Recap: Outlander – Heaven and Earth

Synopsis: Claire races to discover the source of an epidemic aboard a disease-stricken ship before hundreds of sailors die. And as Jamie locks horns with Captain Raines, Fergus finds himself torn between loyalty and love.

One of the things I love about this show is that it gives us different points of view in a scenario. Last time, we saw Claire get kidnapped by a ship that was in desperate need of her help as they were struggling to survive a bout of typhoid. She was left wondering if she would see her husband, as was promised to her, on the isle of Jamaica or what she feared would come true.

Come into the latest episode and we see Jamie’s point of view of what just transpired. Just as Claire as at a loss, Jamie is at a loss. So, he decides to be reckless and ends up being tossed into the brig. I get that love makes you want to move heaven and earth to save the one you love, but think before you act.

So, you have our two love birds stuck once again in situations that they cannot get out of easily.

For Jamie, he turns to Fergus. He tells Fergus that if he helps him get out…he’ll allow Fergus to wed his step daughter. But, Fergus is far smarter than Jamie. He figures out a way to convince the captain to let Jamie go. This action, keeps himself, Marsali safe, and Jamie safe.

Fergus ends up being the far more mature hero of the episode, as is the Herder of the Goats on the ship that Claire is being held on.

Claire, with the help of a much younger officer, helps remedy the typhoid issue on the ship. Yet, as Claire is saving those that she can save, she learns that people on this ship know who Jamie really is and that Jamie’s life is in danger. Enter the Herder of Goats. She understands Claire’s plight and tries to help escape not once, but twice. And she succeeds the second time, but it is a perilous escape. Claire must jump off the ship on a makeshift raft in order to get to the closest isle and hopefully get to her love before he is hung for his traitorous acts.

It is never easy for these two…dios mio.

Next: Unchartered – After making a leap of faith, Claire washes up on a seemingly deserted island where survival is her only option. Navigating treacherous waters has crippled the Artemis, so Jamie devises a joyful moment for his crew in the midst of devastating setbacks.

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