Who Topped Geek TV…For the Week of 01.21.18

The best show of the week was The Alienist. I know that many of you would think that the Alienist is not what you would consider as Geek TV, and that is due to it being your basic crime procedural. However, because it is placed in 1800 crime ridden and corrupt NYC…a popular time-frame for shows like Doctor Who and Penny Dreadful…I will add it to the genre.

In the first episode, we are in 1898 New York City. A boy is found on a bridge and he has been carved up and his death seems to mirror the death of another young boy who was under the care of “Alienist” Lazlo Kreitzer. He sets out to solve the crimes using the new disciplines of psychology and forensics. His team consists of Illustrator, John Moore, a secretary for Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt, Sara Howard, and two young officers who are scientifically minded,  Marcus Isaacson and Lucius Isaacson.

This show draws you in because 1898 New York does not seem to alien to the viewer. You have cops and politicians who are corrupt. Those in power treat women and immigrants like second class citizens. Yet, there are those few people who care about those that disenfranchised. As they start to delve into the case, we learn that they may be dealing with a serial killer and that person may be toying with Alienist and his crew.

Hook. Line. Sinker. We have only 10 episodes to find out who and why he or she committed these horrible crimes and I will be there for every single episode.

Second best episode was Star Trek: Discovery‘s Vaulting Ambition. Burnham headed to the ISS Charon with a special “gift” for the Emperor and that is when we learn the horrible truth. Lorca has been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. He has basically led our team to this new universe. His universe. Lorca is a criminal who turned against his own team and jumped to our universe to get what he needed. It was a jaw dropping moment that clearly showed that this show is doing whatever it can to keep fans wanting more. Stamets regains consciousness with the help of his now deceased love, but it was to no avail. The network is corrupted and for the time being, the crew is stuck.  Stuck for the foreseeable future.

Third was Counterpart. This show is in the same vein as any classic sci-fi tale. It’s rooted in some kind of reality that we are well aware of. But, there is something different. In this tale there are two universes and there is one UN-based agency that keeps tabs in both universes. We follow Howard Silk, a low man on the totem pole in the UN. He soon learns that there is a parallel universe and that he has a doppelganger. This doppelganger is a superior spy who has led the same life as our Howard to a point. Other Frank made a left somewhere. Yet, he is willing to help our side in the hunt of a wily female assassin who is trying to kill our Howard and his wife. Now, our Howard wants in…

The Magicians are still on their quest to get magic back. The best parts of the episode revolved around Alice and her fight to survive. This time around, Quentin, Alice and her parents must deal with the Lamprey. In a clever whodunnit twist, we watched Alice figure out who was hosting the Lamprey, unfortunately it was her Dad. She saved him, but his weak heart gave out. Watching her reveal her monstrous turn as a Niffin and what that means for the rest of her life was heartbreaking. She is not the Alice that we loved, but a new remorseful Alice who is sorry for feeding the Niffin’s want of knowledge. Kady and Julia summoned a demon to save Penny, but it was not enough. Does that mean we do not see Penny…nope. He’s happily still around as a ghost or something else. Does that mean he can come back? Only time will tell.

Tlk of the episode revolved around Margo. She was in high form as she and the Pirate King flirted. But, it was her moment where she showed compassion for her ship that let her shine. So much so that the Fairy Queen helped her. Yet, she still is missing an eye and will lose one of her trusted confidantes because she could not tell the truth about who stole her eye from the Fae. If yoy wondered what happend to Eliot, well he found a doorway, but we do not know where it led him and his little family. On the CW side…

The best shows were The Flash and Black Lightning.

Super Hero shows are in the plenty right now and we will get even more with the return of both Gotham and Legion.

What makes these shows watchable is the emotional connection it makes with the viewer.

