Recap – Season 1 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I just want to start the recap by saying that I was pleasantly surprised by this version of the popular comic strip. It is darker, not cutesy, and Salem does not speak or have any clever comebacks. But, it does make you want to watch without taking a break and by episode ten, you are left wanting more…

Why do people insist on getting out of their cars on a dark and desolate road in the middle of a cold, dark, and dreary evening?

This is how nightmares begin…

Sabrina Spellman’s life takes a turn, just as she is about to turn 16. Her Dark Baptismal name would be Edwina Diana to honor her parents…the same very parents (whose relationship caused ire within the dark witch community) that may have spelled Sabrina Spellman’s doom.

Four things happen to start this:

  1. Sabrina is torn between the two worlds.
  2. Miss Wardwell, a sweet but lonely teacher is killed, and her body is possessed by a witch working with the Dark Lord. This witch is both someone that wants to hand Sabrina to the Dark Lord, but she also empowers Sabrina with knowledge that allows her to protect those near and dear to her.
  3. Dorcas, Agatha, and Prudence are three witchy teens that curse Sabrina, so she does not go to the local Academy of Unseen Arts.
  4. Animals…a two headed toad in her shoe, a bat flying through her window, and no familiar spell her doom.

Even with all this swirling around her, it is her human friends that are top of mind.

Harvey, her boyfriend, gives her a gift and tells her that he loves her, and she is soon dancing the mash potato on the stairwell. The idea of leaving him is not ideal. But, when she tells Harvey about her birthday, he scoffs. Saying Half-Witch and about going away to another school he thinks she is breaking it off with her. When he is about to leave in a huff, she casts a spell on him, so he can forget.

Susie, one of her close friends, is being bullied by the football team and the school principal advises that her friend should go to another school, but she comes up with a plan thanks to the new and improved Ms. Wardwell.

With her cousin’s (Ambrose) help, they bewitch the principal with spell to have him inundated by spiders, a creature that he hates. Of course, he goes into shock and does not go to work. This allows Sabrina and her bff, Rosalind, to create a female empowerment club.

Things are looking good as a familiar shows up in her room and she names him Salem. But Salem is much more powerful than we suspected, as the cat can take out possessed scarecrows.

Her questioning of what her future path should be forces her to take her Cousin’s advice to seek out a malum, an apple that can either give her knowledge or not. What she sees would scare any witch to decide to take the path of light.

With her mind made up, she goes home…but when a High Priest by the name of Faustus comes for an unexpected visit…will her decision be taken out of her hands.

All Mortal Flesh Must Die…

It is Sabrina’s big day and she has agreed to be baptized into the Church of Satan. Yet, she decides to spend part of the night with her friends at Rosalind’s Halloween Party. All is well as the danced the night away, that is until the moon was eclipsed and a blood red haze slowly crept across the moon. In a panic, Sabrina runs to the woods with the intention of signing the book of the beast. Yet, as Faustus tells her what she is giving up when she signs the book, Sabrina panics. Then she sees  the specters of her deceased parents and they tell her to run. So, she runs for her life as the branches of the trees try to keep her.

Eventually, she makes it home. But home is not a haven, while her aunt Zelda (Who should not be reckoned with. She kills her sister often when her sister crosses the line.) is incensed with her Niece’s defiant action. But, there is something much, much worse for Sabrina to be worried about. The Devil himself has decided to pay her a visit via using the Principal’s body. He tells her that even though he admires her, he will get her…because her flesh is mortal and all mortal flesh must die.

The Dark Lord v. Sabrina Spellman

Daniel Webster, attorney, who might be able to help Sabrina in her case against the Dark Lord who is suing her for breach of promise. We learn that Faustus and Wardwell are working together to get Sabrina to sign the book. FYI, there is a famous short story called The Devil and Daniel Webster. At first Daniel Webster balks at taking the case, but he eventually relents and represents Sabrina.

We learn that Sabrina’s father signed away Sabrina’s soul in exchange for her Mother. This factoid was kept hidden from Sabrina until the first night of the trial.

But then….we learn…is…a Christian! Baptized in the Holy Mother Church of Greendale witnessed by her Aunt Hilda and Her Mother, Diana Spellman. Done one day prior to the signature that signed over her soul to the Dark lord that was signed by her father and witnessed by Aunt Zelda.

This forces all parties to negotiate.

As a result of the conflict in the contracts, Sabrina got to retain her mortality, but she must attend classes at the Academy of Unseen Arts and attend black mass. As Daniel Webster states that this is like dual citizenship. Sabrina accepts the deal. She also gets some much-needed advice about learning about her adversary to fight for what is hers.

However, Hilda was excommunicated for her participation in the Catholic baptism.

We also learn that Harvey has crossed paths with the Beast, when he got list in the mines as a child.

Pray and face it bravely! Rosalind mentions this as she explains to her friends that in three months’ time she would be blind. She wanted to read as many books as possible, but the books she wants to read a banned. So, Ms. Wardwell created as banned book club.

