Recap – The Flash – Elongated Journey into Night

Synopsis: Cisco is shocked when Gypsy’s (aka Cynthia!) father, Breacher, shows up on Earth-1. Breacher takes an immediate disliking to Cisco and decides to hunt him. Meanwhile, Barry runs into his old nemesis, Ralph Dibny.

This was a great episode to watch! Fun and funny, it was much needed especially after the incident that happening in NYC earlier in the day.

Danny Trejo played your typical Latino Dad that does not want his little hija to be defiled by anyone…that includes Cisco. Unfortunately for Cisco, Gypsy does not give Cisco a head’s up about his MO when his daughter starts to get serious with a guy. That includes a hunt. A hunt to the death.

However, this tale takes a backseat to meta #3 – Ralph Dibny. Ralph was a corrupt cop who was thrown off the force and is now a private dick, who was on the unfortunate bus that made the passengers into metas.

Ralph blames all of his misfortunes on Barry and Barry detests Ralph for being corrupt. The twain shall never meet, or will they? Yes, Ralph planted evidence and committed perjury. However, in his brain, he was doing a noble deed. Barry is very black and white.

Once Barry, Caitlin, and Joe realize what Ralph can do, they end up helping him. Poor Ralph can manipulate his body to do whatever he wants. It may sound amazing, but at first it was scary as hell and quite nauseating to look at. Just ask Joe. But, we find out there is someone who is even more corrupt.

Back to Cisco and Gypsy’s Dad. Breacher goes from hunting Cisco to hunting Dibny. Why? Well, pastoids destroyed his home planet. Unfortunately, Breacher attacks just as Dibny decides to turn his lift around and become a good guy. Cisco saves Dibny from Breacher and Dibny then helps Barry save Joe, who was kidnapped by the corrupt Mayor. Cisco’s act of bravery helps elevate him in the eyes of Breacher, but not that much.

This is also when Joe tells Barry that Cecile is pregnant.

Ultimately, Barry sees what Ralph is capable of as a person and he extends an olive branch to help him become a superhero.

Did we just see the birth of fellow Justice League member…Elongated Man?

Why, yes! Yes we did! Ralph is a great comic character to Barry, who ultimately is the Straight man in these comedic moments. So, now we have a new supe that may end up being someone that will help Barry when he is in need. The Flashverse continues to expand.

Of course, the episode ended with two moments that scream  ominous roads ahead for Barry and for Caitlin. The question is…are these roads really just the same road and is the person that we have to be worried about named Devoe?

Next: Girls Night Out – Felicity comes to Central City to help the girls celebrate Iris’s bachelorette party.

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