Recap of The Magicians: Heroes and Morons

Recap of The Magicians: Heroes and Morons – Syfy

Synopsis: Eliot travels to a faraway place in search of a special object; Alice runs from a monster; Quentin, Kady and Josh continue the desperate search for magic; Penny’s condition worsens.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I know a lot of people were not really that pleased with this second episode, but like any good book…there is a nut grabber (ep. 1) and then a slow build up to an amazing ending (ep. 13).

That first sequence of the episode was amazing. Explaining the story behind the keys in the same way as the Deathly Hollows were explained to Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and the tale of King Balor in Hell Boy was truly a magical way to open the episode.

Now, we are on the second chapter of this season and our not-so-merry band of magic seekers are on their respective quests. I say that because, while five of our group are genuinely trying to fix this mess this world is in. One is trying to save the love her life, who is dying and has his hands tied behind his back due to his contract with the magical library, and the last of our group is just trying to stay alive.

Staying alive seems like an easy task, but when all you have as a warning beacon is a kitten…chances are your odds are slim to none. I’m not really sympathetic towards Alice and in all honesty…if she was sacrificed for the greater good, I would be okay with that. Especially when that poor kitten blew up.  Now that we know that the Lamprey has moved on to a new host, her story line became all the more interesting.

If I were in Kadi’s shoes, I wouldn’t know what to do…but she is willing to risk everyone on this planet to save her man. She even stole a battery that would have helped Q and Julia or even Alice. Will this really help Penny in the long run? Will this get Kady into trouble? We shall see.

Q, Julia, and Josh are the only ones on this side of the verse that are really trying to fix magic and it is incredibly hard. Even when they pick up a clue that may lead them one step closer to helping Eliot and Margo on Fillory…the clue was Mayaovsky and his batteries. That battery would help with the clock that would lead them to Fillory. Kady had other plans. Yes, I rolled my eyes…

But the eyes stopped rolling when we saw Q is the newest host of the Lamprey. That’s right!

Now, my favorite part of the episode was in Fillory. Eliot and Fen are off on their quest to find the first key. However, the Fairy Queen (who thinks they are off doing something entirely different) has given them someone to keep an eye on them and that is Eliot and Fen’s daughter, Fray aka Frail Human. The kicker is that she is a full blown teenager.

Teenagers…full or angsty fun.

Anywho, before they sail off to where the first key may be, Margo gives Eliot a bit of advice that makes her the Yoda of Fillory.

She says to Eliot, after some clever Angel, Twilight and Buffy talk, “What you’re doing is very heroic. Now, I mean that, but what’s the difference between a live hero and a dead moron. One dumb decision. So, when it’s be brave or be smart, you know which one.”

I love these two.

Anywho, Fray helps Eliot with getting the first key by informing Eliot that these people they are visiting and who have this key…have been deceived by their town leader. This actually leads to Eliot getting the much needed key and it also leads to a bit of family bonding for Eliot, Fen, and Fray.

This leads us to chapter two in the book with no author…

Synopsis: The Losses of Magic – Alice and Quentin visit her parents as Kady and Julia explore new methods to heal Penny.

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