Recap: Riverdale – The Town that Dreaded Sundown

Synopsis: Betty finds herself at the center of a deepening mystery; Tensions between the North and Southside comes to a head and leads to an unexpected showdown.

Riverdale is spiraling out of control thanks to the following people:

  1. Black Hood – Killing those (starting with Fred) that do not live up to his standards and other reasons we still do not know, he started this descent into hell.
  2. Hiram Lodge – Egging Archie, who is seething about his father being attacked, and feeding him the idea that inciting fear and acting in force was the only way to protect the town basically ramped up the terror level to one step below red.
  3. Archie Andrews – Listening to the advice that Hiram gave him, gave him the push to become a vigilante. Yes, Archie’s intent is noble…but it also pushed all those around them to act and that proves to be a mistake.
  4. Alice Cooper – Journalistic integrity does not mean not working with the local PD to figure out how to handle an escalating situation. Not even your own daughter wants your help. So, she keeps everything close to the chest and even Jughead starts to distance himself as he finds a meeting of the minds with Toni.

It was a crazy episode and I could hear all of you fans lose your minds when Betty was reaching out to Juggie for help and he decided not to take her call because Toni came in for a chat as he tried to work on the cipher.

That cipher, which was sent to Betty directly with a letter that explained to her that it was because of her that these attacks were happening, was solved by Betty. Eventually, Betty had to explain to all the adults what was going on, while Jug looked both worried and not happy.

Is this whole going to separate schools starting to show the fractures in “Bughead’s” relationship. No se.

But, when you sleep with someone like this…there is no issue.


The other set in the fearsome foursome had to deal with escalating tensions in their respective lives.

Archie is left to his own devices as the school suspends him and the football team leaves the Red Circle, to keep their football team going. So, as Archie spray paints the Southside he becomes persona non grata by the Serpents. Eventually, there is a “Rumble in the Bronx” and Ronnie saves Archie, Dilton, and the football team before there were bodies everywhere. Archie realizes that he was going down a dangerous path and thanked Veronica for sticking with him and steering him in the right direction.

However, while things worked out with Archie, Veronica realizes that her Dad was up to no good. The question here is if Hermione is playing double-agent here. She is trying to look out for Veronica as she tries to be Hiram’s ride or die.

I think the scariest scene was not with any of the kids. It was with the parents at the meeting. Alice wants the Southside High School shut down. She went there because she blames the South Side for all that ails the town, but that is not the case.

How this mystery resolves itself will be interesting to see. Will this town ever recover from the Black Hood will be even more interesting.

Next: When a Stranger Calls – Betty turns to Archie for help after receiving an ultimatum; Veronica’s old friend comes to town, but his plans for a wild night takes an unexpected turn.

Gif courtesy of captainpoe on Tumblr.

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