Recap: Star Trek – Calypso

Taking the best parts from movies like PassengersHer, and Doctor Who, this episode was sweet and heartbreaking.
Why, well we come across Craft who is drifting in the Cosmos, but he is taken in by the U.S.S. Discovery, which has been doing its job and waiting for her crew…for over a thousand years.
The A.I. that mans the ship is named Zora and she has struck up a friendship with her new passenger. She shows him all the different types of food they have on Earth, they talk about his life on Alcor IV, and what he’s left behind. Eventually, their friendship turns to something more and they have a very sweet dance sequence that hints at something that cannot be.
Knowing this, she lets Craft go to find his home and his family. Leaving her with sweet memories to keep her company for however much longer she has to wait.
I loved this story and I hope we get to see this actor again.

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