Recap of Black Lightning: The Resurrection

Synopsis: The CW’s first African American superhero headliner unrolls the secrets of his past to protect his city and his family.

In this day and age, this show fits the bill for any minority that lives in the United States.

Here we have a man who is educated and well respected for his ability to help the children of an impoverished community to excel. But, he must battle the outliers that threaten his students, the community, and his family after a lengthy, but shaky truce between him and those outliers.

Because of instances that revolve around his daughters, this man is forced to dredge up his past in order to protect his two daughters from a particular gang. What is dredged up is that he was a superhero. He was known as Black Lightning, but he hung up his battle armor in order to save his marriage and his family.

As a parent, I will tell you that a parent will do whatever they have to do to keep their kids safe…even risk their own lives.

The problem here is that Black Lightning has a mortal enemy and his name is Tobias White. This means that Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning has a target on his back courtesy of Tobias.

The two interesting bits of the episode:

  1. Jefferson’s daughter also has a power.
  2. The tailor that helps Jefferson with his outfit, it just reminds me of the Kingsmen.

Next week: La Wanda – The Book of Hope – A glimmer of hope appears in the community that Black Lightning is back to combat the violence.

Photo by Leon Contreras on Unsplash

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