buy back the hotel that he sold to the attorneys. However, the editor is trying to protect her and the paper.

Foggy is suffering from Matt’s death. Nightmares plague him. Then he learns about Fisk and everything is escalated.

Matt is trying to figure out what is going on and we get to see what is tormenting him and that is Fisk who eggs him on to break him. This Fisk is a figment of his imagination, but I suspect it is a test from God. He learns of where Fisk is staying and manages to get in, but he can’t get past Poindexter.

Fisk tries to connect with Poindexter, aka Dex, and he knows what to say to get what he wants, but he has never had to deal with someone like Fisk…who knows how to get what he wants.

Matt also knows what to get what he wants and that is by harming and intimidation, this is how he gets info from Fisk’s attorney. While Matt realizes that he must stop Fisk for Good, Sister Maggie worries that Matt will end up becoming the monster.

But, we see that Dex could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. As he stalks a woman that he thinks he is in a relationship with.

This is the same time that Matt makes his presence known to the drunk Foggy. He tells Foggy that he and Karen need to protect themselves and that he needs to take down Fisk. This kills Matt, but it is an opportunity to get Foggy’s wallet…with his Bar id.

Fisk’s attorney tells Fisk that the Devil is back.

In the next episode, Dex is tormenting Fisk by doing mandatory checks at all hours of the day, but Fisk is intrigued with Dex and Dex knows this.

If you are paying attention, you start to see a pattern with Fisk preying on those that will eventually aid him in getting whatever he wants. Keep an eye for it.

Foggy is being tormented by his meeting with Matt, but his girlfriend tells him that they should go on the offense. She tells him to run for District Attorney because the more he is the public eye, the more he will be protected. His main issue will be to put Fisk behind bars. He goes for it. He also goes to Karen and tells her that Matt is alive, and Karen is pissed. This news forces Karen and Foggy to finally sever ties with Matt.

Karen has also figured out that Fisk is funneling his money through an offshore account at the Red Lion Bank.

Matt returns to his flat, the one place he felt safe and he exhales. He dons a suit and the handsome, but battered, Matt is off to prison to see an old client that may have worked with the Albanians. A Vic Jusiuf,  to be exact. But, the Albanians have their hands in everything. This little trick puts Matt in danger and allows Matt and Fisk to talk to one another again.  Then Matt must walk a gauntlet of prisoners to get out of prison. When Matt hits that point of no return, it is possibly the most painful thing to watch. Then the cops in riot gear attack and I have no idea how he survived it, but then lockdown happens, and the red lights are going off and buzzers are sounding off, but the Albanians tell him that Fisk set up the whole shanking in prison, so he could be moved from Prison. He begs the Albanians for their help and they give him the name of Jasper Evans. They also tell him that if he does not get Jasper back, they will go after him.

In possibly the bloodiest and longest one-shot scene in the history of the show, the Albanians get Matt out alive. He gets into a cab and tells the driver to drive, that driver kept driving…until he hit the pier and jumped out, leaving our Matt to sleep with the fishes.

Dex and the Feds try to get under Fisk’s skin, to no avail. Unfortunately for Dex, the Office of Professional Responsibility is launching an internal review of the motorcade attack because his account does not match the forensic report. Dex learns this from Nadeem because Nadeem is indebted to Dex for keeping him alive.

Foggy goes to the PBA to start his campaign by asking for their write in votes to allow him to run for District Attorney because he wants to put Fisk in the darkest deepest hole and he gets it.

Karen gets a name of someone that can get her info on Fisk and his money laundering and that is Felix Manning, the man that has been helping Vanessa.

Dex went over the video footage of Fisk talking to the OPR and he lied to them. So, Dex technically has a job and he is now indebted to Fisk…who only wants sympathy.

In episode 5, there was no body in the cab that Matt was in and that info gets to Fisk and Fisk is not happy about that. To get what he wants, Fisk tells the Feds that Matt helped facilitate his crimes, making Matt a target. This is when the Feds raid Matt’s apartment and haul in Karen, who had just met the incredibly scary Felix Manning. When confronted by Nadeem, Karen gets drilled about when she was an officer manager for Nelson and Murdoch, especially when the firm was hired by a company called CGI, which was owned by Fisk. They of course did not do think knowingly. So, Karen throws in his face that Fisk is playing them and tells him about Felix Manning, the Red Lion National Bank, the shell company named Vancorp, and how Fisk bought the hotel that he is being housed in. The question is whether or not  she planted a seed of doubt in  Nadeem’s brain.

