For Those of You Who Love Kpop…

There has been a lot going on in the world of Kpop.

There are a list of awards given out in Korea for music. MAMA is one of the largest and most contentious.

So, in Korea, fans get to vote for all the awards and it is utter madness.

There was a bit of confusion because at the end of voting, they posted the final results. But, on the night of the awards, things changed.

This made some fans happy and made others incensed.

In all honesty, the bottom line the industry is driven by sales. SM’s crown jewel is EXO and the devoted fans, a.k.a. EXO-Ls, keep them working. Big Hit relies on BTS and their Army keeps them going as they move eastward to the U.S.

The nice thing is almost everyone was recognized.

Melon was held the day after and fans and artists were much more happy about this awards show.

It is almost like night and day when you compare both shows. I am not really sure why it is like that. But. what is really important is that the music is recognized by those near and far. The fans are devoted, as are the artists.

Here’s to another great year of music.

Side note, in my honest opinion, EXO’s albums are really great. For the EXO-Ls, remember… popularity does not always equal the talent.

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