Recap – Riverdale: As Above, So Below

So, the juvenile detention center is a front for an underground fighting ring.

That sounds about right.

When Archie sees a fellow Serpent (Joaquin) suffer for Archie not wanting to succumb to the threats of the Warden, Archie agrees to step in to the ring. We learn the rules about the illegal fighting ring, but he has his first fighting match and he wins. However, he ended it too quickly. He needed to make a show of it. He follows suit and gets an idea of why his life has spiraled into the crapper and that is…Hiram Lodge. Mad Dog gives him a glimmer of hope and all the fighters are jumping on the bandwagon, but is this hope something attainable.

With Archie ensconced in jail, Hiram is using reverse psychology to mold his daughter in to what he wants her to be. Yet, Archie’s love, Veronica does not see this. What she sees is every person in power trying to shake her down and she believes her Dad is making this happen. So, she does what any 16-year-old does, she finds the location of her Dad’s drug making business and takes pictures and bribes her father. This all coincides with the opening of her speakeasy. She has wrangled Josie, Reggie, Kevin and the popular power couple of Cheryl and Toni in hopes of making her side business a success. Even Hiram shows up, with her portrait in tow, to wish her luck and that is when you see it in her his eye…and then in her own eyes.

While Alice and FP are hooking up, Riverdale has become a safe haven again, but teen lovebirds, Jughead and Betty are still on the hunt for what pushed Ben Button and Dilton Doyle to willingly and happily commit suicide. They must also contend with the Evernevers, as they have lured Ethel into their web. However, because of this, Juggie and Betty have connected the game of Gryphons and Gargoyles to the Evernevers, are they correct? Nope.

While Jughead went on Ethel duty and started his quest to learn more of what drove Dilton and Doyle to do what they did, he ended up having to take Ethel to the ER after they both ingested chalices of liquid. Ethel is clearly totally drinking the kool-aid and while Jughead’s intentions are to investigate, he may have caused a bigger issue as Ethel has become smitten with Jug and also left a copy of the manuals for the game in every student’s locker. She believes that by doing this, she will end her game. Now, the problem is…this game is apparently evil. So evil, that it has some parents on edge. Why, we’re still not totally sure. But, we do know that Alice and all of the Farm know it. When FP learns that his son has the blue lips and the manual for the game, he tosses said manual into a fire. But, the engine has left the building and we’re all a part of this insane ride. Where it leads us, who knows…it’s possibly the most entertaining plot line of the season.

There was a little info on the Farm and the Evernevers. The farm is trying to create a school club, but it is failing miserably. Except for Ethel. Evelyn has become a tether of sorts to keep Ethel’s health in line. When Betty sees this, she goes to a meeting at the club and she speaks to Evelyn. This leads to a Farmies meeting at Alice’s. Yea, Betty is not happy about this whole scenario. Honestly, it is not the best plot point. All I can think of is Jonestown and in all honesty…why go down the cult route.

The biggest question is…what did Reggie do with all of the jingle jangle?

IMG_1525 (1)

Nextweek: The Midnight Club – When Betty confronts Alice about Gryphons and Gargoyles, Alice has no choice but to come clean about how she, along with the other parents, played the game in the early 90’s, how a shocking mystery has been plaguing them all ever since.

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