We also get to see that Dex is a type A, OCD, and delusional person. But, we get to know more of Dex’s life via the files from the orphanage he grew up in that Fisk got his hands on. This is a kid with laser focus, evident when he was a pitcher as a child. When pulled from a game before he completed a perfect game, he gets so angry that he killed the coach on purpose by throwing a ball to a gate and then that ball hitting the coach in the head causing him to die. He ended up getting a therapist that helped him to function. Unfortunately, when she was diagnosed with an incurable disease he tells her he wants to kill her for dying. But, she tells him that death will always win. She adds that he works better when he has a north star to guide him. But there was always something wrong with him. He has a kink and that is his old supervisor who he believes he is dating, and Fisk will use that to get Dex under his thumb to create a new villain.

Dex bumps in to his old supervisor, Julie, who is now working at the hotel that Fisk owns. Do you see how Fisks ensares people. This is all part of his grand plan. But, Dex gets the cojones to ask Julie out. They have dinner together and it goes horribly wrong. When he returns to his flat, he loses it and punches a whole into his wall and throws a knife at the picture of Julie. That forces him to listen to his old therapy sessions.

Nadeem then finds Foggy. And Nadeem tries to get under Foggy’s skin, but he doesn’t do it. Foggy then talks to Karen and learns that Karen killed James Wesley from CGI.

At the end of the episode, we finally see Matt after he survived being driven into the ocean. He makes it to his flat and wakes up as the Feds gets close and then escapes, but he hears everything including that there is a city-wide BOLO on him and that he is considered armed and dangerous.

In episode six, we start in Karen’s apartment as she wakes up after her night talking about the murder to Foggy. Foggy tells her she is not a bad person, but she shot him seven times and to her she is a bad person because she wanted him that dead. Then we see Matt in her apartment and she asks him to pay her back for his rent.

She has Matt pegged now, asks him if he needs anything from her…since he only went to Foggy when he needed something. When he tells her of Fisk getting himself shanked to get out of prison and the only reason to get him back in jail is to find Jasper Evans and have Karen interview him and get it in the Bulletin. So, he confirms that he does need her help, so when formally asks for her help… she says no. But, this is Karen we are talking about. Foggy tells her to help Matt and to ask him to turn himself in to get him in the clear. Yet, she is not ready to forgive him. Foggy will always have his back, no matter what. Foggy tells Karen where to find Matt and she goes to the Church. She meets with Sister Maggie. Sister Maggie gives Karen some insight into the young Matt and it seems like Matt is still that little boy. Lost to his own personal demons in his darkness. She gives Karen the best advice.

When someone is trying to push you away, you have to find the strength to hold on tighter.

Karen is not afraid of anything as she tries to hunt down Jasper. She even goes to a drug den and she finds Jasper…and Matt is right there to protect her. . and he agrees to turn himself in.

Foggy goes to Nadeem and tells him that he is Matt’s attorney and that Matt is going to turn himself in after the FBI talks to Jasper Evans whose testimony would exonerate Matt.

Then we see Dex is still listening to his tapes as he is trying to grapple with his date with Julie.

Fisk has rearranged his safe house and getting himself gussied up and guess what he was wearing. His white suit.  Then Dex confronts him and Fisk tells him about beating his own father in with a hammer. This is his way of creating kinship with Dex. Fisk is just playing with him until he has him. Run Dex…

Of course, this is not what happens. Especially when the Bulletin posts a story about the FBI investigating Dex. The FBI puts him on a paid vacation aka leave. This removed his from his regimented life. As Dex sinks to the lowest levels, Fisk reaches out to him with a way to save him. A gift. The gift is Felix Manning.

While this is happening, everyone is at the Bulletin or they are on their way to the Bulletin. Matt, Foggy, Karen, Jasper, the Editor, Crazy Dex and the FBI are on their way.

What happens next is possibly the most painful sequence I have ever watched? Also, was Dex hit by some kind of gamma ray because he has amazing aim. So many were cut down by Dex and so quickly. It is so unnerving to watch. The only ones to survive were Karen’s editor, Karen, Foggy and Matt, and I mean just barely survive.

