Star Trek: Discovery – The War Without, the War Within Recap

If you remember, the Discovery has jumped ahead nine months in their own proper universe. Their Federation has enemies to the left and enemies to the right…and they are all Klingons.

Sarek and Cornwell are asking the Discovery not to discuss the alternate universe, but having AU Georgiou on board complicates matters.

Also, we have Tyler walking around and it is unnerving to everyone, but kindhearted Tilly and a couple of others. However, Michael refuses to cross his path. Until Tilly talks to her and tells her to be compassionate. When she does go to speak to him, she decides to let him go.

Being at war means those on board are considered to be a tool or hindrance. Cornwell learns what drives the Klingons…to conquer.

They come up with a plan to give the Federation the upper hand, but it was crafted by AU Georgiou. Michael presents it and Cornwell goes for it, but that plan is just step one. But the Federation needs this to work in order for it to survive.

That plan is to jump to the Klingon home planet and to map the planet to conquer it. Who is heading this plan, Captain Georgiou. This is not going to go well, is it? It is clear that Saru and Michael do not trust her at all.

I have to admit something…I miss Lorca.

We have one episode left, like any show…it will have a cliffhanger that will hopefully have our jaws dropping and leaving us counting down to season 2.

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