Dirk Gently: Recap – The House Within a House

Synopsis: The gang’s investigation leads to a surprising discovery in the abandoned Cardenas house. Bart forms an unlikely and odd relationship with Panto. In Wendimoor, Amanda starts to understand her hidden powers.

The fun in Dirk’s escapades, this year, is that he is on a case that even for him may not make total sense, just like it does not make total sense for us.

Of course, by being this way, he may come across as weaker. But that may be because he is actually part of the big mystery. He is the person that can find the boy that will take down the Mage and save the fairy tale land of Wendimoor.

That’s a lot.

Especially when he does not know what boy he is supposed to look for.

But, we may know who he is.

Luckily, he is with Amanda and Vogel in Wendimoor.

Amanda is as tough as they come. She is hell bent on finding the rest of her crew even if it kills her. Like almost getting killed by a train or talking to the universe for help just as you are about to be killed by Priest. She even attacks the men with the scissor swords with hidden powers that work in this new world. This power allows her to escape with Vogel and the guy we think might be the key to saving Wendimoor.

But she does have a soft spot and that is for her brother, Todd.

Todd and Amanda connected in a weird moment where parallel universes connected…and they reached out to one another.

That moment is enough for Todd to keep moving forward with continuously being Dirk’s cheerleader. Even if it means saving Dirk from a one-eyed purple people eating creature that chases him around the house within the Cardenas house. It also houses the weapon that killed the man in the tree.

Being lost in a house within a house that has many doors that may lead you somewhere new in space and time. Your only comfort in this disastrous scenario is a familiar voice on the phone. A phone with a very long cord that allows you to zigzag around the house as you try to avoid a purple alligator that may want to eat you.

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of and I loved it!

Yes, that is a lot to take in. But, it is so intriguing that it pulls Tina and Farah from the case of the missing book club.  They did figure out that 1. the missing book club is not missing, they are just piles of ashes. 2. They figured out that the 5th person at the latest meeting of the book club may be Suzie. But before they could question her and possibly be killed by the Mage, who asked Suzie for help…after threatening her, they decided to head back to HQ.

Just when all hope is lost and with the help of Panto, Dirk has found new vigor for the case.

However, will they be thrown off the case now that Ken and Hugo have become allies and have a new found knowledge of the “Black Book” project, which were acquired through the floppy disks.

Btw, where was Rapunzel?

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