Counterpart: The Lost Art of Diplomacy Recap

Synosis: Both sides turn to diplomacy to resolve a conflict. Emily obtains a special visa. Howard interrogates a suspect.
We now know that the AU is suffering from some kind of pandemic. If a person is not reported for being ill, they will be in trouble.
But everyone, in both universes, is upset that Baldwin has been captured by the local PD in this universe.
Emily Burton was asked to go to our universe to figure wtf is going on, Who sent Baldwin to our universe and why is the big question that everyone wants answered. Finding out may help AU Emily regain her once-great reputation.
Following Emily AU through the looking-glass to get to our universe is interesting. There are a lot of precautions and checks. It shows the level of security there is with this dual universe scenario.
The AU even has its own embassy in our universe.
Emily and her partner cross paths with AU Howard in this embassy and Emily and Howard go back and forth as the realization that they are being played comes to them.
However, there is another meeting between officials of the AU and our Universe. They are discussing the same thing, Baldwin. However, she is a pawn for our universe. They want intel. Census numbers and oil reserve info. Oil reserve info makes sense, but the census info is a bit odd.
But we do learn that this relationship between the worlds gives us data and data is king to our side. The diplomacy between the two worlds is fragile and it is intriguing that there are these outside forces manipulating these people, but for what reason?
In a surprising turn of events, Baldwin is rescued by her camrades. Howard and the officers were kept safe because he reached Baldwin, something in her feels for our Howard.
However, AU Howard wants to send our Howard to his universe so he can resolve whatever diplomatic issues he has with the Embassy.
…and we learn that Emily Silk from our universe was AU Howard’s informant.
How tf was she involved?
And then they killed AU Emily.
So out Howard is basically fucked in the other universe. Such a tangled web…

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