Stranger Things Season 2 and News You May Have Missed…

Before I go into the news of the day, I wanted to briefly go over the second season of Stranger Things.

While everyone, but Lucas and Dustin, are still dealing with the repercussions of what happened last year. We get new people in town that add a lot to the show. Some we love and some we hate:

  • Maxine and Billy. Maxine is the object of desire for Dustin and Lucas. She is a headstrong tom boy that wants to be a part of something, especially because her home life is a little erratic due to her stepbrother. His name is Billy and we hate him. Billy is full of himself, likes to one up everyone, is racist, and loves to physically and mentally abuse his stepsister as well as anyone else he feels is beneath him.
  • Bob is Joyce’s new love. He has known her since forever and is the one person that treats Will like a kid. He is sweet, funny, and genuinely loves Joyce.
  • Dr. Owens is a government stooge that is responsible for getting rid of the gate, but he genuinely cares for Will and wants to do what is best for Will and his family.
  • Murray is hired to investigate the death of Barbara.
  • Kali is the girl that Eleven knew when she was being kept at the lab. Kali has the power to make people perceive things that are not really there.

The reason we are back in Indiana is that there are things happening that are putting this town in danger again. The gate is spreading it’s evil through vines throughout the town, Dustin found a baby demogorgon and it is like a gremlin when you feed it, Will is still connected to the upside down and there is a sentient creature that has attached itself to Will.

Stealing aspects of Lord of  the Rings, The Exorcist, Jurassic Park, Aliens, Cthulu, and every John Hughes movie from the 80’s, we see these three stories converge in the second half of the 9 episode season and it is a mad dash to figure out how to keep Will alive as they try to close the Gate, with the help of Eleven.

Eleven had her own journey, as we watched her act like any teen who is trying to find where she came from and what her path in life is, and that led her to her Mom, her “Sister”, and back to Hopper and her friends. Which happened in the nick of time.

Of course, these characters succeed because they work together even when hope is almost lost. Does this mean that they are in the clear? There is a season 3.

Things I loved, Bob the Superhero for valiantly doing what he had to do to save Joyce and Will, Steve and Dustin brought out the best in each other, when Eleven and Mike saw one another after so much time, Maxine retaliating against Billy, the Exorcist -like scene with Will getting rid of his virus, and the Ball!

This season did not have to compete with the first season, it stood on it’s own two feet and was wonderful.

Now onto news…

CNBC – It is happening. The Marvel Universe may end up being housed under one umbrella, Disney! Do you know what that means, Deadpool may end up at Disneyland with Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse. It’s like a sign of the apocalypse.

Casting News –

  • ComicBook – Jesse Rath has been tapped to play Brainiac on the CW’s Supergirl. This is kind of funny because Krypton cast Blake Ritson to play Brainiac. This character is so popular.
  • Asher Angel will play Billy Batson in Shazam!Shazam
  • We learned that Wentworth Miller is bowing out of the Arrowverse:No more captain cold

One last thing…

There are personal things going on in my life that may make my posting a little sporadic.

Keep good thoughts out in the universe!



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