Recap: Riverdale – The Man in Black aka Hiram Has His Claws in Everything and Everyone as Far as the Eye Can See…

Our fearsome foursome is split into threes. Fearful that he will be caught, Archie hits the road and ends up at a farm just outside of Riverdale. Betty finds herself up against a formidable foe from her past and Veronica makes a risky business decision.
Archie and Jug end up on a farm that eerily reminds me of Hershel’s farm from The Walking Dead. This farm and it’s inhabitants, Laurie Lake and her younger gun-totting sister, Gracie, lure Archie in, while Jug listens to his gut and wants to skedaddle asap. Of course, Archie decides to start helping out on the farm because why not?!? The farm is located just outside of Riverdale near a town called Athens. We come to find out that the town of Athens is void of any men and is essentially deserted. While he decides to take a few pics of the ghost town, he sees some familiar symbols all over the buildings. This older woman states that the town went downhill after the drug-laced fizzle rocks appeared in town as the symbols appeared. He also sees that the locals are playing Gryphons and Gargoyles and they tip him off that all the men are off building a prison and a facility to make drug-laced fizzle rocks. Hiram has his claws in Athens. Therefore, Archie is not safe at all.
This episode clearly shows how easily Archie is swayed. For some reason, he keeps making these decisions that always lead him down a path of potential death. It was surprising to see that he did not fall for Laurie, but the pull of Veronica and the turmoil that Hiram caused has him fully tethered to Riverdale, emotionally. Of course, this does not mean he does not suffer. He should have listened to his Jiminy Cricket, Jughead.
When Jug returns to the farm, he sees that Hiram is at the farm and he rushes toward the barn where he sees that his ole pal has been tied up and awaiting his slaughter. Luckily for Archie, his friend rescues him and they live to see another day.

From all of this, only one thing can be surmised…Hiram uses Gryphons and Gargoyles as a way to push his fizzle rocks, which may look like candy, but they are the new jingle Jangle…but he is not the Gargoyle King. Who is that? Last week, in one of the images you could see that the Gargoyle King had a face and that face may be someone we are familiar with…Claudius? This makes sense as Clifford was well entrenched in the local drug trade in season 1.

Now, Jug and Arch are heading to Jug’s Mom and Jellybean.
When we turn to Veronica, she has made the move to move out after she learns that Minetta has disappeared. So, she moves into her speakeasy. She realizes that she needs move income, so she works with Elio to turn the speakeasy into a casino one night a week. Hiram is delusional in a way to make it look like he is innocent and that all he cares about is his family. This puts a strain on Veronica as she no longer has the safety net of her parents home. She is out in the wild on her own and therefore a sitting duck. Elio of course is setting his sights on Veronica, Pops, and Le Bonne Nuit. But, she knew what he was up to due to her Dad was tipping her off. She scammed the scammer with his help. This help makes her think that maybe her Dad is not as bad as she first thought. However, that changes when Pop tells her they found, what they believe, is the body of Minetta. Unfortunately, there is no way to id the body due to it missing its head and hands.
Now it is Betty’s turn. She is taking an ink blot test and every singe one reminds her of one of her cases. Wait, is this the medical facility that was used by FX’s Legion. Well, the nuns give the kids fizzle rocks when they behave. Then, Ethel moves into her room and she believes she is the Queen Bee of the place. Nothing deters Betty from investigating. Especially when she sees Claudius Blossom?!?!? and Hiram meeting there. This bit of info drives her to learn the truth. Unfortunately for Betty,  Ethel is not only delusional (She has a Gargoyle King Mood Board WTF?!) …she is also relentless as she thwarts every attempt of Betty getting to the truth and out of dodge. This also includes faking a seizure, which allows her to be taken to the infirmary. There she learns that Hiram is testing the Fizzle Rocks on the kids. Unwillingly, she gets her shot to meet the Gargoyle King and it fades to black and we hear a scream. Then we see drugged out Betty take the ink blot test again and she is truthful.
IMG_2277 (2)
She has taken the Kool-Aid and it is all down hill for her and the rest of the kids of Riverdale…or so we think.
Also, what’s with these nuns?!?!?
Next: Outbreak – Jughead and Archie head to Toledo to visit Jughead’s mother and sister; Betty inches closer to uncovering the truth about Gryphons and Gargoyles; Veronica and Cheryl take on Hiram after more students fall victim to seizures.

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