Recap: Season Premiere of The Magicians – The Tales of the Seven Keys

After the magic is shutdown due to Q’s actions last season, the characters that live on Earth find it hard to come to terms with living in a world without magic. Those that are not on Earth, have to find a way to save Fillory and themselves.
I had to watch this episode two times because a lot was happening on the show and in my living room.
One of the great things about this show is that it portrays the main characters as normal people. They may have (had) these extraordinary abilities, but at their core…they are just like anyone else. They are flawed and some may be slightly broken, but they continue to persevere. Even when it looks like all hope is lost…they just keep going and try to figure out what the hell is going and can they fix it. Fix what? Fix the fact that there is no magic in the world.
This is a tall order…
Well, technically we have 5 stories to deal with that tie into 1 major story.
  1. Penny and Kady: Kady is desperate to save her love, but after meeting Harriet and getting a book from her, she may have a shot…but she needs magic to do so. However, she cannot get help from Penny as he is under contract with the library.
  2. Eliot and Margo: Fairies are running amok in Fillory and the Queen Fairy is torturing Margo with bizarre tasks and using her own eye to spy on her and Eliot. The only reason the Fairies are there is because magic is gone. Hence, why Eliot went off to look for someone who could assist him in his attempt to save his kingdom. What he gets is the Cock and he puts him and his friends (including the lover of tomatoes aka Josh) on a quest.
  3. Q and Julia: Julia is the only one with magic and this spurs Q to try to figure out how he can fix what he caused. That means finding an old God. Is this Zeus? Who knows? But we need to gain favor with those that control the magic. Is that possible? Who knows? Will that come into play? Well, after meeting with Bacchus, hope is lost. Until a bunny appears and it gives him a message from Eliot. He and Julia end up starting the quest that the Cock gave Eliot.
  4. Alice: Without magic, she is on the run from the Lamprey.
  5. Dean and Brakebills: Brakebills is on the chopping block, unless magic can be found.

Outside of the fearsome foursome of Eliot, Margo, Q, and Julia, there is no real communication between everyone else and until that happens…it will be hard to give all these characters a HEA.

Now, the quest that the Cock gives them starts with finding:
  • A Book with no author
  • Keys
  • Public Library
  • In the land of New Jersey
Julie finds the book, but where that book leads them is the start of the fun…
These were the highlights in my house:
  • The episode was uncensored. It is an adult show at a late hour. Your kids should be in bed, and if you can’t handle the language…do not watch the show.
  • Penny and Kady’s one scene together. They are our Romeo and Juliet, we are just hoping that they survive is cancer.
  • Q and Julia’s scenes. They have come a long way to get back to this point. They are funny as their little dance number shows, and when it comes to detective work…these two rule the roost.
  • Eliot and Margo speaking in pop culture speak and we got the gist of it without needing the translation.
  • Bunnies used as a way to send messages. I need this in my life. Screw the iPhone.
  • Eliot meeting the Cock. That sentence alone makes me giggle.
The second episode: Heroes and Morons
Photo by Mervyn Chan on Unsplash

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