Cloak and Dagger’s Season Finale

I jumped on the bandwagon midway through the freshman season of Cloak and Dagger and after a four-hour marathon, I was hooked…line and sinker. Every week, since then, I would happily tweet along to the latest episodes. Now that this season has come to an end, I can safely say that this is possibly the best Marvel asset on traditional cable/tv right now. It is also the best “teen” drama on TV. Sorry Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and The Gifted.

Cloak and Dagger revolves around two teenagers from very different backgrounds that find themselves burdened and awakened to newly acquired superpowers while falling in love. The kicker is that these teenagers have met before, as children, after suffering multiple traumas. When they do cross paths, it is their newly discovered powers that does bring them together, but it is a constant battle for them to gain trust in one another.

The traumas they (Tyrone and Tandy) suffered left holes in their souls. They spend the majority of the season trying to find justice for the wrongs that have impacted their families. Tyrone is looking for justice for the death of his brother by a police officer. Tandy wants to take down the corporation (Roxxon) that caused an accident that not only killed her father, and destroyed what she thought was an idyllic life, but also gave her and Tyrone their powers.

Everything eventually falls apart as they continuously plot and pursue their goals. Tandy finds out that her Dad was abusive towards her Mother, which catapulted her mother into a self-destructive spiral. This realization made her balk at continuation of her goal to take down Roxxon. What helps with this decision…is the hush money that was offered to her. However, Roxxon likes to tie loose ends and they do that by sending a hit woman to kill her and her mother. Tyrone gets the cop to confess that he did kill his brother, but the charges are dropped and as a result his family does not react well to everything that has happened. We also see Tyrone getting framed for the murder of a beat cop that had helped him get the confession from the murderous officer.

It was not looking good for these two, but there was a bigger story and that impacted all of New Orleans. Roxxon is, like any major corporation, greedy and it does not care about those living in this city. However, all hope is not lost.

In the finale, we get a lot of resolutions to the main plot points:

We pick up with Tandy and her mother successfully fending off the hired hand and knowing that she is partly to blame for what is going on, Tandy runs off and finds Mina, who was being chased by the Terrors. Unfortunately, Mina did not make it due to succumbing to the effects of the gas and having to be put down before she attacked Tandy.

Tyrone confronts Connors, who shot Detective Brigid O’Reilly and left her to die as she fell off into the very water that transformed Tandy and Tyrone…after the gas had started to escape from the valves that Mina created for Peter Scarborough and Roxxon. In the heat of the confrontation, Tyrone’s brother’s hoodie, that Tandy gave to him once his cloak was torn to shreds, absorbed Connors.

Throughout the episode, we saw these vignettes of when the Divine Pair saved New Orleans. From Famine to war to disease, one of the diving pair had to make a sacrifice in order for New Orleans to survive. Evita even told them this fact and she believed that Tyrone was the one to sacrifice himself for the greater good. As it looked like New Orleans was about to fall, Tandy and Tyrone go off to depressurize the valves and ultimately end up joining hands and forces to direct the gas, that turned victims into Terrors, into the atmosphere or another dimension.

New Orleans and the Divine Pair survive and are alive, but for how long?

At the end of the episode, we learn that the tables have turned for Tandy and Tyrone. Tyrone is in hiding and living in the church that Tandy used to live in and Tandy has moved back in with her mother, after finally have their dream of Roxxon taking responsibility for the actions has come to fruition.

What was great is that we see these two kids have a moment where you see that their relationship has shifted. They genuinely care for one another and have each other’s backs.

The insane part is that O’Reilly survived the shooting and has turned into Mayhem. In the comics, Mayhem is a vigilante that helps Cloak and Dagger take down the corrupt police department.

We do see that Tyrone has eased his mother’s fears by popping in and getting some items. But, will he officially tell them of his power? Will Tandy do the same with her own Mother? Also, Mina’s Dad, will he become and ally for these kids? Will the Priest continue to try to be a guiding force for Tyrone? When will the kids cross paths with Mayhem? So many questions to be answered in season 2, which will be coming to us in 2019.

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash






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