Recap – The Gifted – boXed in

Synopsis: Jace, motivated by a tragic event from his past, throws all the power of the Sentinel Services into finding the Mutant Underground Way Station; Blink’s vivid dreams lead her to confront Dreamer.

How do you prove yourself to the ones that can keep you alive. That was what was top of mind for the Struckers.

Kate, Lauren, and Andy use their knowledge and abilities to save the life of one of the wounded mutants and therefore prove their worth to the mutants.

Reed uses his knowledge of how Sentinel Services operate in order to throw them off the send of the mutants underground lair.

Ultimately, it was nice to see the family close out the night eating mcribs together.

Unfortunately, as one family is reunited…another is torn asunder.

Dreamer leaves Jace scrambled after being kidnapped by Eclipse and Polaris for the sole purpose of what they are doing to mutants and how they are turning them against their own kind.

Once Jace is safe and sound, he has to relive the fact that his daugter died in the unfortunate events of 7/15. This, of course, will propel him even further to take down the mutants.

Overall, this was a decent episode..albeit a little predictable. Still enjoyable.

Next – got your siX – Thunderbird spears a mission to get answers about what happened to his friend; Lauren encounters a new friend with useful powers.

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