Recap: The Flash – Nora

So, in the season opener, we met Nora West-allen…the daughter of Barry and Iris…who is from the future and seeing her impact on Team Flash is both adorable and heartbreaking.


While Iris is in awe and elated at the opportunity to meet her daughter, Barry is at first hesitant,  a little wary, and a bit overwhelmed. Why, he wanted life to allow him to have the normalcy of being a parent go chronologically the right way…and the appearance of Nora is not letting that happen. The little talk between Iris and Barry is the reason I think that they are the best couple in the Arrowverse. As they are supportive of one another and hopeful about their future together, as all newlyweds that have gone through hell and back are.

But, Nora is a chip off of her Parent’s block. That wonderment that Barry had in year one is there, but it is more wonderment of meeting her father. But, like any kid, she causes more harm than good. We learn that Nora needs to get back to her timeline, but she can’t…and Wally gives the bad news that Nora has negative tachyons.

What was heartbreaking is to see that Iris and Nora do not really connect, but she is definitely Daddy’s little girl. And that is because we learn that the reason she is so attached to Barry is that in the future, Barry…disappears. She lied about not being able to go back, but she wanted to meet her Dad. How can you fault her for that. But, Barry is heartbroken that he misses all of her firsts.

There is a Meta in the episode, Gridlock, but he really did not matter. Well, except for allowing the group to figure out a way to get their groove back. Especially after all that they lost after Devoe. We also saw Barry channel Harry as he taught his daughter to phase a plane until it safely landed in the river. She he had a “first” with his daughter and it was sweet. This moment also makes Barry change his mind and then allows Nora to stick around…which will help her figure out a way of stopping her Dad from disappearing in the future. Another nice moment was when we see Nora give Barry the Ryan Choi’s suit, since apparently he no longer fits any of his old suits.

The best part of the episode is Ralph, who is the nice comedic break the episode needed and who gives Caitlin the info she needs. Also, Joe needing an escape from Cecilia and her power…and the baby. Very cute.

We did say goodbye to one character, Kid Flash goes off into the sunset with his Father’s blessing. Will this be the last time we see Wally? I hope not, as he has grown as a character and he has become an integral part of this universe.

Throughout the episode, we got hints of what’s to come in the season. Nora mentioned Grodd and King Shark, we learned (via Ralph) that Caitlin’s Dad is actually not dead, and in the last minute or so of the episode, we met the big bad of Season 5. He’s a Meta killer with the Flash lightning bolt as his weapon of choice. Dun, dun…..duuuuun.

Overall, a great opener that will hopefully be mirrored throughout the rest of the season.

Next week: Blocked – Barry and Team Flash track down a meta that is stealing high-tech weapons, only to cross paths with a new foe named Cicada, who is hunting the very same meta, with nefarious intent.

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