Being the Villain is Not Always a Bad Thing…

In every movie, we have a protagonist and an antagonist. Typically, the antagonist is viewed as the opposition to the hero of the story. The antagonist spurs on some type of philosophical growth in the hero which will propel them to do the right thing. We usually look up to the hero and down at those that go against them. However, as of late, people are rallying around those that we used to frown upon…the villain. However, he or she is no longer viewed as a villain, but as an anti-hero a.k.a. someone who lacks conventional heroic attributes or morals.

Case in point, Bruce Wayne’s arch-nemesis…the Joker.

In Comics, shows, and movies, the Joker is viewed as a psychopath with a warped sense of humor. Thanks to Heath Ledger and Jared Leto’s respective portrayals of the maniacal killer, fans have been wanting and waiting for a movie that focused solely on the popular character.

Over the last few months, news has been picking up that we were not only getting one movie, but two.

Not only did we finally get confirmation that Joaquin Phoenix will be portraying the Joker, but we also heard that Robert DeNiro is in talks to play a talk show host that drives the character to go mad and turn into the “Clown Prince of Crime.” We also learned that Frances Conroy is in talks to play Joker’s Mom. This gritty film is partly written by and directed by Todd Phillips. This movie is not part of the current Worlds of DC, it is a different origin story.

However, the second movie that will revolve around Jared Leto‘s Joker, will continue to  be a part of the Worlds of DC franchise.

Another franchise universe that everyone is looking forward to is being kicked off with Venom, which stars Tom Hardy. In it, we watch Eddie Brock acquire the powers of a symbiote. The other movies slated for the Venom franchise are:

  1. Silver and Black – Silver Sable, a mercenary, is one of those rare characters who can be viewed as both a villain and as an ally to someone like Spider-Man. Black Cat is Felicia Hardy, daughter of cat burglar Walter Hardy. During college, she trained herself be a fighter and acrobatic. These two work together and are at odds times.
  2. Morbius – Will be portrayed by Jared Leto, Morbius, aka Michael Morbius, is imbued with vampiric superhuman abilities and physical traits stemming from a failed biochemical experiment that was supposed cure his rare blood disorder.
  3. Nightwatch – Nightwatch is Doctor Kevin Trench, who witnessed a costumed man die battling some terrorists armed with an invisibility-generating ‘cloaking” device, and unmasked the corpse to learn that it was an older version of himself.
  4. Silk – Cindy Moon is Silk and she was also bitten by the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker.

Will Venom cross paths with Peter Parker? Well, during SDCC, the Venom director believes that the studio is thinking that it is something that can happen. Also, both Tom Hardy and Tom Holland would love to see these characters face off. So, cross your fingers and pray to St. Jude for this to happen.

What will really be interesting to see is if SONY and the Worlds of DC will be as regimented about scheduling these movies in a timely way like the MCU has effectively done. Remember it is all economic, you have to meet the demand by supplying the product that your audience wants and that can be tricky.

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