The CW: TV Recap for the Week of January 28th

The one problem with anything Superhero related is that all heroes have an Achilles heel. 9 times out of 10 that dent in the armor is the love for another. Be it parental or more…that love lead to the heroes ruin.

Case in point, Dinah on Arrow. Felicity came up with a plan that got the two teams to work together to gain intel on Cayden James and the bomb he placed somewhere in the city by accessing his server via an inside man and a hacking device. The inside man would have to be Vince, Dinah’s on and off love. They all agree to move forward with the plan and it goes off without a hitch…except when Cayden walks into his server room and sees Vince in there. At first, it looks like everything will be okay as Felicity feeds Vince answers and factoids that would have thrown anyone else off, but this is Cayden we are dealing with. Vince is caught and Cayden forces Laurel to kill Vince with her killer canary abilities, this death happens in front of Dinah and of course she will seek retribution.

This is not the only person who is suffering due to their love of someone, Quentin is hell-bent on turning AU Laurel into his Laurel. He even gets thrown for trying to do so, but he may give up after learning of Laurel’s hand in the death of Vince. The one thing he does not know or Dinah will not acknowledge is that Laurel looked regretful for having to kill Vince. Now, I am not touching the Team Arrow versus the other team issue because it is not a good plot line. But, I am looking forward to finding out how the remedy the Cayden wanting to take down Oliver story line with the information they found out in the ‘All or Nothing‘ episode. Please do not use William as a pawn…that is way too predictable.

While we are well aware that Barry’s love of Iris and his family is one of his Achilles heel’s…the other is helping people. In ‘Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash,’ we see a Barry that is determined to vindicate his protector in prison, Big Sur. His team tries, but due to the latest Meta’s refusal to fess up for his involvement in the crime that Big Sur was convicted of committing, Barry decides to take matters into his own hands and gives his friend the freedom he deserves. Yet, this act puts Barry in a horrible predicament and in the sights of Amunet.

Otherwise, this episode was full of laughs at the expense of Cisco and Ralph.

We also see Black Lighning stuggle between his duty to his city and his duty to his family. We are in the fallout from the LaWanda’s murder. Bodies are dropping like flies in this town and there are still no answers (but we know) at who the puppet master is. Now, the community is in the throws of upheaval over the death. Black Lightning may be a blessing, but not a lot has changed since his return. So, the local Reverend decides to organize a protest. Peter keeps on the strings that should make Black Lightning decide to put the community first, even hide Tobias’ involvement in the shooting that wounded his youngest daughter’s boyfriend and killed the Reverend. This shooting may be the trick to make Black Lightning decide to keep his super suit on at all times.

This may also be the case for his eldest to go down the path of superherodum. Anissa has been on this road since she broke the sink, but when she decides to do a little training in a junk yard does she finally come into her own. This has been going on for a while because her girl friend breaks it off with her as she is dressed as a superhero at a bar and dancing with another lady. How far she goes in this new world of hers will be really interesting to see.

Now ‘LaWanda: Book of the Burial‘ had a side story of the youngest daughter deciding to have sex with her boyfriend and looping her parents and sister in the plan. This was a fun storyline, especially when you see Jefferson talking to Khalid. This show is a little gem of a show.

Riverdale continues down its ode to Goodfellas season by showing us what life is like for Archie as he continues on his internship for Hiram. This includes fetching lunch, dry cleaning, working as his cigar-snipping lackey at “family” events. The latter happens as everyone and their mother is in town to attend Veronica’s confirmation. In real life, confirmation is done in a church with a large group of children wanting to move to the next step in their faith, with their sponsors by their side. Not here. Veronica sings Bitter Sweet Sympony down the aisle in a white dress that is more suitable for a wedding. Smh. This event does get interesting when Archie tells Hiram that he had overheard one of the men from the poker game plot the demise of Hiram. That man ends up dead and the FBI ask Archie if he knows of what happened to the deceased, he lies.

The rest of ‘The Wicked and the Divine‘ revolves around Jughead and Betty. Jughead is being blamed for the constant bad news that has befallen the Serpents. But, when the snake charmer returns to tell every one of what Jughead had done to her, cut off her Serpent tattoo. This act may end with Juggie being kicked out of the Serpents and having his Father turning his back on him. Well, with the help of Betty, they find the missing head of Pickens and learn who vandalized the statue. Tall Boy is the culprit. Betty and Jughead return to the Serpents with the head and the information. Now, Juggie is on probation, Tall Boy is out of the Serpents, and Juggie and Betty are kind of back together.

Before you get all happy…when Betty returns home, she sees the floor in her house covered in blood, a body, and her Mom cleaning the blood up. Who’s missing? Chic. What has Alice gotten herself into over this troubled long lost son that she gave away, but has solves since she gave birth to him?

Like any lady with a broken heart, Supergirl must work through the pain and figure out how to resolve her issues with her ex in order to function. So, when Morgan Edge accuses Lena of plotting an attempt on his life, Kara steps in to help her and that means turning to Mon-El for help and that was it. The rest of the show is pretty much female-centric, which is really needed in this day and age. We did get to meet Mrs. Luthor. Watching her and Lena battle it out as only Mom and Daughter’s do in ‘For Good‘ was a highlight. Otherwise, this episode was easy breezy…but not one for the record books.

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