#SDCC Ends with Legion

Legion wrapped towards the end of the 17-18 TV season, so this panel was for more for those die hard fans who are still recovering from season 2.

When describing the trippy style of the the show, John Cameron told the audience, “When you get the script, and you’ve read it, you have to start to ask everyone on the cast and crew, ‘do you know what this is about?’ It takes a village…directors are told to bring their A game.” Trippy is an understatement.

We learnt that even the cast is confused as Navid Negahban, Shadow King, thanked the cast for helping him understand the show when he first joined the cast. “These guys already had the blueprint. I was just following their lead.”

While Dan Stevens acknowledged that the fans are rooting for the roller coaster of a love story that is David and Syd . “It’s the mark of a good story,” He stated. He also believes that Syd is mad that he ran off with Lenny. Rachel Keller is more interested in wanting to see Syd tackle something as big as being the hero, but she’d also like to see what she does, if she fails.

Aubrey Plaza believes that Lenny is just trying to get out there and live her best life. But she just got caught up in the middle of all this nonsense. Lenny is now a totally different character because Lenny died. She is playing a new version of Lenny.

In regards to David’s Ride or Die, Lenny, Aubrey Plaza

There were fun moments like when the cast was asked which superhero they would be and it is as follows:

  • Dan Stevens: “Batgirl.” <–I would pay to see this!
  • Rachel Keller: “Wolverine.”
  • Aubrey Plaza: “Joker”
  • Jean Smart: “Catwoman.”
  • Bill Irwin: “Noah Hawley.”
  • Amber Midthudner: “Violet from The Incredibles.” <–Awesome Choice!
  • Jeremie Harris: “Batman”
  • Navid Negahban: “Shazam.”

Bill Irwin pulled he choreography together for the dance sequence, which was nightmarish for Aubrey Plaza. We also learned that Bill wants the familial bond between him and and Amber Midthunder to continue. That sounded like a request to the writers.

On that point, Dan Stevens said that going to Comic-Con is the only way he gets information about the upcoming season on the show that he is working on.

If you have not seen this show, give it a chance.




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