Recap: Mr. Robot –

As you know, a lot of stuff has been happening in the background.

But, I did manage to watch our shows.

The show that floored me was Mr. Robot. Elliot is desperate to stop what may end up being the most detrimental thing to happen to his world, Stage 2. Through all his effort, which includes the two sides to him (Mr. Robot and Elliot) fighting it out in his body. This is shown in static breaks in the storyline that show a loss of time. For some reason, it was unnerving to me to see the bloodied Elliot being tossed around, destroying computer rooms, and trying to convince his other self to work with him. For what? For a diversion that allows the Dark Army to go one with their original plan while Elliot is off just trying to take care of one building in NYC. So many lives lost… Now, as his friends (You and I), we are left wondering what will happen next. Will Angela get to rewind time, so she can save her Mother and Elliot’s Dad? Will Darlene gain the trust of her brother? Will Dom get her chance to take out the Dark Army or ever find out who really is on the take? Will Elliot set everything straight? A lot of questions…not a lot of time left in the season.

Well, in the next episode: eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk – Mr. Robot wants answers; the FBI closes in; Angela hits the rewind button.

The season ends on December 13th, will we get a great ending…or are we going to be bashing our heads in?

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