Recap of The Gifted’s Season Finale – eXtraction and X-roads

Synopsis: Dr. Campbell attends an anti-mutant summit, attempting to take the Hound program national. Some of the team members at Mutant HQ go on a dangerous mission to stop him.

On the heels of a renewal, we head into the finale of FOX’s other X-Men based show The Gifted. 

The other show is…Legion!

I digress, first let me tackle the Struckers. The family initial main task is to rescue Reed’s Mom before Sentinel services get to her to try to extract whatever info she might know about Otto’s work on inhibiting the x gene. They succeed, but she goes off to Boca Raton to be safe and not a burden on her family. However, she does give them a lead to someone who may know of Otto’s research…Madeleine Risman. Now, even though the kids are at odds about using their power, Lauren is more about saving everyone…while Andy is much more aggressive. They do decide to combine forces and unleash the power when the underground hideout is being attacked by the Sentinel’s SWAT team. They succeed in staving off everyone so that the mutants can escape sans being followed and also destroying the headquarters leaving no trace of their habitation of the area.

My favorite part of this sequence is that Reed went all Braveheart to rally still at the headquarters and Kate showing her leadership skills.

This family is the reason why I watch this show.

The Muties are in cahoots with The Frosts. Their plan consists of getting access to an event where Dr. Campbell is touting his Anti-Mutie agenda and kidnapping him. Everyone is on board, but there is trouble within the group. Lorna is embracing the ideologies of the Frosts and when Johnny, Marcos and Blink get in, but fail at their attempt to kidnap Campbell, due to him taking a group of kids hostage as a way to escape and then heads to an airstrip to get far, far away. Yea…that does not happen. Lorna gives in and tears that plane apart. Leaving Blink, Marcos, and Johnny stunned.

When the dust settled and everyone regrouped at a Way Station, the line had been drawn by Lorna. Team Helfire is in full effect and it encompasses of Lorna, Esme, Sage, Fade, Andy and other people whose name I cannot recall at all.

With a house divided, will the Mutants be able to move forward?

Especially with Jace Turner taking up the fight to take down the Mutants. This all came about after not only suffering the loss of his daughter twice, but also for being blamed for the death of the Senator at the hands of Lorna, the deaths of all the men at the attempted take down of the mutants at their HQ and anything else his boss couple pin on him. This is a clear example of being a horrible boss. If you are like me, than you know Jace will be a force to be reckoned with in Season 2.

For what it’s worth, it was a great episode that tied up some loose ends and opened up a lot of opportunities for story telling.

Did you like the episode?

Are you excited about Season 2?

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