The End of An Era…or is it? Recap of Rick Grimes’ Last Episode of The Walking Dead Series

We’ve see the official end to the Rick Grimes chapter of the The Walking Dead series.  I stopped loyally watching after Negan killed Glenn. I stopped checking in when Carl died. and this will be the last time I dip my toe into the series again. I became a fan because of Rick’s plight. A man that was lucky enough to survive an injury, but unlucky enough to wake up in a world plagued with The Walking Dead. His goal was to find his family and he did, but in doing so, he opened himself to years of trying his best to keep those he loved safe. There were many valleys to the peaks. There were crushing moments and moments where we could almost see his hopes and dreams coming to fruition and we stuck right by him.

The end began with Rick being impaled on rebar, if it was any of us, we would have been walker fodder. However, Rick got himself up and off that rebar. Throughout the episode, Rick is constantly fighting unconsciousness, which is brought on by massive blood loss. Each time he passed out, someone from his past urges him to find the strength, to find a reason to live, and to wake up.

The first one was Shane. He is reliving his last moments as an officer before he was injured and woke up in the hospital. Shane thanks him for what happened in the field, but tells Rick that he needs to find the rage within to get stuff done.

He wakes up and the refuge he found is filled with walkers and he barely makes it out. None of the walkers touches the blood soaked horse, which is interesting, no?

The second was Hershel. Scott Wilson passed away this year and seeing his serene countenance brought me to tears. Hershel is in what he would have considered to be heaven. He tells Rick that Maggie is a strong person and her son will make her stronger. But, even though he was tired and that he wanted to find his family there…Hershel was not having it.

The third visit happened when Rick opened the double doors in the hospital and he saw the light, well I thought that was it. But, it was everyone that has died and Sasha gets up and reassured Rick that everything was okay because he gave them the strength to make each other better. Everything  does not even out, it crosses over towards the good, toward the brave, toward love. His family is not lost and Rick is not lost.

The last visit happens as he lays on the bridge. This time it is Michonne and the rest of the survivors that he considers his family. Michonne tells him that she loves him because he is a fighter and that he never gives. She asks him to fight for her and everyone.

On the bridge, that he wanted completed, the walkers come. Everyone figures out his plan and the women race towards Rick as Daryl tries to pick off the walkers that are headed to Rick. Michonne runs…and then one the walkers tips over the dynamite that was on the bridge, Rick shoots and then the bridge goes up. Seeing Michonne distraught. That’s tough. To see the man you love, the man you were hoping to spend the rest of your life with go out in a bang.

Luckily, for you and me, Rick survived and a helicopter that was supposed to pick up Jadis, ends up saving Rick. He is a “B”. What that means? No se. Where is he going? No one knows. But, the show continues and there is a new set of survivors. One of them was in Fantastic Beasts. Any who, you know who saves these poor survivors?

Judith Grimes, who looks to be about 12. That’s the time jump for the next episode.

There was a side story of Maggie finally resolving her issues with Negan. Imprisonment has made Negan a shadow of what he used to be and she walks away without hurting a hair on him.

So, where does this leave Rick? Well, we learned that AMC will be making three feature-length movies that revolve around Rick. Andrew Lincoln will reprise the role that solidified him as a star. The first of these movies will go into production next year and it will be penned by Scott Gimple. Also, there was news that Andrew was going to direct an episode for next season. So, I believe that Andrew Lincoln will forever be tethered to this universe that AMC is trying to expand.

Unlike Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohen will not be in any future episodes or projects due to her other commitment to a show titled Whiskey Cavalier. The door was left open for Lauren Cohen to return.  Yet, everyone involved with the show calls the end of the episode as the mark for a new beginning.

So, will you continue with the series or will you hop off and wait for the movies?

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