Recap of Star Trek: Discovery’s The Wolf Inside

I was right…Michael’s first love a.k.a. Ash Tyler is Voq.

This comes about as Michael tries to keep some semblance of a federation together in this alternate universe under the guise of destroying the resistance, which consists of Vulcans, Tellarites, Andorians, and Klingons. However, this all backfires when the leader of the resistance (this universe’s Voq) talks of what motivates them.

That is when Ash’s true self started to come out and that meant that Michael’s life was in danger. My one issue with moments like this is that the length of the monologue sequence makes the outcome predictable. Ash was given the opportunity to attack and what followed afterwards was not a mind-blowing moment. But that moment when Michael asks for a tether from Ash, it was heart breaking. First loves are tough.

The two moments that really got me were:

  1. Finding out the Emperor is Michael’s mentor Philippa Georgiou and in this universe, Philippa is not a fan of Michael.
  2. Stamets died when Captain Tilly tried to help him get better, but he is back and in some kind of coma where the two versions of him have met. This should be interesting.

Now, even though information has been sent to Discovery to help them try to get back to their universe, everyone will continue to be in this universe for the foreseeable future and thanks to Lorca for confirming that for us. How is this man holding on? He in continuously being tormented, but he still gives sound advice to Michael.


What will be interesting to see is how they will close out this story line.

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