Dirk Gently: Fans of Wet Circles Recap

Synopsis: Dirk finds himself in the trunk of the car that Todd and Farah are investigating, and befriends the local sheriff. Meanwhile, Mr. Priest arrives at Blackwing, and Amanda tries to trigger a vision.

They found Dirk!


He was in the trunk of the car that fell out of the tree.

Yes. I  know what you are thinking,  “Out of a tree?” Yes, and what was even weirder was that the owner of the new car from 1968 was still in the drivers seat. She just looked like an extra from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Of course, just as they found Dirk, Officer Sherlock Hobbs shows up and he feels like he hit the jackpot because he has two FBI fugitives, the body of a missing person, and Dirk. Dirk feels like Sherlock is the one person that gets him wholeheartedly.

With Farah, Todd, Dirk, Sherlock, and Sherlock’s deputy (Tina), we find out who the boy is that Dirk has to find. It is the child of the woman who disappeared in 1968. By the way, her husband’s body is in a tree. What’s with these trees.

There are three other plotlines of note:

  1. Due to the fact that Friedkin is entirely inept at his job and with Dirk missing, Friedkin calls for possibly the scariest person in Blackwing, Mr. Priest (Alan Tudyk!!!) What this means for Friedkin and his position will be interesting to see. This may  mean that there are dark times for any of the Blackwing subjects that are still out and about.
  2. That includes Amanda and Vogel. These two are looking for the Rowdy 3, but the they are in deep freeze at Blackwing. The only way they can get clues of where their brethren are, Amanda has to force herself to have a pararibulitis episode to incite a vision. This does not bode well for Amanda.
  3. Suzie has embraced the power that her wand gives her. Not only has she fixed her hip/leg, given herself abs, and given herself a ton of one dollar bills, she has made her husband become a mute zombie-like gopher that she orders to kill their dog (red flags all over the field). Yes, if you think the Mage (Who we see again in this episode!) is scary…we may have to worry a lot about this little lady.

I am not going into all the crazy and fun details of the episode and that is only because I think you should be watching this totally different, but incredibly fun sci-fi/fantasy show.

Remember, everything is connected!

Next – Two Broken Fingers – While investigating the 40-year-old case of the two dead bodies, Dirk and the gang are surprisingly joined by Bart, who relays that she was assaulted and spins the case in a new direction — an investigation into Suzie Boreton. Elsewhere, Amanda attempts to follow the clues from her visions, unaware that Blackwing is closing in.

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