Regarding Ms. Wardwell, there is a running theme with her. Her intentions are to serve the beast, but she makes these comments that scream she is not a fan of the male dominated world in the mortal world or in the witch world. So that leads me to believe something is up her sleeve. That does not mean that no one should keep an eye on this demoness.

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board…

Just because Sabrina acquiesced to the deal of the trial, especially about going to the worst version of Hogwarts, does not mean that it was going to be easy for her. While Faustus has put her in the most boring classes ever to circumvent any class that would assist her in her plan to beat the beast, she does meet a couple of people that may help her survive the weekend.

  1. Quentin is a little boy apparition that is tethered to the school.
  2. Nick Scratch is a warlock who dated the weird sisters and broke it off with them. He is also well versed in all the classes that Sabrina wants to take. He is also an admirer of Sabrina’s father…and Sabrina herself.

While in the school, the weird sisters decide to haze, aka harrow, Sabrina. The first night did not go well, luckily Salem heard her cries and popped up to sooth her in her time of need. The second night, she suffered in silence as she heard those she loved to suffer, all the while Quentin was near by to tell her to have stiff upper lip or to tell she passed. However, we learn that there are more of Quentin’s kind. Poor children that did not survive the harrowing. So, Sabrina calls her Aunts for help. Hilda gives the children the one thing they want and that is revenge. So, on the last night if the harrowing, as Prudence is about to hang Sabrina for being a half-blood…I mean a half-breed, the children pop up and turn the tables on the Weird Sisters. That was the moment the practice of Harrowing ended.

Sabrina goes hope feeling happy that she helped the children, who will now keep watch over the school and the students. Sabrina is also happy that Nick smuggled out one of her father’s journals from the restricted section of the library. This journal will help Sabrina figure out a puzzle that her father created as part of his thesis. This puzzle was given to Sabrina by Faustus to prove her worthiness to take the conjuring class. She did figure out the puzzle, but unfortunately, she let loose a demon that was in the puzzle.

We also see that Susie’s sick uncle was tormented by whatever he saw in the mines, the same thing that Harvey saw. So, Harvey hears of this and asks to go see Susie’s uncle. Yea, that was not a good thing.

Also, whatever tension there was between Hilda and Zelda was resolved due to the whole Quentin plot and that is good to see as these two sisters have one common goal and that is to keep their niece alive and that can only happen if they are on equal footing.

Dream a Little Dream…

When Sabrina accidentally releases the sleep demon that her father trapped in the puzzle he created, Sabrina and her family are lulled into separate nightmares. All the nightmares show them what they fear the most. For Sabrina, there is a little temptation from Nick and then the fear of Harvey turning on her for being a witch. For Hilda, it is being stuck with her sister. For Zelda, it is losing Hilda forever. Ambrose just wants freedom.

Eventually, Sabrina gets help in the shape of her Civics teacher. Ms. Wardwell. With her and Salem’s help, she comes up with a plan to free everyone and trap Batibat.

The plan works, but once everything has settled down, Sabrina is off to visit Wardwell.

This Isn’t the Goonies…

One Demon down and on to the next one. This time it is Susie’s Uncle, Jesse. He is being possessed by a demon that in its pure form is a devouring worm. When Sabrina hears from her friends that this snake of a Demon is torturing them. So, she devises a plan to save them and that entails looking for his name and a way to get rid of it. Ambrose, Harvey, the Aunts, and Ms. Wardwell help with finding the name and in capturing it via an exorcism. Kudos to sweet Harvey as he overcame his fear of the mines to help his girlfriend, as she looked for a something that would tell her what the demon’s name was.

The kicker is…witches do not perform exorcisms.

That does not stop Sabrina or Hilda or Miss Wardwell from moving forward with the exorcism. Even Zelda pops up and assists. They ultimately succeed. However, Faustus finds out, but Zelda has his number and uses her ability as a midwife to save her family from any further issues with the Dark Church.

But, there is more to this episode as the events have impacted all the major characters in one way or another, including poor Uncle Jesse (Full House?) who was killed by Madewell.

The eye raising bit revolved around Nick who is making it clear that he wants to date Sabrina. He does not even care that she is dating Harvey at the same time. That’s bold.

We also learn that Sabrina is a part of an apocalyptic prophecy, we just do not know the particulars.

Happy Holidays…

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are rolling in and while you and I prepping the turkey, the witches of Greendale are preparing for he Feast of Feasts. Feast of Feasts sacrifices a(n) (un)lucky witch to feed the rest of her coven. This year it is Prudence’s honor to be the Queen of the Feast and she is reveling it. However, poor Sabrina is trying her best to get Prudence to change her mind as she is the Queen’s handmaiden.

There is a fun side story where the students are asked to learn more about their ancestry.

Rosalind finds out that she has the Cunning due to an ancestor crossing a witch. Asa result the women were cursed with blindness, but they also git the Cunning, which allows them to see things that others can’t.

Harvey’s family were originally named the Van Kunkles and they were witch hunters and their actions forced a witch named Freya to sacrifice herself and start the Feast of Feasts. However, Harvey could not hurt a fly, but knowing that Prudence knows what family Harvey belongs to forces her to put a protection spell on her beloved.