The scary part is that the Feds think this massacre is because of Daredevil. Also, this new evil Daredevil knows Karen, so it should be time for Karen to hit the road. Also, Matt should have stayed behind to look like a victim of this Daredevil and that would have helped him in the long run.

When we start the 7th episode, Fisk is in a tizzy that he does not have his Rabbit in a Snow Storm painting is and he learns that something went down. When he goes up  to his closet, you see all his white suits and a secret doorway that leads to a stairwell that leads him to his observation room. He sees that the news is blaming Daredevil for the attack at the Bulletin and he is all smiles about it.

Nadeem is a jackass when he questions Karen. His questions are driven by emotion because he now knows that working with Fisk was a huge mistake for the Feds. When he confronts the Warden, the Warden asks for a lawyer. So, Nadeem goes to his boss and asks for two days to get all the facts before his boss kicks up to ADIC. He ends up going to confront Fisk. Nadeem has his number. Of course, Fisk will not answer his question and that is enough ammunition.

For Foggy, almost dying makes him horny. This is when he asks Marci to marry him. But, she says no because it is not sincere. Then, he sees something in Marci’s papers. This leads him on a trail that lets him figure out what he is up to.

Karen talks to her boss, who survived the slaughter at the Bulletin, and she gets a pep talk. But, he then realizes that Karen knows who the real Daredevil is. He gives her an ultimatum. In desperation, she calls home. When she asks to come home, her Dad says no. Poor Karen, she has no where to go and no one to turn to.

Matt goes to Sister Maggie and he is lamenting about what he did, and he is blaming himself for everything, but Sister Maggie throws herself under the bus for giving him his advice and getting all those people dead. As she cleans his wounds, and she asks him what would happen if he stopped this, would he allow others to do the fighting. He says it is his fight, but he is unsure if he can beat this guy.

Then he goes to poor Melvin and asks to be taken to the new shop. But Melvin is driven by love and sets Matt in a trap. So, he can be framed as the evil Daredevil. Unfortunately, the FBI are on their way. Poor Melvin gets caught, but Matt gets out before he is caught.

Matt is having it rough this season. Matt is even beating himself up mentally. But, he keeps going. He even goes to Betsy, Melvin’s love, to tell her to run. When she tells Matt he and Fisk are cut from the same cloth…she is technically right. But, Matt makes another stop that night. He goes to Nadeem’s house, who just celebrated his promotion with his family and friends and got chewed out by his wife for being lied to about his safety. Nadeem listens to Matt because he knows in his gut that this is all a colossal fucked up plan created by Fisk.

We are in Dex’s apartment at the beginning of the 8th episode and he is all kinds of nuts, but he goes back to his tapes and then in his Daredevil out, cleans his apartment.

Matt is in Nadeem’s head as he goes over the files of all the agents that have worked on the Fisk detail. He finds something. He sees the video footage of Dex turning off the surveillance when he went to feed Fisk. With this information, he makes a deal with Matt and gives Matt Dex’s name.

Dex has confronted Julie and is asking her for her forgiveness because he in a raft all alone in the middle of the ocean without an oar. She gives him the time to talk. She tells him to breathe and then he asks her to be his tether and she agrees. But, then Fisk has her killed.  By then, Nadeem has called in Dex to the office. But it is not for what you think, Dex gets an attorney. It is all a ruse. While he is getting the good news from the attorney, Dex decides to call Julie, but she’s dead. So, it has left him unhinged.

At Dex’s apartment, Matt open the window with a credit card (this is why New Yorkers put gates up on the window that connects to their fire escape). He and Nadeem do not find anything, but the tapes. Dex hears them and he goes after the tow of them and shoots Nadeem. But they get away when NYPD catch Dex. Once the cops leave, Dex burns his tapes and we have officially lost Dex for good and he is officially under Fisk’s thumb.

Foggy confronts the current D.A. about what Fisk is planning and the D.A. challenges, but Foggy has a compelling story until he realizes what Karen is about to do and he leaves the event, Karen sees Fisk’s new home under the guise of writing a story on Fisk’s mother. She tells him that she will print a story about him killing his father with a hammer. She learns that he knows who Matt is. It becomes a game of tit for tat. She then mentions James Wesley. This nearly breaks him and when he reacts, Foggy saves her, but this pisses her off. But, she got the plan from Foggy.

