Recap: Mr. Robot – eps3.3_m3tadatapar2

Synopsis: Dom has a close call; Elliot chases himself with Darlene on the lookout.

Poor Elliot.

He can’t trust any of the women in his life.

Darlene is working with the FBI.

Angela is working with the Dark Army.

But, now he knows.

Elliot wants to undo everything, but he has so many people working against him.

  • Angela
  • Tyrell
  • The Dark Army
  • The FBI
  • Mr. Robot

He knows that the women he held dear have other agendas. However, at this moment, Darlene is trying. But, she just wants out. She wants a normal life and can you blame her for that? All that she has suffered and what she will lose…Elliot. There are a lot of red flags in working with the FBI. There are even more red flags when you decide to do something that may not work.

Unfortunately, Angela knows that Elliot knows. When he awakes, if she and Mr. Robot allow it, he will question why Tyrell is with Angela.

What is motivating Angela and Tyrell? Tyrell, suffering the loss of his partner-in-crime, he is now empowered. But, he still does not know that his wife is dead and that his kid is in…wait…what if the Dark Army has the baby? They may use him as leverage to ensure that Tyrell complies.

Angela has been hinting that Whiterose showed her something and she hinted that there was a chance to change everything. What did she see? Does she honestly think she can reverse time? Why else would you turn on someone you love. You are closing the walls in on him. Forcing the company to fire him and giving Mr. Robot the ability to stick around.

Now that we know that the Fsociety is basically a front for the Dark Army, can Elliot get what he wants? I want Elliot to get a win!

Next: eps3.4_runtime-err0r,r00 – E Corp is in chaos; Elliot is on the run; Darlene tries to help.

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