The Alienist: A Fruitful Partnership Recap

Synopsis: The investigation heats up as Sara gets her hands on a clue and Kreizler tries to connect the evidence left behind by the serial killer; tensions rise within the police department.

Well, well…the plot thickens…

The police are up to no good…Sara finds a file of cases similar to the deaths of the boy on the bridge, but why was Connor hiding it? They are also in cahoots with the owners of the local houses of ill repute. The most unsettling sequence of the episode was when we followed John Moore to one of the houses that peddles young boys to those with a predilection for pedophilia. When he starts to ask question about the boy on the bridge, he gets drugged and to ensure that the owners and the local pd have dirt on John, he gets overtaken by the “girls” of the brothel.

We do learn a bit about the boy on the bridge and we can thank Sara and John for that info…

His father was abusive, mentally and physically, towards the boy because he thought the boy acted more feminine. This forced the lad to runaway. What we learn from the two boots brother is that the lad was called Gloria and she had a lot of gentleman callers. There was one that stuck out and he had a silver smile. One moment he was in his room and the next he was not. But Sally told John that he made a three story leap. John, knows better. We all do…

On the bright side, it is not just about finding a killer. Laszlo is interested in Sara, and is very appreciative of the information she provides. Laszlo ever goes as far and asks Teddy to have Sara act as a liaison to the police department for their case. The acknowledges and appreciates her ability to be more than just be a typewriter piques Sara.

This kind of pissed off Mary, who is the maid of Laszlo’s house. IT was clearly evident she did not appreciate having Sara in her house and being seen as an equal to Laszlo.

Even Marcus gets a little nookie nookie from Esther after meeting his new team and showing them the weapon that they believed was used to kill the boy on the bridge…it was just that kind of episode.

However, it does lead us one step closer to hopefully finding out who the killer is and what his motive is.

So, I just want to take a moment to say it is great they have a character like Sara on TV. She lives in a world where sexism is the norm. Women are viewed as not equal to men. To have Sara be the first woman to have a position in the Police Department and see her handle tough situations with such restrained grace is amazing. She knows what she is dealing with and finds a way to get what she wants. She is a smart character that should be held in high regard, especially in the current political climate.






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