Nadeem knows he is in deep, so he turns to his boss. But, is it to late for him and his family.

Then we got the shocking revelation that Sister Maggie is Matt’s Mom. You could just knock me over with a feather.

To get more answers, Matt goes to the Father to ask if he knew if she knew that Sister Maggie was his Mom. That is how we start the ninth episode. He feels betrayed by everyone because he felt like he was alone in this world. We then go to a flash back of when Maggie was a novitiate and first met Matt’s Dad. They met at a match and she helped him during the match. Then they fell for one another and the next thing you know…she was with child. Yet, then she heard God’s call. She left for the church, leaving Matt and his father. The church lied to him his whole life.

Nadeem tells everything to OPR and he asks that OPR investigates Fisk and he takes full responsibility, but his boss is on the take as well.

Is everyone on the take?

Then, she frames for the murder of the OPR agent. She ten tells him that his new boss is Wilson Fisk.

Karen decides to go on the run.

Maggie finds out that Matthew knows, and she is heartbroken.

Matt decides to crash at the place where his parents met as he comes to grips with the truth of his parentage.

Dex shows up at Nadeem’s house and everything is heightened, he even gets Nadeem to set up Matt. Just as Matt argues with his deceased father. As Maggie is haunted by her own personal demons. Even Karen finds out that Maggie is his Mom. She had to because she had postpartum depression. After Jack’s death, she was too afraid to tell him. Even when God brought him to her, she still did not tell him. She knows she scarred him for life.

So, they mentioned the name…Fisk’s code name is Kingpin. KINGPIN! He has a group at the FBI that are in his pocket.

This little brigade takes in all the leaders of the major crime syndicates including Rosalie Carbone.

Nadeem confronts his boss and he learns that he was marked by Fisk from the get-go. She tells him to do whatever Fisk wants. This sickens Nadeem, but he must keep his family safe.

At this rate, the only real way to get to Fisk is to kill Vanessa.

Now he meets with all the leaders of the crime families…except for Luke Cage…and threatens them for 25 percent of all they have for protection. Matt never shows up at the restaurant, he shows up at the hotel.

Crap. Fisk knows where Karen is and that is at the Church.

At the beginning of I am not even sure what episode I am at, we get the back story on Karen. When she should have been in college, she ended up helping her father take care of the family diner. She also dealt drugs. But she was dying there. So, her brother undeffered her so she could go back to school. She has a falling out with her father and runs away with her druggie boyfriend. Her brother tries to get back at her boyfriend by torching his caravan and as he gets beat up by her boyfriend, Karen saves her brother, but on the way back, she gets in a car accident and her brother dies.

This is the moment she lost everyone in her family, because her Dad tells he never wants her to come back.

And we’re back at the church and Karen and Father Lantom talk and he asks that she go to mass.

Who is on his way to the church, Dex. Why? Fisk wants her dead.

Oh! Thank you for having Matt there. Kill him Matt!

The priest is dead…OMG!

Be smarter than Dex!


But he made it out!

This is so frustrating.

In the next episode, Maggie sees the commotion and runs to the church. Karen gets Matt to wake up and he tells her that they both must run.  They are stuck in the crypt, but Maggie knows something is wrong with these two Feds.

The sight of Father Lantom lying dead on the floor at the altar breaks Maggie, but she tries to buy them time as they hide in a crypt. This is when it pays to be thin.

Hey, I have that picture of Jesus in my house, the one over their crypt.

He admits to Karen that she was being brave when she confronted Fisk in his penthouse. This is when she confesses about killing Kingpin’s bff. She also tells him about her brother as a way of making him understand that when you kill it changes you, but Matt cannot see that.

Kingpin has the cojones to have a press conference after the second circuit of appeals overturned the charges against him. Afterwards, he finds the painting and it is with a woman who suffered during World War 2, that painting was stolen by the Nazis and she knows what Fisk is. He allows her to keep the painting.

Sister Maggie tries to make Nadeem see the truth, but she also tries to buy Karen and Matt time. But, Karen also tries to make him see that he cannot wall off his Mom.

Foggy is in a jam because his brother, father, and mother signed a loan with The Red Lion Bank and therefore he is in the pocket of Fisk. But when Matt calls, Foggy has Karen surrender to the NYPD. The Feds do not have jurisdiction is such circumstances. So, the NYPD is officially against the Feds because they understand the Feds have turned. Matt is still intent on killing Fisk, but Foggy believes that a state case can put Fisk away for a very long time. No one is above the law.

