Movie News: Cowboy Ninja Viking Has a Director and More…

Michelle MacLaren has been tapped to helm Cowboy Ninja Viking, which tells of a story of a counter-intelligence unit that uses multiple personality disorder patients to create agents known as Triplets, referring to the three personalities the killers have. When the agents become rogue hired guns, the deadliest Triplet of them all, Cowboy Ninja Viking, is called in to take down his own brethren. This movie will be adapted from the Image Comics title of the same name.

MacLaren is well-known for her work on shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, to name a few. THR

Cowboy Ninja Viking will come out June 29, 2019.

Even with everyone chomping at the bit about his upcoming West Side Story remake and the casting for that movie, as well as Ready Player One coming out in March, Steven Spielberg still has eyes set on the 5th movie in the Indiana Jones franchise.

THR stated the following:

And while Indy 5 is the next to go for Spielberg, insiders don’t rule out the miniscule chance that another project, small-ish in scale, could shoot up from the development pile and grab his interest.

You have to admire someone as talented as Spielberg for tackling so many genres and still loving his Indian Jones franchise.

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