Recap: Season Finale of Marvel’s Runaways

This show is actually one of my faves of the Fall 2017 shows. Why? Well, unlike the Gifted (which was also renewed for a second season), this show is about a group of kids who have banded together after witnessing something that changes their lives forever. Being a teen is tough, but when you throw in the fact that your parents are not the people you thought they were…well, life gets very interesting. They cannot trust anyone, but one another and as a result they end up becoming a family of their own. It has it’s dark moments, but then there are those genuine teen moments of unrequited love, teen angst, and finding your place in the grande scheme of things. It also has a dinosaur and well that just makes me love the show anymore.

By the last episode, lines have been drawn. The Runaways have faced off with their parents, but with Jonah in the mix things go awry. Karolina saves her friends and once they have rallied, they rescue her from the clutches of the Scientology like cult that Karolina’s parents helm. Now, like the kids, the parents realize that their kids are over their heads. So, they do what they have to do to keep them safe and as far as away from Jonah as possible. What happens is someone calls the police on them and blame them for the death of a runaway. This forces the kids to go on the run, where will they end up? Will their parents be able to protect them? Will they reunite with their parents? Will Jonah go down in flames or will that thing that is lurking under the bedrock of LA come out and play? Will the sparks continue for Karolina and Nico? Will it continue for Gert and Chase? Will the dinosaur continue to get daily sustenance before he turns?

Can’t wait to see the answers to my questions play out in season 2.

If you have not given this show a shot, please do so. It is a nice break from the normal superhero shows.





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