Foggy also has a plan:

  1. Work together
  2. Come up with a plan
  3. Execute that plan

They agreed to find another witness who has everything to lose. Nadeem.

When Fisk finds out that Nadeem allowed Karen to be taken in by NYPD, Fisk kills the closed Fed near him. We then see Nadeem try to save his family, just as they were being ambushed, Matt shows up to save the day. And Matt reveals who he is to Nadeem.

In the next episode, Vanessa is back. Wait, is this 11 or 12…??? This is 12!

Mahoney’s Mom takes in Nadeem and his family. His wife is not happy, understandably.

The new plan is Nadeem is hiring Nelson and Murdoch!!!! Attorneys-at-law!!!!


Is it just me or is Vanessa a little distant? Also, Fisk is keeping Dex at arm’s length. We find out why she is being so distant. She feels lonely. Fisk is also aware that Nadeem is going to testify, and he wants Felix to kill him. Vanessa wants to be a part of his life. So, he takes her to his secret lair and show her what he controls.

There is a red flag for Vanessa and that is Poindexter. There is something off about Dex and she senses it, especially when she sees that little bit of dried blood on the painting that she and Fist love so much.

Nadeem testified to the D.A, and he takes the deal that the D.A. offers. Foggy is so happy that he is working with Matt again, like a rekindling of a romance. But Fisk buys the jury. Nadeem knocks Foggy out and runs after testifying to the Grand Jury came to nothing. So, he goes to his home and waits for the inevitable to keep his family safe. He makes a video to his family as Vanessa makes the judgement call to off Nadeem. And as expected Dex does it. This gets back to Matt, Foggy, and Karen. It propels Matt to go back to his original plan and we go to…

Episode 13!!!!!

How did Matt get his mitts on Manning?!?!?!?

Fisk is getting married to Vanessa in front of everyone of importance in NYC as a ploy to gain public favor.

Foggy goes to the FBI to meet with Nadeem’s widow, but she tells him that he had a video from Nadeem. That video is his testimony that implicates everyone. This video is admissible in court.

Matt breaks the news to Dex that Julie was killed by Fisk to become Dex’ North Star. Matt even leads him to where Fisk kept Julie’s body on ice and then tells him that Fisk is getting married. You know how they tell you to always expect something to go wrong at a wedding. Usually, it is the weather or a really drunk Uncle…that is not the case for a wedding in a Marvel show.

Well, Dex has officially gone of the deep end. He got dressed in is Daredevil outfit and brought Julie along to the wedding. Yep, Vanessa and Fisk are married.

Just as they do their first dance as a married couple, Nadeem’s video goes viral and everyone at the wedding is watching it. And then Dex is there to kill Vanessa.

Wow! To see both Fisk and Matt try to stop Dex in his attempts to kill Vanessa is amazing. Fisk did not kill him, he just made him a quadriplegic, but a deal was struck between Fisk and Matt that not only protected Matt, Karen, Foggy, but Vanessa as well.

Matt goes to his Mom and in his special way he forgives her and Lantom on the day of Lantom’s funeral. He asks Sister Maggie to be there for him, like Lantom was and as a Nun…she accepts.

By the end of it, we see the formation of Nelson, Murdoch, and Page. They all agree to become partners, but before you go off singing a quick little ditty of happiness…

We see the birth of Bullseye. Dex’s back is being reinforced and just before they cut to black, they zero in on one eye and it has a bullseye in it. So he will continue to be a thorn in both Fisk’s and Matt’s sides. I am also sure that Fisk will be back with a vengeance.

This season showed that Daredevil is the best Marvel property on any TV/cable channel or streaming service. It may even trump the movies. If Netflix cancels, I will get all Shadowhunters-fan-like and protest Netflix!

Teaser Poster for Upcoming Season of Daredevil is Ominous and a New Female Superhero Show from Marvel headed to ABC…


Marvel released this image and between this and the teaser that aired after the season finale of Iron Fist on Netflix, well…it just does not look for Matt.


ABC will continue to air Marvel shows on its network., as evident with the news that ABC has made a commitment for a series that will focus on female Marvel superheroes. No other details were released. Variety