Day 4 of #SDCC…


Good news to the fans that were wanting the Wayward Sisters to be picked up by the CW or any network, Jodi Mills and other Wayward Sisters will return to the series, as well as Rowena.

But, there were some funny moments…

As soon as the show finished it’s last shot ever, he taking the impala. His exact words:

“When all is said and done and the show finally comes to an end, there’s a lot of things I’ll take with me. One thing is the car because they’ll call cut and you’ll see a dust cloud.”

Jared pitched a toga-filled episode for their 300th episode.

Not only did Misha being Voter Registration forms to the Con, but he also said that Jensen cowboy kink is now his kink.

The nice about this panel is that year in and year out…the actors acknowledge their fandom. This show and its fans are truly a family.


We will leap ahead three months at the beginning of Season 3 and we will see Archie go on trial. That is where we will meet his archness for this season and that is…Ms. Wright (Penelope Ann Miller). Ms. Wright is the DA who wants to convict Archie for murder. Who will be helping Arch in his time of need, no other than the dynamic duo of Bughead, however they fully embrace their responsibility as the leaders of the Serpents. We will also get to see Bughead’s reaction to finding out about their parent’s relationship. Awkward! However, this whole debacle will cause a kink in Varcher land.

Toni (Vanessa Morgan, who is now a series regular) will find herself in a rivalry with former Pussycat Vocalist, Josie, due to Cheryl having once had a crush on Josie. Moose and Kevin are dating and even Reggie finds love in the new season. However, there will be a bigger focus on the friendships. So, we shall see B&V be buddies again, as well as Jug and Arch.

The highlight for me is that this may be the season where these kids actually concentrate on school!

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa stated the following:

“It’s junior year, it’s the first time they’re thinking of college and we’re going to try to infuse this season with a lot more high school stuff. We’re going to talk about the SATs, applying to colleges, advisers, extracurriculars, etc.”

This has been a big issue for me with these high-school-centric shows. No one really goes to class or studies? Finally!

As for fun episodes, we will see a flashback episode of the parents when they were younger and as expected, we will have another musical episode.

Casting-wise, they are currently looking for someone to be Edgar Never-Never — the leader of The Farm in Season 3. In the trailer, Polly is offering her twin babies to the cult, that should be interesting.

Also, Wynona Earp was renewed for another season.

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