Pilot Pick-Up Season Recap…

These are some pilots, that the networks picked up, that I think that the inner geek in you will like:


The Greatest American Hero: Inspired by the 1980s TV show of the same name, The Greatest American Hero centers around Meera, a 30 year old woman who loves tequila and karaoke and has spent her life searching and  failing to find meaning in her life, much to the chagrin of her traditional Indian-American family.


Blood and Treasure: The show is a serialized action-adventure series that centers on a brilliant antiquities expert and a cunning art thief who team up to catch a ruthless terrorist who funds his attacks through terrorist attacks. I am thinking this reminds me of National Treasure, Uncharted, and whatever heist movie or show that has aired on both the silver screen or on the screen in your house.


Charmed: This fierce, funny feminist reboot of the original series centers on three sisters in a college town who discover they are witches. No one is thrilled about this reboot, so I am intrigued at how it will be.

Dead Inside: After surviving an explosion that killer her hotshot detective brother, an underachieving beat cop starts seeing his ghost, flipping their sibling dynamic on its head. This allows her to truly live her life for the first time, as they work together to help crime victims both living and dead, and figure out the unfinished business keeping his spirit in earth.

Wayward Sisters: A potential spin-off of the uber popular Supernatural series. It centers on the fan favorite character of Sheriff Jody Mills and a group of troubled young women who are all orphaned by supernatural tragedy.


In Between Lives: A mysterious young woman reluctantly uses her gift of clairvoyance to help a veteran LAPD detective and a damaged Ex-FBI  outsider solve the most unnerving and challenging cases the city encounters.

Will you watch any of these, if they pop up on your screen?

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