Recap – Riverdale: Fortune and Men’s Eyes

Dilton Doyle is dead and Betty and Juggie are on the hunt for his killer. Their first stop is meeting the town’s new coroner. They learn that the unassuming troop leader died from cyanide with three Runic symbols carved into his body. He drank the poison in an apparent ritualistic ceremony by the structure that may or may not be the Gargoyle King. What was interesting is that the new coroner, Dr. Curdle, says it is a true sign of evil. When they go to see the other person at the crime scene, Benjamin Button, they see an item hanging off of the door knob of Button’s hospital room door. It was left by a young lady who likes to wear bows, Ethel. She created the talisman to protect Ben, whom she is dating or she thinks she is dating.

This is the same Benjamin Button who was in a relationship with Miss Geraldine Grundy, who was murdered by the Black Hood aka Betty’s father. The other bit of information they learned was that another troop member had gone missing. However, if you were paying attention, Cheryl mentioned that one of the students was losing her mind because she thought that a winged creature was chasing her.

When Jug and Betty go to Dilton’s bunker to further investigate, they actually come across the bloody and moving structure that is thought of as the Gargoyle King. It chases them, but they wait for the morning to go to the Bunker and they find the items for a game called Gryphons and Gargoyles. They come to realize that the suicide was part of a challenge for the game, but they also come across the missing and hissing student.


When Jughead and Betty confront Ethel about the bunker, Ethel has a seizure. Then the unthinkable happens when Jughead and Betty go to check on Ben, they see him awake and sitting in his window…he then happily commits suicide so he can reach ascension.

So, something strange IS afoot.

Tie that into the weirdness that is the Evernevers and something is definitely off in Riverdale. Especially after the first meeting between Betty and Evelyn Evernever, who wants to hold the info about Betty’s seizure over Betty’s head to ensure some level of control over her.

What is intriguing is that the parents have all gone through this same exact scenario when they were young. So, what exactly is going on?

Archie has been processed into the Leopold and Loeb Detention Center, named after the two wealthy students who in May 1924 kidnapped and murdered 14-year-old Robert Franks in Chicago, Il. They committed the murder as a demonstration of their perceived intellectual superiority which they believed absolved them of responsibility for their actions. Why did the writers choose those names to name the detention center after? Life in the hoosegow is not easy for Archie, the Ghoulies stole his Adidas, the Serpents have turned their back on him, and he is about to lose his presidency at Riverdale High, well he does not know that last bit.

How is he going to lose it? Cheryl has petitioned to take it over in order to help her with her college applications. Unfortunately, Veronica is not having it. She made a promise to Archie and she is going to make it happen. She even goes to her Mother to see if she can cut through the red tape of bureaucracy, so she can start a chapter of The Innocence Project in Riverdale. The Innocence Project is a non-profit legal organization that is committed to exonerating wrongly convicted people through the use of DNA testing and to reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.

We learn that the prison warden is in Hiram’s pocket and he is determined to keep Veronica and Archie apart even if that means keeping Archie in jail for an eternity or maybe even Archie’s death in prison.

I wonder what would make him stop punishing these two?

The scary thing for Archie is that he has been tapped to be the Warden’s new Mad Dog. The last Mad Dog was allowed to have items in his room that no other inmate had. He was also untouchable. Yet, he gave Archie advice about being an animal in order to survive his time in the detention center. The only reason he was given this designation was because Mad Dog “died” in the “riot.” Which was actually just a football game between the inmates.

Nothing is ever as it seems in Riverdale.

There is a side story of Kevin doing whatever he can to keep his relationship with Moose going. He even joins the RROTC, which Moose’s straight-laced Dad runs. That and Cheryl wanting to become president in order to help her college applications are the only normal high school related stories this season.

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