Doctor Who: There Are No Aliens in Sheffield

What is it about the Doctor, that no matter what shape or form…when we first meet the newest incarnation, the emotions that well up in fans is palpable.

As Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor crashed through the roof of a train that has stopped due to an alien trying to target people to leave dna bombs in. The Doctor tells us that the planet is being used as a battleground between two alien races, but in reality it is a hunt. The target is a crane operator named Karl. Karl listens to motivational tapes that tell him he is valued.

The aliens we see are: one is in the shape of ganglia (Gathering Coil) and the other looking like an ancillary character from Halo (Stenza Warrior). The Stenza Warrior takes teeth as trophies from his victims and wears them on his face. Sexy, no? The Doctor calls the warrior Tim Shaw, because she refused to wrap her head around his name. It also helps get under is skin.

In a game of chicken, the Doctor and Tim Shaw are at a stalemate, but the Doctor got the one up on Tim Shaw. However there was a casualty, Grace. The Nan of Ryan, one of the companions, died valiantly as she tried to protect humanity by getting rid of the Gathering Coil.

Is this the end of Tim Shaw, I doubt it. He was not killed off and he got to transport back to his planet, which means that this will not be the last time we see this Stenza Warrior.

At the wake for Grace, The Doctor explains to the group how they can move on. Keeping them inside and remembering what they would have said and done. Desperate to find her Tardis, and after getting her new outfit (Cannot wait for next year’s con to see everyone dressed up as the latest Doctor), Graham, Yaz, and Ryan help the Doctor create a device that would allow her to locate the Tardis, but then something happens…

IMG_1154 (1)

So, now we have our Doctor and her companions. I have to admit that this Doctor has a lot of the qualities that Ten and Eleven had and that just makes me happy. In these strange times that we are living in, we need levity, hope…and a sense of wonder.

Actually, when she stuck her finger in her nose, she had me.

There was this bit, where we saw all the actors we would be seeing in this season and guess who will be in it?

Mr. Big, Chris Noth. I never thought he would be in anything sci-fi/fantasy.

Also, here is a hint of things to come:

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