Star Trek: Discovery – Recap of Despite Yourself

Synopsis: While in unfamiliar territory, the U.S.S. Discovery crew is forced to get creative in their next efforts to survive opposing and unprecedented forces and return home.

Just because the trope of having accidentally jumped into an alternate universe has been used by Star Trek time and time again does not mean that this does not give the Freshman show a shot at some worthwhile storytelling.

Unlike a lot of people out there, I did not latch on to this show from the get-go. I refused to watch it because it was part of a subscription service, but I gave in over the holidays and I was hooked.

The first two episodes did not do it for me. That changed when Michael Burnham, a human that was raised by a Vulcan and his Human wife a.k.a. as Spock’s parents, stepped on to the U.S.S. Discovery and we met Captain Lorca. Lorca is a much darker Captain than we’ve grown up with. This guy has a lot of ulterior motives and it seems that they all stem from the loss he suffered on his last ship.

Lorca’s job is to find a new way of traveling from point A to point B. It is much faster than warp drive, the only problem that it is impossible to stabilize. Until, Michael figures out a way to do it. But, it comes at a price. At first they use and abuse this poor animal to help and it almost killed it. So, Stamets decides to take it’s place…but like before it almost kills him. In the last jump, he ends up transporting the ship to an alternate universe.

A universe where an Empire rules. An empire that is eerily similar to the Klingons.

They never say it outright…

Lorca thinks they can figure out a way to get back home. Easier said than done. They have to navigate the dangerous waters of this universe.

In this universe, Lorca is fugitive, Tilly is a Captain, and Michael is a presumed dead Captain. Everyone has to take on these roles in order to survive. But, surviving this universe is not the only issue plaguing this ship.

Tyler was saved from a Klingon ship, where he was tortured and basically used as a sex toy…but there is more than meets the eye. Tyler is not only suffering from PTSD, but some kind of mind and body alteration…this leads me to believe that Tyler is really a Klingon that was cast out into space. Being given someone else’s memories (like in an episode of a soap opera) and then made to look like someone else entirely will most definitely screw with his brain and therefore make him the most dangerous person on the ship as his devotion to Michael and then his mind trying to wrap its head around whatever is going on is more than he can handle.

Even though Culber tries to keep Tyler on the ship (Tyler kills him in a mouth-dropping moment) Tyler goes off on a mission in this new universe. The mission is to help Michael and Lorca, but the flags are being thrown all over the field.

  1. Michael is being closely followed by her new crew;
  2. Lorca is being tortured in holding;
  3. Tyler is a bomb just waiting to go off.

There is a lot at stake for this crew and I cannot wait to see how this story line plays itself out.

Now, back to my initial comment about the alternate universe plot device. It will be fun to see these characters try to get to their universe. I got a kick out of Tilly being a tough captain and Captain Lorca using his accent.

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