Recap: Outlander – Do No Harm

With only one casualty after the attack from Bonnet, Claire and Jamie visit his Aunt Jocasta, who is blind, at her plantation named River Run. Jocasta is a woman of means and is quite wise. Jamie is ecstatic to be at his Aunt’s home, because she reminds him of his Mum. However, Claire is none too keen of being at the estate due to Jocasta having 152 slaves. When she hears of this from Claire, Jocasta sees why Jamie is so drawn to his bride.
Jamie rubs Lieutenant Wolf the wrong way with his agricultural knowledge. He is even more upset with Jamie when he hears that Jocasta has named Jamie the heir to the estate. Claire is a hot mess and beside herself with the idea of owning slaves. While Jamie considers his Aunt’s move a political one.
They are well aware that the announcement puts them in a bind. Jamie announces that he wants to make the slaves free and allowing them to earn a fair wage to work on the land. No one is thrilled about this idea. He learns how to make slaves free. It is expensive, not only monetarily…but also it is dangerous.
When they are asked to save the ear of a person who was attacked by Rufus, they see Rufus hung on a hook that is in his stomach. They bring Rufus to the house to heal him. This act causes more harm than good. Especially when Wolf pops up to discuss that their act goes against the law of the land.
We do get to hear Rufus’ story of being taken away from his home and that is a tragedy. However, Ulysses explains to Claire that Rufus will suffer a fate worse than death.
All of a sudden, a group of angry landowners with pitchforks and torches shows up for Rufus. Jocasta tells them that they have to hand over Rufus. So, Claire makes him a tea that would allow Rufus to sleep and not suffer from the harm that will come to him.
This is a hard lesson for Jamie and Claire to learn as they watch Rufus slowly pass away. At midnight and as promised by Jocasta, Rufus is delivered and hung on their property.
Being in the new world will be much harder than what they expected as they have figure out a way to make compromises with what they are dealing with on a day-to-day basis and their modern thinking.
The one light moment revolved around Rollo, who had a run-in with a skunk. This is when Murray learns of the Native Americans…a bit of foreshadowing.
Next time: The False Bride

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