Recap: Supernatural – Gods and Monsters

Is it wrong that I kind of like Dean as Michael?

Michael is looking for the perfect formula to make something? What that is, well we’ll learn what it is by the end of the episode.

How he tests his formula is by using people as guinea pigs and penned up in a desacralized Church. Sam, Bobby and Mary find a clue in the news and go to investigate and learn about the victims from the medical examiner.

Castiel decides to stay behind to allow them to get to Michael/Dean and to also babysit Nick and Jack. While talking to Nick, who has bits and pieces of memories of what he did when he was inhabited by Lucifer, he learns about why he allowed Lucifer to possess him. That pain was the death of her wife and child. So he relived that pain in that moment. He is just a broken mess, but now he has a purpose and that is to find the man who killed his family and that led to a very interesting moment between Castiel and Nick. When Cas was close, Nick snapped his fingers at Cas. It was eerily similar to Lucifer. So, even though Lucifer is gone, he has left enough of an impression that he has left a long-lasting imprint on him.

When he learns of how Castiel got his body, Nick compared Castiel to Lucifer and you see the regret in Cas’ face. When Nick goes to see his neighbor, he interrogated him in the fashion of how his family died, via bludgeoning by hammer.

The trio learn from the M.E. that the victims were vampires. What is the concoction that Michael is creating and why use the vampires? But there was a clue via surveillance cameras. Oh technology!

Have you noticed that Jack looks like Castiel in an odd way? Is it just me?

Jack is lost without his Grace and also lost when it comes to Nick. He also finds out the unfortunate bit of news that it may take anywhere between a month to a century to regain his grace. Castiel gives him a little pep talk, but does it really sink in? So he decides to go meet his grandparents. When he hugged his abuelita, it was very sweet. He ends up having a talk with Castiel, after he went to see his family, and he made it known that no matter what, Michael had to be dealt with. Even if that means sacrificing Dean.

How can you not like Michael/Dean in a tux? And this is the moment that we see Dean fight Michael, but Michael owns Dean. So, it is clearly evident that this is going to take a long time. Michael goes somewhere to pick up a Werewolf and asks her to summon her master. In their conversation, we learn Michael hates humans and he tells the Were Master that God is on permanent vacation. So he kind of tries to broker a deal with this Were.

This cannot be good.

When the trio go to the church, that the vamp told them to go to, it ended up being a trap and what we learn is that Michael created Super-Weres that are not affected by silver, but they do die when you cut their heads off.

By the end of the episode, we see that Michael has left Dean’s body. But he is still in those Peaky Blinders clothes. Who did Michael jump into now? Nick? Someone else? Or is this all a ruse?




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