Susie learned that her aunt was a brave and courageous woman. Then her Aunt visited her in a dream.

Prudence did learn the truth about her parentage and that is she is the daughter to Faustus and her step mom wanted her six feet under. This forces Faustus to end the Feast, luckily for him a member from the coven was driven made from fasting that she slit her throat and well the feast continued.

Now Prudence’s sisters moved forward with their plot to kill Harvey and his brother.

Voodoo dolls…don’t mess with them.

This whole incident put Sabrina in a contemplative state as she wondered what Zelda would have done if Sabrina was made Queen. Let’s just shelve that thought for the time being.

Was that Ben Button from Riverdale delivering Pizza to Wardwell? Why, yes…it was him and that does connect to Riverdale and maybe the Gargoyle King or is it all a ruse?

You’ve Gone Dark…

Ambrose is right. Why does Sabrina think she get special privileges?

A life for a life is what Sabrina is asking for when she learns that Agatha is the one that planned the mine collapse that killed Tommy, Harvey’s beloved brother. With Wardwell’s book of the dead and the help of Dorcas, Prudence, and Nick they do the darkest of magic to bring Tommy back. She even uses the family Cain plot to resurrect Agatha. However, nothing happens until the end…where Tommy leaves the mines and goes home.

She also learns about Rosalind’s gift of Cunning, yet she has yet to learn about Susie’s Aunt.

Wardwell again states that Sabrina is part of a prophecy, while Faustus sinks his claws into the Spellman clan as he beds Zelda and gives Ambrose hope about his sentence.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…

Nothing goes according to plan for Sabrina. Tommy is not himself and the town slowly, but surely finds out that Tommy has returned home.

However, this is not the only bit of news that causes Sabrina’s life to spiral. Nope. Agatha is vomiting dirt and gravel. Fearing for their sister’s life and having Ambrose at the Academy, Dorcas, Prudence, Nick, and Ambrose turn to Hilda…who tries to buy the Spellmans a bit of time to figure out how to fix everything. She first needs to confront Sabrina. This is a huge mess and when push comes to shove, Sabrina’s Aunts turn their back on their beloved niece. Why? Well, how else can she learn. Of course, with whatever plan she comes up to save Tommy and her family, there will be repercussions.

This time, she turned to Wardwell with a plan about going to limbo to retrieve the soul of Tommy. She got this plan because Rosalind tells her of a vision and in that vision,  she sees Tommy in a fog, but hears a baby crying. Sabrina figures out that the baby crying points to mortal limbo. So, with Wardwell’s help…she goes to limbo and she does find Tommy, but before they get out, he is eaten by soul eater.

There was an interesting moment when Sabrina comes across her mortal Mother’s soul. She learns that limbo is for the souls of people who were not baptized. She also learns that she was taken from her mother after she was baptized, this could be her aunts and father.

Back to Tommy, knowing that Tommy’s soul is lost and that she must give a body back to the earth, she goes to Harvey. She tells him everything and he does the only thing he can do and that is kill the mound of flesh that was his brother. They also end their relationship.

This whole mess inches her closer to the prophecy that we still do not know of.

We also must see if Sabrina will ever recover from her broken heart.

A Little Wicked…

She signed along the dotted line with the coercion of Wardwell and the fear of losing all those she loved.

Now, Sabrina is the most powerful witch in Greendale and all but one survived thanks to Sabrina’s very difficult decision to sign her life away.

As for the rest of those in this tale of the beast getting what he wanted:

At Baxter High – Roz, Susie and Harvey are lamenting the change in Sabrina. Is she still their Sabrina or is she even coming back?

At the Spellman’s: Hilda has found love with Cerberus, but what is he really? She has also decided to move out because Zelda did the unthinkable and that was to take the first-born daughter of Faustus. She has sworn to raise and protect the child, as Lady Blackwood requested.

At the Church of Night – Faustus is reveling in he what believes is his first-born son, Judas. Also, along for the ride are Ambrose and his love, Lucas.

For Lilith – Well, she believes all her actions will make her the Queen of Hell, but her familiar tells her that the beast is grooming Sabrina to be his Queen and that does not sit well with Lilith.

For Prudence, Nick, Agatha, and Dorcas: Life continues at the Academy…except for one change and that is Sabrina is now a full-time student at the Academy of Unseen Arts.

With a new platinum coif and a wink and a smile, the Sabrina we all know, and love will be back to fight the good fight. Especially with Lilith lurking in the shadows and her family is in the cross-hairs.

Will Lilith get what she wants?

Do you want Harvey and Sabrina to get back together or are you thinking that maybe Nick and Sabrina are a better match?

What will happen to Zelda and Faustus’ baby?

What of Hilda and the guy she has fallen for?

With a new platinum coif and a wink and a smile, the Sabrina we all know, and love will be back to fight the good fight and hopefully, we’ll get answers to these questions and more chilling adventures in season 2.












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