Black Lightning mirrors the plight of the inner city where gang violence threatens the lives of the city’s law-abiding citizens. Here is a man trying to keep his family safe, but because of circumstances outside of his control, he is pulled back into the Super Hero world. This gives the city hope. But, at what cost. In the second episode, the main players are dropping like flies. Will is killed by Lala and Lala is killed by Tobias. Tobias felt that he was a detriment to his plan due to him offing a Mother who just wanted her daughter back. This debacle ultimately forces Jefferson to put on his suit for good for the good of his community. The women in his life are handling their kidnapping differently, his former wife has been keeping an eye on their daughter who is spiraling after her kidnapping, but her new boyfriend is trying to keep her on the right track. His eldest daughter has embraced her super strength, what comes of that…we shall see. The worst part of Jefferson’s decision…like his former wife turning her back on him again.

What keeps me hooked to the Flash is the relationship between all the characters. They are likable family and I just want them to have one good day.

Our Barry is still in jail and while he is in there the rest of the team has to keep the villains in check. That means Ralph is up to bat and when a familiar villain returns to terrorize Central City. Ralph succeeds in his comedic way…and he has made the show fun again. The sweetest moments were between Iris and Barry. Those two have great chemistry. The way his face lights up when he sees her…it just makes my heart swell. Thankfully, Barry has made a friend in jail and his name is Dave, a big guy who was helped by Barry’s dad.  This may help him as he tries to deal with the monotony and danger of being in jail.

Arrow‘s Oliver is still dealing with Cayden James, who thinks Oliver killed his son. Cayden is putting Star City through its paces. He is asking for 10 million a day to be wored to an offshore account. That will ultimately bankrupt the city. Oliver agrees after he almost lost his son in one of Cayden’s plots. Oliver and his team, along with Team B’s help via Dinah’s ex’s intel. What was great about the episode is the evolution of Ollie and William’s relationship. Knowing why Cayden is hell-bent on destroying Ollie makes me think that we will be dealing with some heartbreak at the end of this season, but I am praying that the writers will not be so predictable.

Supergirl is all about girl power and this time Kara and her team, that consists of Livewire, Imra and Psi, go to a place where men cannot go, or they will die.  They are there to geta prisoner from Fort Rozz who knows how to defeat Reign. Reign has been killing criminals left and right, so helping Supergirl to stop her seems like an alright plan for the likes of Psi and Livewire. Unfortunately, for Livewire, she sacrifices herself to save Kara, who us ultimately saved by Psi as she forces Reign to get to the heart of her human heart. Now that Sam is Sam is aware that something is off, she confides in Alex. So give it a little time before everyone and their mother finds out who Sam really is.

My favorite moments were between Alex and Sam’s daughter, Ruby. Ruby is clearly in awe of Alex and Alex needs someone to preoccupy her as she is injured and still nursing a broken heart.  So, when Ruby tells Alex that she is being bullied, Alex goes into full effect and confronts the little bully as a FBI agent. It was a great moment. There was a fun moment was when Winn one-upped Braniac. I know Mon-El has grown up a bit and I am well aware what the focus of this show is, but can this show put this story line to rest? Please give Kara a new love interest.

Riverdale continues to take our favorite foursome down dark paths. In an attempt to get closer to Hiram, Archie tries out for the Riverdale wrestling team as he continues to try to get more info on the crimes of the Lodges. Betty reaches out to her brother to figure out how to control her dark side. Veronica is on her parent’s plans for Riverdale and is actively keeping Archie at arm’s length about those plans, even though she helps him get closer to her father. Ultimately, Hiram offers Archie an internship in hopes of bringing him closer. This screams horrible idea. Juggie tries to rally the troops to make everyone know that a heralded historic figure was actually someone who killed an indigenous tribe in order to grab the fertile land. By doing this, he angers Toni, who feels that he used her family’s history for his vendetta at the gentrification of Riverdale.  A protest happens and while the Serpents gain momentum, Hiram spins it in his favor. What was most irksome is Hal, who clearly has issue with Chic. Why that is, we still do not know. Yet, being ostracized by Alice and Betty for his actions makes him turn to Cheryl’s Mom for confort. Smh.

My highlight of the episode is that Veronica and the Pussycats sang Duran Duran’s Union of the Snake. Always and forever a Duranie!

Again, the Alienist and Counterpart were really stars of the week! Give them a show if you have not started to watch them.




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